Who's the Boss?

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    ...it's not me.

    i'm the housekeeper for two odd cats.
    you may recall from their mug shots that Mr. Boo is large, shy, moves about the speed of paint drying and very fluffy.

    the smaller one is only still when he's vacuuming food into his pin size mouth or in a dead sleep. otherwise he's chasing invisble specks, leaping into the air, slaying the toilet paper monster in the bathroom, flying into furniture and remains ever ready to open the door, despite his short stature, whenever the bell rings. I would ask the bigger cat to answer the bell, but he's nowhere to be found when work needs to be done...unless a bug needs swatting.

    Last night while getting ready for bed, I'm in the bathroom flossing and both cats stroll in--forget knocking--to see what they might be missing.

    Mr. Boo (large) hops into his litter box and starts digging in the direction of China. He finally settles himself down to poop. The little cat sits right outside the litter box, and watches intently as Mr. Boo silently concentrates, staring straight ahead.
    After making his deposit, Mr. Boo hops out and sits down next to Boo2, giving him a slight push forward.

    The small kitten obligingly crawls into the litter box and after sniffing his way over to the pile, very neatly begins covering it up as Mr. Big sits watching. When shortcake finished his assignment, they strolled out as business-like as they came in.

    Similiarly masterful psychological techniques have been employed for centuries by leaders wanting to break the will and independence of their subjugated masses...
    Refuse personal privacy, remove all door locks, poop where you like and have a slave clean it up, refuse all food except the food you want, ignore everyone unless you need something....

    I want to know what the short one is getting paid to cover up this mess and other crimes they're committing while I'm at work...
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    Mr. Boo ain't no dummy! We could learn a LOT from him *L*. I'm ready to lie around, watch the dust settle and nap in the sun. I think it is time to call my youngest child and tell him to come back and help his old mom *LOL*.

    I'm sitting here wondering how long I am going to make it at work today..........
  3. Didoe

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    I thought you were home recuperating?
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    What a cute pic! We recently got two new black kitties, both female. At the time, the smaller one was a month older and was part Siamese. Almost 3 months later, she is twice the size of the other one as she eats her food, then eats her companion's food. And she is a non-stop constant blur of motion while the other kitty spends most of her time in the attic.
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    Didoe - Well, I guess you do know who the BIG Boss is but then it also looks like you have two of them. I can't believe that Mr Boo actually got Boo Too to cover his doings in the litter box. That i really to hysterical.

    Keep them coming as I said before. Oh yes, God only knows what they are both doing when you are not at home (-: !!



  6. Didoe

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    Mr. Boo's nightly guard duty to prevent Boo2 coming into the bedroom reached a point where no one was sleeping. Cats sleep an average of 22 hours out of 24 by the time they're adults. There's no rule those 22 have to be during the day when you're out, cats may lean toward a noctural life if they're outside and self dependent, in door cats can learn to sleep at night--mine have learned.

    I've had to out think both cats. That couldnt have been too hard, some of you may think, however, believe cats are particularly intelligent, stubborn and independent. They are also territorial, jealous and big babies. At least my 2 boys are. Mr. Boo feels he has to protect me and that I belong to him. Boo2 likes acting like the baby and he's no more than 3 months older than Boo. Boo2 will force himself to stay awake to have time alone with me.

    Time alone means sitting on my shoulder while I wash dishes or stir a pot, sticking his nose in my dinner plate, last night's bolognese sauce didnt put him off at all. On a good night, it means he can sleep on my pillow pawing my hair as he sleeps and Mr. Boo is off dreaming under a chair...far away.

    When things get too heated between them and they've raced around for hours, have tracked down, attacked and jumped one another, Mr. Boo has smacked Boo2 off his back, off the bed, its time for a 'time out.' Since Boo2 is always the instigator, he's the one that gets to chill quietly in the bathroom. He has the sink to splash in, he knows how to the push the faucet and open the cold water, he keeps a rubber ball in the bathtub, so when he just can't leave Mr. Boo alone to the point that Mr. Boo is hissing and growling, Boo2 gets a warning...and of course doesnt listen to me or cat and then spends a few minutes relaxing by himself.

    The sleep situation was unsolvable because Boo2 wasnt spending his nights in the bathroom, Mr. Boo refused to back down on guard duty and my small apt doesnt have any doors. Boo2 is only 9 inches long but will leap 4 feet up and 6 ft across to get where he wants to go. FAlling splat doesnt discourage him.

    I changed the living room into the bedroom. The living room is neutral territory for both of them. Mr. Boo doesnt feel threatened when we're all lying down, in the living room.

    The all nighters of hissing and chasing one another for blood seem to have ended. I've actually gotten sleep for the last 3 nights. They're still up at 4:30am and they seem to tolerate being fed and me getting another hour of sleep before starting the day.

