Who's Happy...and Thankful???

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    Although we go what we go through, there always seems to be something to be grateful for.
    At this time of year we especially seem to stop and take the time to smell the roses, even though for where I live, at this time, there are no roses to smell. :)) I do have the carnations that my DH just bought me and are on the table. :)

    So, what are you especially grateful for at this time of year? I'll start.

    I'm soo thankful for my Lord and Savior. Sooo thankful for my family. We are so blessed to be able to have not only the things we need, but we are also able to enjoy some things are not so needed...t.v. computer..cell phones..but oh my goodness, not too sure what we would do without some of those fun things. What did people do back in the old times. lol...I'm laughing, because I'm one of those people from the old times. Not everyone had a t.v. or computer of course, or cell phones. Or ipods..or most of the tech. stuff today. It's crazy how far along we have come.
    I do have something that my grandmother had back in the day....CHICKENS! I am very thankful for my chickens, and my Golden Retriever pup that is growing into a beautiful boy. :p

    Love to all, hope you are enjoying this wonderful time of year...Merry Christmas!
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    Happy Birthday!! I'm not too late>>yet. It's still today here..not sure where you are, I forget where people are and ask them over and over..
    It sounds like you had a wonderful day. So happy for you.
    Now, you have to share>>>what kind of pie? ey?!

    Sounds like you have a wonderful husband too. Good for you. And, I know what you mean about stinker cats. My Aunt and Uncle have one that no one dares go near. You--will--get--hurt! Then, they have one that is just the opposite..wants all the attention you will give it. Sweet cat. :)
    You're getting snow, we're getting rain in the valley here, and snow in the mountains, just the way I like it. :)
    Love to you, Cynthia
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    Happy Birthday Rain and happy pizza and pie. I read the pies you selected and was like WOW. I haven't had an apple caramel pie ever and I can't remember the last time I had a french silk pie.

    I am so grateful for coming here and reading all this and it puts a big smile on my face and makes me so happy and it's food for my soul.

    I love the talk here about the animals and how we all really love them. I love to hear the stories of our animals and it just makes my heart glow to hear that love come out.

    I'm so grateful for the fish pond in the complex where we live and how beautiful it is. I love it.

    I'm so grateful for the birds and the plants and bushes that bloom so beautifully. The sprinklers were going and some black birds were in them and making such beautiful sounds in front of my place. Oh they were magnificent.

    I'm grateful for my cats and grateful for that watchdog cat Shelby. I had Shelby the cat "pester me awake" this morning. Usually that's a bad sign and means I have to get up right away as her brother is sick or something is wrong in the household and she's always right (it's like "What is it Lassie, has Timmie fallen in the well again?). And if you ignore Shelby, she will sit on you then grab your pajama top with her claws and shake it as if to say "I said YOU HAVE TO GET UP NOW." So I have learned to obey and I get up when she starts pestering.

    Turned out it wasn't a disastrous emergency to me, but it was to her--the water bowl was extremely low and needed changing and needed fresh distilled water. I told Shelby I was a horrible negligent owner, apologized and said I wouldn't let it happen again. I was forgiven as I cleaned the bowel and then she enjoyed drinking the fresh water.

    I'm so grateful for my cat Cesar. Cesar and I seem to read minds and sometimes that has funny consequences. We were at a support group meeting and this new senior citizen was there. He commented on how his wife had died 10 years before, she was so beautiful of body, he was lonely, and was so lonely for female "companionship" (and as he talked it was plain he was talking about sex). Throughout the meeting, he mentioned several times about being lonely for female companionship.

    Cesar the cat and I looked at each other and I could swear I heard his thoughts say "we better get out of here before Sir "Hump-a-lot" decides you or me would make his good "companion." Cesar grabbed the scooter key with his mouth and turned my scooter on, I turned it off and Cesar turned it back on, and we did this for about 10 times.

    Everyone in the room laughed and felt Cesar was trying to take me home, but I didn't tell them about the thoughts. I think Cesar picked up that I was uneasy that a man was there constantly mentioning he was so lonely for female "companionship" and I think the man ruined the meeting for many. Thankfully the man didn't return to future meetings, but Cesar was "on duty" to get me out of there and in the process provided some much needed comic relief at that meeting.
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    Rainbow, I LOVE caramel..and to have it in an apple pie? Yum! And, I have no idea why I thought you were talking cats, when you actually said evil pony. ? lol.. Your wild kitty is blessed to have a place of it's own, the barn is good..mice..another>>yum! :p

    TwoCat..I love your stories. I know we've said it before here, but animals just aren't given enough "brain" credit..they are smart! Some more than others, but I think that works for a lot of animals...including the human kind. I've been a little on the dumb side at times. I admit it. :)

    Jam, I just have to say. Thank you! So much, for realizing that not taking on a cute little dog is a wise thing for you. So many people take on dogs and don't realize just how much they need human help, and not all humans help, whether it be because of they just don't know how/ they "think" they are doing ok because they don't know how, or just plain neglect because they don't care anymore, the cute little dog turned into a big dog and something to feed and water and it is a hassle to them to even bother. As you all know, I have rescued and fostered. So when I hear how happy TwoCatDoctor's kittys' are, it makes me pretty happy..and them. And her. That's how it is supposed to work.
    Rain also has a way with animals..so loving to them...everyone here seems to be so caring and appreciative for the birds, dogs, cats, ducks, and even fish! That is so great to me.
    Good reading, keep it coming. I love it too TwoCats. There must be others out there that have animals they love, or loved. Great critters to be thankful for.
    Love to all, Cynthia
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    I'm so glad you shared this..I wanted to see the movie, but missed it. I saw the previews for it, but somehow missed it. So, now I know the story. That is great. I love his paintings. He does have a very unique and personal way of painting. Love them.
    Thanks again for sharing..very interesting.
    There will always be the good within, through all the bad.