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  1. mykas_mommy

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    Ok as some of you have read before I hate my job. Very Very high school things are going on by women older than me. One is telling people not to be my friend because I am on thin ice for making too many personal phone calls at work (I dont even have a phone at my desk and hardly take a break to use my cell phone). Anyway the job I have been doing is entering in patient information into the computer, sometimes as many as 250 patients a day. When I am having a fibro fog day, I make mistakes. I have been written up for my errors and complained about and people were trying to get me fired for it. Anyway last week one of my coworkers quit in the middle of the day. So my boss brought me a list of calls to make, calling insurance companies to see if they have our claims. I made these calls for an hour on Friday, then all day Mon, Tues and today. My boss was ill Mon and Tues so when she came back to work, I asked her if I could switch jobs and just do the insurance calls. WHOOOOOOO HOOOOOO no one will be jumping down my throat anymore. I dont have the stress that I was having making my blood pressure out of control and having panic attacks thinking that I was getting ready to be fired because I exhaled wrong. Now I just sit on my big butt on the phone and talk to people or computers.

    Now for todays happy news:

    Myka and I left his father when Myka was just 3 weeks old. We left in the middle of the night under the protection of the police. We have not seen his sperm donor since then. We dont get child support or anything (until I received 5 small checks last month one was for $2.55).

    When I was still with him, he would always threaten to take Myka away from me. He even went so far as to walk out the door with Myka in a sleeper outfit only in the snow, telling me he was taking him to live with his sisters.

    I have been looking over my shoulder for over 3 years now, worrying that sperm donor would show up and grab my boy and run. Last September, I got an inheritance after my grandparents death. So with that money I paid a lawyer in full to have legal papers done up to protect us.

    Today the wait is finally over. I went to court today and I now have full custody of my son. Restricted and supervised visitation (meaning if I want him to see him or not its up to me), ordered child support and a restraining order against the s/d for both myself and my son. But the best news out of all of it, the judge granted my sons name change. He now has my last name.

    He has been mine all along, but now he really is mine. I am so thrilled and relieved that all is covered. During the hearing the child support judge for our area was there, he told me that they were going after the s/d with criminal charges for failure to pay child support.

    What a wonderful wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, I went and got a powerball ticket trying for 3 good things in a row. lol wish me luck!!!!
  2. hugs4evry1

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    That is incredible news...all of it.

    I know it's been a long time coming and a long wait for you.

    I hope this brings some measure of relief to you, maybe it will lessen your stress somewhat. It's tiring to constantly be looking over your shoulder.

    I do know how you feel....and I'm proud of you for managing alone under these incredibly difficult circumstances.

    I hope you're proud of yourself too!!!


    Nancy B.
  3. kriket

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    Yea, I am so happy for you. Sounds like a lot of burden have been lifted off of you. Sometimes things take forever, but the best comes to those who wait. I am sure you have waited a long time for all of this to take place. Your grandparents are angels. Very happy for you.

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    first off..congrats...i know that is a big relief off your shoulders...both about your job and son...

    can you have s/d..parental rights taken away from him now? I would think that would be the best now...

    congrats..hoppe i didn;t upset you with this..if i did..i'm so very sorry...don;t mean it htat way...i had to do that..thats why i suggested it.

  5. tonakay

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    That's wonderful news! He who laughs last laughs best, I'm so happy for you....

  6. alaska3355

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    Your job will be much less stressful now. You have your little boy. Life is good! Have another great day! Terri
  7. 69mach1

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    that must feel wonderfull..

    i didn't look to see what statte youlive in...and maybe for your protection and myka's you shouldn't add it either..just a thought...

    but anywyas...i take i tthe daddy didn't show up to court..

    and for the da to do the job on the father it takes time and may take many years..it is sad but true,,,

    i have been told after three years no child support...and needing to meet the dad at the police stateion for custody exchanges...anywas i got one hot check...then he found ou they were taking money out of his pipefitters money...he got himself laid off...they can do that any time, he works for a union..

    so i was told well he won't be able to get a passport...he won't be able to get a license...and when he retires i can get half of his social security...how nice...

  8. sisland

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    Keep the ball rolling on the up side!! You are doing a great job!! i believe you get what you deserve!! Hugs..................sisland

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