whos had a spinal?

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  1. allhart

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    whos had a spinal tap and did it show anything ? this is what the neuro who dosent belive in fibro whats to put me threw next options please.

    thanks kara
  2. allhart

    allhart New Member

    whos had a spinal tap and did it show anything ? this is what the neuro who dosent belive in fibro whats to put me threw next options please.

    thanks kara
  3. phenom

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    if it is, i've had one, but not for this DD. i had it when they thought i had meningitis - they apparently hurt but i was full of pain meds and half unconscious - so it didn't hurt me! can't see how it would help with fibro tho?

    don't know if that helps - have a great day

  4. marcus1243

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    It's not really necessary anymore. Presumably, your doc is looking for evidence of protein breakdown in the spinal fluid as a marker of a primary neurological disorder. You don't say what your sx's are, but WHATEVER they are, a less invasive technique like MRI is *much* more preferable (though expensive, unfortunately). In itself, an LP is not specifically diagnostic anyway. In fact, LP's can *cause* FM (or a similar pain condition like Arachnoiditis) -- if you have FM, you are sensitized to painful stimuli already -- an LP is NOT what you need! And if it's FM, it will show NOTHING!
    Some doctors are like bloody medieval quacks!!

  5. dhcpolwnk

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    I have had a spinal tap (lumbar puncture), but it was many years ago, and it was testing me for multiple sclerosis, not fibromyalgia. This was before the advent of the MRI, and a spinal tap was typically used as part of the diagnostic process. Sometimes it still is, especially if an MRI is inconclusive or inconsistent with a patient's clinical history.

    I'm fairly new to fibromyalgia; so I trust others who have said the test isn't appropriate for a fibro diagnosis. But it *may* be appropriate to rule out other causes for your symptoms. Not necessarily MS, but other conditions that may be more treatable than fibro. So while I wouldn't necessarily say no to a spinal tap up front, I sure would ask some hard questions of the neuro about just why he wanted me to take it, what he's looking/checking for, etc. Sometimes the docs don't want to tell us what they suspect until all the evidence is in because they don't want to scare us. They don't seem to realize that for at leas some of us, not knowing is scarier than being made aware of even the worst of possibilities. I'd also want to know whether there are other, less invasive tests they can do to rule out those other conditions.

    If you do get the spinal tap, just be sure to give yourself a long recovery period afterward. I was told to lie flat for 8 hours after the spinal tap. If you don't--and sometimes even if you do--it can give you a whopper of a headache! At least when I had it, it was a pretty nasty test.

    --Laura R.M.

  6. pam_d

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    I think your neuro is trying to rule out other disease, rather than rule in FM. I had one with no ill effects, but followed procedure as Laura said, laying flat afterward is the key. I would ask your neuro what exactly he's looking for in doing the lumbar puncture. I first went to a neuro who also didn't believe in FM---but I found value in doing MRIs, spinal tap, nerve conduction studies, etc. in that they eliminated other possible conditions-- so it answered some nagging questions for me. Good luck whatever you decide...

  7. kay

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    I also agree, with them. I had a spinal tape years ago also. I was being checked for M.S.ALSO. It wasn't the test that was so bad, it was the headache. The doctor gave it to me at night, so I would sleep straight threw, the night. You cant lift up your head or you will get what they call a spinal tap headache. Well The minute I went to sit up, that morning, I got sick everywhere. I had a headache from hell for about 2 weeks.You do need to talk this over with your doctor and find out what he is looking for. He may have to take some spinal fluid. Linda
  8. granmama

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    My son had one recently as one of his tests for MS. It did not show anything and he had a MRI as well. Now, they just follow up with MRI's looking for lesions. He still has not shown any conclusive test result for MS, just symptoms/flares.

    As others have stated, it is such an invasive procedure, I would look at other options with my doctor before I agree.
    Be upfront with him, ask him if he is trying to rule out other diseases. It is your body and the risk is yours!

    I had a spinal tap years ago to dx mengingitis. I did have bacterial mengingitis. It took 3 attempts to get spinal fluid, all the while I am screaming with pain. Afterwards, I was careful not to raise my head avoiding a major headache.

    Someone mentioned earlier that lumbar punture is an older standard test. The same can be said for liver biopsies for Hemochromatois. Many are not agreeing to the standard liver biopsy to dx the disease, they are having trial phlebotomies. This would certainly avoid any invasive and risky procedure.
    The only reason I agreed to my biospy was to rule out liver damage.

    Good luck with your decision,
  9. allhart

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    THANK YOU ALL for you resoponse so far in the last 2 monthes ive had a mri of my head then my neck,a eeg a ver and a sser that have showed nothing sense my neuro dose not belive that fm is more then a mental condtion that should be treated by a phycologist and antidepressent he dose not belive my loss of balance and numbness could be fm he thought it may be ms but i think hes ruled that out he did say it may be some kind of damage to my spinal cord or even cancer of the spinal cord, my closet friend was suppose to go to this same neuro to have a eeg for her carpell tunnel but as soon as her dr found out thats who she was refferd to her dr said NO that guys a incompant dr so i need probley to find anthor neuro to before i allow a spinal.my ex mother in laws ms was not picked up on any of the test ive had either it wasnt until they did a mri of her luber spine that they found her lessions,when i had my epidural this last pregancy (born in march) it was very very painful and they had a hard time getting it in so may a spinals not a good idea