Who's from MAINE?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MamaDove, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    I see by some posts, some of you are from Maine...

    Where in Maine?
    How long have you been here?
    Are your symptoms made worse by our winter months and most recently our humid summers?

    I am a transplanted New Yorker (Long Island) and seem to be worse here...Must be weather related...Yet, my sister suffers just as much in Arizona...
    I live in the Waterville area with hubby and now two furry kids (labs)...Previously owned a Pet Grooming salon, last job before I tanked from these illnesses...

    Care to share? Write what ya feel like~Alicia
  2. luvmystang

    luvmystang New Member

    I live in Lyman near Kennebunk. Have been here for 15 years (originally from Somersworth, NH). My symptoms area much worse in the winter (I HATE the cold).

    I am married and have 2 children (son lives at home), 4 step shildren (1 deceased) and 2 step-grandchildren. I also have a Rottweiler a doberman and a cat. I used to work in the banking industry until symptoms got so bad I had to stop working (May 05).

    In the process of selling our home and moving to Panama City Florida.(Hopefully will be there before Christmas.

  3. ajp

    ajp New Member

    Hi Alicia,
    How are you? I live in the Waterville/Winlsow area too. This summer has been bad for me. I have OA and was just recently diagnosed with fibro. It has so many faces and causes me much pain. Right now the worst is the insomnia, to be so so tired and not be able to sleep, despite meds I have been given, it just seems to run in cycles. I am on Cymbalta and various pain meds, trying to find a combo that works for me. Well welcome to the board, it is nice to have a Mainer her. Post often, its a great group.
  4. mum6

    mum6 New Member


    I live in north central Maine 60 miles north of Bangor. I have to say the time of year is the triggers for me but change of seasons do make things more difficult. Hope you enjoy Maine. mum 6
  5. ajp

    ajp New Member

    We are from the same area..who do you use for a doctor? And have you seen a rheumatologist? Just curious. I love my doctor, she is great, but the rheumy I saw in Portland..not so great,will not go back to him. We do not have health insurance, so all the visits and meds are getting to us financially. Take care,
  6. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    I live in NH, but I'll be visiting your state this weekend. My daughter is in a soccer tournament in York. Too bad it's supposed to be rainy and cool...

    I dread the winter more and more each year, mostly for the way it affects my mood. The worst is when my husband is on travel, and I have to get up at 5am to snowblow the driveway, then crawl to work on snow covered roads. Ugggghhh!

    But New England does have so much character (and characterS), and it really is beautiful here.
  7. breton

    breton New Member

    I'm from the Augusta area, have lived in Central Maine all my life (50 years). I've had FM for over twenty years, since way back when the first doctor I ever consulted about my symptoms told me that the pain in my legs was because my husband wasn't "meeting my needs". Ahem. Got rid of that husband and got a new one, but amazingly enough, the pain didn't go away. Never saw the doctor again, either!

    Nowadays, I hate winter with a passion. I can't tolerate the cold any more. All my life, I ran around in the winter with my coat unzipped and flapping in the wind. The last couple of years, when it's really cold, I've found myself zipping up to my chin, wrapping a scarf around my neck and head, and donning gloves, and still I'm cold. Which is odd for me, because usually I'm too hot (I usually get in the car and take OFF the coat as soon as it heats up).

    I haven't noticed my symptoms getting worse in the cold weather. But it's funny you should mention the humid summers we've been having, because I just mentioned to my husband yesterday that I seem to have come out of the awful flare I've been in for months, and I suspect it's because the humidity has disappeared and we now have nice, crisp, dry air. So I definitely think the dampness and humidity affect my aches and pains.

  8. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    Couldn't help but notice...

    You live in Wisconsin, your brother teaches at "Colby" college....

    Is everything in your life somehow related to cheese?? (lol)

    I was helping my daughter study state capitols, and she could never remember Madison, WI. So I told her to picture a chubby girl named Madison eating a big hunk of cheese! We would both laugh every time I asked her that one. Now I always remember it, too!
  9. nanswajo

    nanswajo New Member

    Hi Alicia, I live in southeastern NH and visit Postsmouth and also Maine often: my favorite places to retreat to for a day.

    I have panic attacks thinking about the winters!

  10. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    HI MINDY (ajp),

    I wrote to you in a seperate post to ask you some real estate questions...I guess you missed it...

    You asked about my docs...After 12 years of this, mostly while living in this area, I have seen many docs about this...My fave was Dr. Altaf Ahmed, a physiatrist out of Seton, he first diagnosed me in 1995 while others around here didn't understand these DD's at all...
    He now lives in NM, so there went that...
    My PCP is Bruce Hebda in Oakland...NOT!
    My ob/gyn is Linda Fay...WONDERFUL!
    My gastro is Michael Saletta...Love him but I scare him...tehe
    And my rheumy who diagnosed me and told me that working wasn't an option I saw one year ago...Fadi Ajine in Bangor, you can also see him at Redington Fairview Hosp or Inland if you are his patient, might have to wait months for an appointment too...Ugghhhh!
    All my docs seem to just push pills on me and then realize I have tried mostly everything, doesn't help enough to warrant the side-effects and risks, and then I go off. So for now, I am doing the Ultimate Cleanse and started a Flax, Fish and Borage Oil thingee...
    I wrote you and wanted to know where you think our real estate market is going around here? Any idea?
    Sorry I didn't write sooner, I missed all these nice replies too...
    Write when you can or get my attention by writing MAMADOVE! in the title...
    Bye for now~Alicia

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