Who's on Soy Milk and notices what it does for them?!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Jane_Canuck

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    Howdy Howdy all!

    I watched the food network a couple of weeks ago and saw how soy milk was made.

    I used to drink it when I got weird cravings and then I just up and stopped one day. Not sure why but did. THat was over Oh holy crap over 6 years ago! I know why now I had it with Chiciken hearts when I had cravings, and I could not get chicken hearts seperate from the rest of the gizzards so stopped eatting those lol.

    Ok that solved I went out and got some soy milk, chocolate of course because it is dutch dark chocolate that they use in the Silk brand soy.

    OMG I AM IN LOVE AGAIN! I used to get banana in CAnada or strawberry, but those are not choices yu can get in the USA> SO I went light Chocolate. Anti-oxident and all....

    I had been previously since in dec 2005 having issues eatting everythnig it all sent me to the potty and had painful bowel movements, that were liquid. I know TMI! BUt I lived on crackers for 2 months because nothing I ate stayed in me.

    THEN I went back on the soy milk, don't drink reg milk at all, and I found having 2 liters of soy a day, in 5 days my stool is completely normal! Lovely in all aspects lol.

    I can eat everything I want again and have no issues! WAhooooo

    there is hope yet!

    When you wise people out there started soy what did you notice it did for you? How do you feel now and how much are you consuming?

    OMG nearly cow out on hubby if he touches my magick ellixer!
    IT IS MINE ALL MINE! eheheh

    TYVM All BRenda
  2. fivesue

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    really, I don't notice much difference in my bowels. However, put together with the other food changes I've made, I have felt better that before. That's about all I can say.

    I love chocolate soy milk, but I buy the plain and flavor it at home. I have to use it for other things. I also don't have to worry about my husband drinking it because he loves and drinks lots of cow milk!

    Glad the change was so drastically good!

  3. shelbo

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    edible foodstuff on earth...no good for Candida sufferers...Shelbo
  4. cats3

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    I drink soy milk because in 2003 I found out I am allergic to cow and goat milk.

    I like Silk brand soy milk --- vanilla, very vanilla and chocolate. Love the chocolate and very vanilla!

    I also like Whole Foods brand of rice milk -- vanilla

    I usually have 2 8oz glasses a day sometimes more.

  5. jbennett2

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    I hope you are all using unsweetened soy milk, as sugar is so bad for you! I used to drink chocolate unsweetened but after having stomach problems where I couldn't eat anything, I gave it up. May go back on it now. I mainly used the vanilla on my cereal because I shouldn't have milk.
  6. skierchik

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    those of you who are hypothyroid. It suppresses thyroid hormone production for everyone, but those who are hypothyroid like me have to stay away from the soy milks and cheeses. Cultured soy is supposed to be ok like tempeh, for example.

    And yes, I also read that it is very mucus forming. That's bad for all of us.

    But ya know what is really good?? Almond breeze. I use it in my immunopro and in my wheat/gluten free cereals. It tastes really good and my hubby likes it too! I like the rice ones too, but too many carb/sugar for me (type 1 diabetic). Oh, and the almond cheese is great!

    Just some thoughts,