Whos on Hydrocortisone? (Cortef)

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    Hi. Just wondering who is on low dose cortisone or whos tried it and whether it helps / helped or not. I would love to be on it but i get an awful reaction the 1st few days of taking it which makes me stop. thats only at 5mg a day or less. i remember it used to give me loads of endurance but now when i try it i feel like im "getting something" by day two - sore throat and cold like symptoms etc and feel systemically weird. Apparently those low doses arent sposed to shut the adrenals down, but even if i take it for 3 or 4 days in a row, the day i stop, i feel so terribly weak and shaky (more than usual) and like every little stress (like doors closing etc) is going to stop my heart! very scary. Im worried if i stayed on it for a few weeks even id almost die if i stopped! Id really love the endurance it gives though! sigh.

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    I wish I could remember where I read this!....sorry.
    Anyway, I know I read recently that when people are desperatley in need of a substance, they often cannot tolerate it well, and must start with miniscule doses. I know I was reading about DHEA when I saw this remark, but DHEA is used to make cortisol in your body, among other things, so this may apply here.
    Maybe a websearch on "DHEA + side-effects" would turn up something about this.
    Could you try breaking the tablets into little pieces?
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    i have been taking it for approx 3 months now.

    i seem to get some symptoms that worry me around my period but that usually turns out to be something else.....the cortisol suits me fine.

    i do have chemical allergies but then it depends what exactly you are allergic to. With me its actual chemicals that cause trouble, and some generic meds don't work because i am intolerant of the tablet filler.

    You will have already read Slowgirls post, she has a similar reaction to you.
    I am trying to figure out why i have suddenly made a huge weight gain, but last month it was something else....and I had a very reassuring response from madwolf.....i have stayed with the cortisol and am glad because i can see a change in my ability to cope with stress.
    I'm sorry I don't know what to suggest. If you felt good taking it before perhaps you could try a glandular or if have low blood pressure then you could take liquorice which is good for the adrenals if you have low blood pressure.

    cheers pinkquartz
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    Yeh i get that same reaction slowgirl! i kno i hate it - its sposed to make us feel really good and does alot of ppl - used to me to - but I also feel really strange and terrible after a few days and like DEATH when i stop it! I also have severe multiple chemical sensitivity. It really makes me sad because i often thought well if all else fails and i get really bad low dose HC can make it all good and get me on track - but noooo even that ideas gone now! :( oh well. keep trying other things eh.

    Klutzo - ive broken the tabs down to peices approx 300 or so micrograms and still gives reaction! i dont know if i just kept taking it through the reaction each day if it would finally just get better. not sure. i actually feel much better with no drugs in my system but i cant do that because my body is now dependant on testosterone (andriol) and cant get off it, but thats another story..

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    have you actually got yourself properly tested ?

    and if you are taking another type of hormone regularly i don't figure how you can tell exactly what is going on .

    maybe you have an inbalance from taking the testosterone.....

    i reckon you need some proper tests done.

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    Hello Chris, I was the one that posted about the "hydrocortisone". It was under the heading "Treatment and what's working for you" title

    I have been on the hydrocortisone program for the past 2 1/2 years. They start you out with a basic physical and
    take into account, age, weight,sex, then they put you on a very bland diet. Basically to see if any of your flares are food related. Then you get to start adding food groups one at a time. You can cheat but you must write down in your log.

    This is not a good program for diabetics, but if you don't have sugar it may be something you want to read up on. You can do a google search on "Microdose" or Microdose Therapy.

    If you have results... you will have them within the first 2-3 weeks. When I started the program if you didn't get results they gave you a substancial portion of your monies paid back. I think they still do this but you would have to check.

    I am almost 75 yrs old and for four years went from doctor to doctor looking for something that would make me quit hurting. They had a seminar on arthritis pain reduction at the local school up around the corner. Since it wasn't far to go... on a whim my son drove me up and we sat through the seminar. I signed up that night, had my physical several days later. Started on the prescribed dosage and within (2) weeks I had a 70% reduction in my (self diagnosed pain level)

    They give you a log to fill out, the first part was, "how much do you hurt here" 1-10 then how much there and so on I started with a pain level of 171 . I generally keep myself at a pain level of (2).
    I have some arthritis in the knees from jogging at an earlier age that may never go away ! But it sure doesn't hurt like I use to.... so I'll live with this.

    If you want to talk I'm a retired hommaker usually home all day except going to the post office from 12-1 o'clock in the after noon. I'll be happy to talk with you about my success. Mary 480-595-0217

    best of luck
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    I have been on it since the end of february. I am taking 12.5 mg a day, prescribed by my reg dr. I tried it last summer for a week, but I was sick and it made me worse. in february i was just fatigued, and it really helped. I was on it from feb to a few months, then I went to an endocrinologist, and he wanted me to wean off it, thought I didnt need it, that my tests hadnt been that bad. so I tried to wean off it and started getting worse and worse. the less I took, the worse I felt. finally, when down to 2.5mg a day i started having symptoms like I was having a stroke. I was dizzy, everything was spinning and the brain fog was severe, could barely put a sentence together. I went to my reg dr, and he wasnt there, so his partner saw me, and she told me I was having low cortisol sypmtoms, and go back on the cortef. I have been back on it about 6 weeks now, and feel much better. Back to normal. I believe this was the answer to all my years of suffering. when I am on it, I feel great. Off it feel lousy. Except for a little joint pain now and then, i am now symptom free.
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