Who works OVERTIME (more than 40 hours per week)?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SweetT, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    I know that quite a few of us still work full-time outside of the home, via workplace accommodations like being off on Wednesdays, etc., but how many of you can find a way to work more than 40 hours a week? How do you keep your energy levels up to be able to do this?
  2. angellwolffe

    angellwolffe New Member

    i work 40 hours at my full time job and 19 at my parttime job. somedays i don't know how i do it either. I don't do alot of caffeine or anything to pick me up. i take about 20 minutes of time out whenever i start to feel run down and meditate and bring the natural flow of energy back to me. I also do breathing exercises and stretching when i think no one is looking. I have been caught many times, but as they are laughing at me im laughing at them watching me. somedays, when the pain is overpowering, i don't know how i get through, i have been found curled up in a little ball behind the service desk on more than one occasion. There have been days i don't remember anything at all from that day but i some how got through.

    One thing i've noticed is that i have a constant adrenalyn flow, that i can't stop. I think it has alot to do with the pain maxing out and i keep pushing myself. i've actually pushed my self so far that i crashed into a big wall that came out of nowhere (figuratively speaking). At that time i was doing 48 hours at the factory, 32 hours at the store, 12 hours of classes and life insurance seminars and trying to sell insurance, and played mom to my brother's two kids while doing all the house cleaning and cooking etc. One day i was at the store and the wall just jumped out in front of me. now i don't know how i get through some days.

  3. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    Does being a full-time mom count?
  4. pinky1234

    pinky1234 New Member

    OMG! I wish I could work 10hrs! I wish I could walk my dogs more than 2 blocks...You are lucky....
  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm retired now, after 30+ years. But when I was working, my normal workweek was between 40-60 hours.

    I also had a commute of 75 minutes EACH WAY. Nobody else lived in the area that I did, so I didn't have a carpool to join either--had to drive the entire drive alone.

    How did I keep up my energy level to do this? What energy??????? I was dead all of the time. In the winter months, I never turned on the heat in my car or I would be asleep. In the summer, the A/C was soooo cold and pointed directly at my face to keep me alert. Sometimes I had to stop at a gas station to rest mid-way through my drive--sometimes getting a Mountain Dew to wake me up. It was awful.

    Thank God that I did not have a heart attack or get into an accident on the road before I turned 48 and had my 30 years in to take EARLY retirement. (It was considered "early" retirement because of my age--I had the number years service, but not the corrent age in order to match their retirement figures--but was allowed to take an early retirement.)

  6. blessedmom2four

    blessedmom2four New Member

    i was thinking the same exact thing, there are some days were i am lucky if i get to sit a few times at the computer for minutes, untill way late...

    at least when my dh comes home from work he gets to rest,if i want rest i have to stay up till midnight
  7. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    plus full-time single mother...and i am going to be a full fledge college student again..at the tender age of 41 1/2 years young.

  8. rachel432

    rachel432 New Member

    if you have the energy to do overtime with this dd i truly eleive that you are superhuman. i still work 32hrs a week and i feel so run down that on my days off all i do is sleep.
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  9. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I was bed ridden the first year I got sick then gradually worked back part time to full time. I work 40-60 hours a week in management now.

    I did have to change jobs to a position that wasn't as physically tasking.. though mentally is really a problem at times with my brain fog.

    Most of the time I'm behind a desk.There are days that I work events when I have to be on my feet all day.. Those are heavy pain pill days and I try to schedule the next day off because I know I'll crash and burn.

    There are days I cry in the morning because I'm so tired and in so much pain I don't know how I'm going to make it.. but I do.

    I don't know how much longer I'll be able to do this. I make quite a bit more than my fiance so my income is crucial to our household but I know the time will come when I will have to figure out a way to get by on less..

    One of the hardest things for me is that I work in the hospitality business so weather I feel well or not I have to be able to put on a happy face and deal with clients. Not always easy when you feel like crud.

    The other challenge is trying not to look like a fool when I forget the word for things.. I have to write down everything.. I can schedule a meeting for two hours from now and forget it if I don't put it in my outlook calender..

    It's very, very hard. But I guess it's what I have to do for now.. as long as I can.

  10. angellwolffe

    angellwolffe New Member

    let me tell you guys about last night. it was an unusual night. Now i've been taking 400 mgs of nurontin 3x a day. and 400mgs of gauifenesin every 4 hours and 25 mgs of topamax 2x a day. I do not take any other pain meds because they won't give me any. now last night was not an ordinary night. I should have been running one machine because the job on it has problems running and you can't leave it for anything but breaks and if the machine stops and is down for more than 3 minutes there will be a huge bang! so last night i ran this job and the job across from it. no big deal still an easy night. Then i ended up grinding up 400 rejects that other shifts were too lazy to do plus my own 100. then i was given another machine because the guy on #2 had a tummy ache and had to go home. So I've now got three machines, two of which you are not sposed to leave. I ran around in circles. I stopped long enough to run and go potty and one point i drank a can of slimfast out of the machine. luckily i had minimal problems with any of the three machines, either that or all my parts are bad. so i'm running in this big circle not really aware of anything else going on in the shop and the day foreman comes up and has the tenacity to ask me to sweep the shop. i was completely stunned. so now i'm running three machines and have two hours to sweep the whole shop.

    Somehow i got all of this done. not really sure how accept i was on this massive adrenaline rush. My pains all came swirling back to me and my stomache was in a knot. Not to say i was dehydrated, all i had time to drink was a 20 oz md all night. This is how i get through rough nights. I think maybe this "overdoing it" is part of what causes the fms or at least makes it worse.

    This morning when i got home, with hubbies help of getting out of the car, i work 12 minutes away, i immediately got into the hottub. then i slept 10 hours. tonight i am more than paying for it. had to borrow a few vics off a friend.

    now let me back up for a sec. I have been having min pain for the last two weeks. been doing really good. doctor upped the nurontin for me and the gaui has been doing its job. I've been sleeping better and everything. my energy levels have been coming back up to. The major problem i've been having it stiffness. Today its like i'm back at the start

  11. MaMaZ

    MaMaZ New Member

    Angell I can relate with what your experience has been. i too work 40+ hours but never much more than 50. including the traveltime which can on occasion be 2 hrs each way.

    In the past I have been able to deal with it but this summer has been the worst. I just told the dr on Friday I honestly don't know how I do it anymore... I know I need to cut back but how do you do that... when the bosses expectations are there not to mention the budget demands.

    I have wondered how does someone get disability? do the have to go on FMLA first... then wait for weeks..months... years... for approval? Loose the house etc... I guess I will just keep plugging along til I can't do it anymore and I will find out then. meanwhile trying to get as many things paid off before I can't work anymore.

  12. SweetT

    SweetT New Member

    Is it better to work one hour per day of overtime, or to pick 2 days a week and do 2 hours of overtime?

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