    We were having a strange food problem...I actually thought Mr. Boo was sick and took him to the vet Friday. I was laying out 2 bowls in the same spot, one for each to eat.

    Before Boo2 came here, Mr. Boo and I had a ritual where I sang him a song about his stinky food and then we marched into the living room and he ate under a table quietly...and marching to eat was a different song(yes, I'm crazy). If you think cats dont understand language or words and its only your tone of voice, you dont know cats....sorry. Mr. Boo had stopped eating, he wouldnt touch food. I went thru buying 4 cases of different cat foods trying to tempt him to eat, not understnading what the hell he was stubbornly refusing to eat for.

    When we got home from the vet's office, I went to feed them and accidently took Mr.Boo his dish and we went into the living room like we used to, he went directly under his table and I gave him his bowl and he ate every bit without a fuss. So it wasnt a food problem...it was an ego problem. I was feeding alpha cat at the same time and place as the little brat.

    Now Boo2 'helps' me bring Mr. Boo his food, we place it in the right spot after singing Mr. Boo his song and then we go back into the kitchen and Boo2 eats in his own spot on a little rug just for him. Once they've eaten what they want, each one runs to see what the other has and both gobble up whatever is left in the other's plate.

    and I thought human kids were a handful.

  7. Granniluvsu

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    OMG Didoe,

    Those cats are too much. Are you sure they are really cats and not little children in cat form (-: !! ?? They are truly acting like toddlers. Of course they are also a bit spoiled (wouldn't you say)??

    It looks like you also do not need to go to the movies watch TV, or go on the computer (if they will let you)as both of them should give you enough entertainmment (if they are not being punished and being put in time out !!! Yes, I do know the one who is most likey there most of the time (-: !! Just too funny !


  8. Didoe

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    You are so sweet to write back...I feel like I write for an audience of One (that would be you:) its so much fun.

    I'm amazed at the different character traits cats have. I grew up with a Siamese who was similar to Mr.Boo and even tho it was a female, acted like an alpha cat; Cat was also shy and fairly quiet.
    Boo2's litter must have come from mixed parentage, he's not pure cat...he's got loco in him...crazy like how animals get before a storm or an earthquake...or some folks when the moon is full or after too much weed (no one here of course, I meant in general)
    LOCO...he jumps around attacking things as if something bit him in his teeny butt.

    This afternoon he was trying to escape the Wrath-of-Boo and ran into the bathroom and hid behind the bathroom door. No one could find him...Mr. Boo was prowling around and came out of the kitchen, looking satisfied he had destroyed the little monster when all of a sudden a thin black paw shot out between the door hinges. Shortcake was hiding behind the door waiting for passersby and was on alert to attack, from behind the safety of a big wood door.
    Mr. Boo was happy to oblige and pounced at every bit of toes pushed out and pulled back in, out, in. Tail poked out, slipped back in, hee hee, see me? byeeee...little loco and dont think he doesnt know what he's doing, he does and he does it on purpose. He find himself too funny and knows Mr. Boo finds him a pain in the arse and loves him just as much, so he takes full advantage.
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    ... that there's someone else as crazy as I am with my cats! Thank you, Didoe.

    Yesterday at an outdoor affair at the shelter where I used to have the energy to occasionally volunteer, I told my tail (intentional) of woe about the cats.

    They said I need an intervention!! ME!!

    I confess we have moved along slightly here. I think I mentioned somewhere that I'd had a temper tantrum early one morning when Sophie (had her the longest) woke me up again at 4. I spewed bad words while carrying the litter box from my bathroom to the guest bath at the other end of my condo.

    Now there is no longer litter between my toes from my bathroom and, thus, in my sheets. I don't take a bath and console myself that I don't need to buy an exfoliate because tiny pieces of litter have found their way into the tub. Now I don't clean the bathroom three times a day, AND I shut my bedroom door (I highly recommend doors) when I get up to pee around 3:30 a.m. Amazingly the cats have dealt with it!

    I love the story of BooTwo as the servant. Here the servant is still me but we're working on it.

  10. Didoe

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    oh marta
    i was embarrassed to ask his vet about this, i thought are these cats gay? can animals 'be gay?' In the animal world is it like, anything goes? I've seen dogs do weird things humping anything that stands still...but cats?

    these boys are always checking each other out...and I'll leave it at that except that after rolling around and nuzzling each others behinds, its wash your buddy's butt time. maybe some things are better left without explanations:) better this way than hissing and scratching each other's eyes out.

    the vet had to do something called an anal extraction? any other cat owners go thru that? there are glands near a males cat's bottom and these glands give off oils that need to get out and normally do, but in some cats the glands get blocked. you can tell when a cat pulls what some dogs do and actually sit on their haunches and scoot across the floor to relieve the pressure in that area.

