Whole legs are burning....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bluebirder, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. bluebirder

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    from the hot icicle in my lower back/tail bone all the way down to the knees and my big toes! I had the tingling when it starts. It is only 5:24 and I was trying not to take the Ultracet until I take the Elavil and Paxil tonight.

    Oh I give in. My doctor would be reaming me for not taking it earlier. Already reamed me last visit for waiting til the 5th day I could hardly walk for foot pain to take it. Hot or cold packs haven't helped.

    Went to the grocery store with hubby and hadn't even done the end of the second lane before I was leaning on the cart complaining. He said, "Why are you so tired? We just got started!" Forced myself to finish with him (but made him lift everything). Now I am paying for it.

    Felt fine around lunch. Hate how fast it strikes sometimes.
    Guess I will take the drugs tomorrow and lay my seat back and sleep in the van on the way to Florida with my friends and their little girl. It'll to me good to get away for a while. They can go into Disney Park and I will chill in the hot-tub or do a little pool-exercise then rest and watch birds!
  2. selma

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    Be careful with the meds. You really need to take them before the pain is bad. I used to do that,not taking them when i should. I didn't want to become addicted etc..
    When I was in screaming pain I didn't know what to take first. try and use a wheel chair at Dizzy land.
    Let us know how you did. Love Selma
  3. Msagn

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    I couldn't even have my small dog jump up on my lap, it was murder. while it is out of edicate please call me I have first hand experience beating this pain out of my legs. If your pain subsides fine if not 480-595-0217
    my name is Mary and I live in Ariaona.

    good luck
  4. clueless

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    This is how I started with FM. My legs and feet burning and electric type pain out my toes.Right now I am sitting here after taking my oxycontin,neurontin and klonopin and my legs from the hips down are paining me and feel like I have tight bands around my ankles. This all was bad enough but I had my tail bone removed in 2001 and the pain exploded all over my body. It has been a battle with pain every since. I would never have any more surgery and have found out on here that others have had this happen after surgery. Scary thought is`nt it? I have lortabs for break thru pain and even with al that I am in pain of some degree all the time. Tough, tough disease is`nt it?
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    Hi. You shouldn't be suffering. Realize that many people with CFS and FM are exercise intolerance. It put me bedbound at 20. I've exhausted every therapy, med, etc, including morphine (38th med tried). Maybe if you look up some articles on this from credible sources and print them out he will be more apt to listen. Please be careful.