who would think vitamin d would cause all that!!!!!!!!!

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    People we have to get a grip and not be rude. We are all in this together and work with each other. I love getting on this board and finding out how everyone thinks.
    We are all different we know that!
    We do not have a cure that I know of for fibromyalgia!!!
    Wish we did!!
    Working together like we do we are going to figure it out, isnt it great to know my son went to
    war for our freedom. Has to go back with the back door draft!!!
    That is for another board, just so we could be free and express our thoughts freely
    Everybody hang in there!!! We are making progress wasnt to long ago no one new what fibromyalgia was. Now everyone knows.
    Who knows tomorrow or tonight or next week or year we will have a cure.
    I just thank you all for being here
    Thanks a bunch
    It would be a dull world wouldnt it? If we all thought alike
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    If you are speaking of the posts between Jaminhealth and myself, I was not being rude to jaminhealth.

    I was, in fact, thanking her and apologizing for past rudeness, which was a long time ago.

    If this is not the case then please ignore this post.

    I hope you do not take this the wrong way but since our thread was recent I thought it might be what you are referring to.

    Thank you so much :)[This Message was Edited on 02/22/2009]
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    Could you please explain?

    Thank you,