    Mr. Boo wasn't scooting, but he's been having some bathroom issues, not eating and I asked the vet to double check his tummy to see if he was constipated, and that's what he found. I read up on it and found it needs to be watched...how the hell do you watch a cat's butt? and one covered with layers of black fluff.

    The vet had Boo shaved, which was another problem...his turds couldnt find the sunlight because of his thick fur and sometimes got stuck on the way out.
    When I found him really upset, crabby and not wanting his rear paws touched by me or Boo2 I picked him up and found him needing a cleansing. So I hope a close shave and being clean will make him feel better.

    The gland thing must have really been making him feel cwappy because when we got home he seemed to relax and didnt mind being held and just was back to his sweet ol self, only smacking Boo2 when he really deserved it. Boo2 was getting confused because he knows when he needs a spankin and Boo gives him one, but when he was getting them for the sport of it, he didnt know what was flying.
  11. Didoe

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    Be thankful you are among the world of normal people. Do not envy or think twice about your relationship with barn cats, stray cats, feral or otherwise. Cats are tricky, two-faced, double-meowing, invisible spot chasing creatures who only seek compliments and food...and a warm spot for sleep.

    Mr. Boo just had a meeting with his vet last month. I explained last month in one of our daily staff briefings that vet funds do not grow on trees and he needs to take care of himself more responsibly. Rolling around on the rug explosing his belly fluff to the fan after a meal, doesnt constitute exercise. But when glandular issues arise, its all staff on orange alert; we normally remain at yellow alert at my house--Boo2 is always on red alert, which might be caused by his ADHD.
    Mr. Boo and I discusssed Boo2's strange attention issues this afternoon, after observing him fascination with the drips coming from the bathroom faucet. Boo2 is not used to focusing on anything for more than a nanosecond, unless it's me preparing his meal, and got so short circuited from watching the........drops...
    until we realized he was slipping into the sink because he fell asleep, watching the water fall.

    But all this colleagial conversation with Mr. Boo was, as I mentioned earlier, a mere distraction from a more pressing issue, his weight. Since his conference last month at the vet's office, he's gained a full pound. I know what I feed these two and I do not accept responsibility for the new pound. I would expect the little buttered biscuit who slobbers up my pasta or sticks his head down into my tea w/milk, slurping his heart out, to gain a pound easily. His belly is expanding but he remains s.h.o.r.t
    If I have to deal with a male ego and height issues...i have to Google 'Xanax for cats'
  12. Marta608

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    Yes, you can, theoretically, express cats' anal glands yourself but who'd want to???

    In seventeen years I never had to have this done to my two male cats...... Wait. Are the Boos neutered? If not, you might want to get that done. "Might", nothing. They're also more apt to spray if they're not neutered. It's not for sure that they won't if they are, though.

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  13. Didoe

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    Yes, both boys are neutered and BTW I read here and online that the gland stuff stinks. Mr. Boo didnt smell, didnt have any strange odors and I would have noticed because I usually hold him once a day.

    I wouldnt fiddle around with either gentleman. I've expressed enough nuts and glands to last me another lifetime, the vet can take care of these guys.

    Mr. Boo was back to his contrary, sulky self last night. The previous night had been really hard because they spent alot of time chasing and mauling each other and fell asleep very late in the afternoon. They didnt wake until almost 8pm and I think their 'clocks' were off because they both were very hungry, Boo2 was whining to be picked up. Mr.Boo has developed a look he uses when he sees me with Boo2 or holding him...a kind of disappointed glare from under his eyelashes.

    Last night Mr. Boo came and flopped on the bed. He knows the word 'flop.' If I'm working at the computer or sitting somewhere he comes and lays himself on top of my feet, staring up waiting to talk.
    Mr. Boo, when standing straight, from ears to toes is about 3 ft tall/long and now weighs 12lbs, so when he 'flops' down its usually with intent and was once done with humor. Lately he flops and heaves a sigh you can hear.
    But once we start talking he perks up because he enjoys being babbled at something like...Mr.Boo, we've had this conversation repeatedly and I dont know how many times I've asked you to consider very seriously the sociological implications of flopping, and the kind of upbringing you've had, we certainly dont flop in this family, your grandparents never flopped and I hope in the future you will reserve your flopping for a time when a private flop can be accomplished with decorum and respectability....

    ...and on and on until he rolls over on his back, belly in the air and waving his paws, rocks back and forth listening for the word flop as his cue to roll around.

    Around 4am this morning I heard him growling at Boo2 and noticed my pillow only had my head on it. Boo2 has been sleeping next to me and some how was getting away with doing it. Last night Mr. Boo must have been annoyed about something, I heard him warning Boo2 away, now even in the living room/bedroom we were sharing.

    Do you cats 'talk' to each other. Mr. Boo has a series of low mews and its clear he's no talking to me, its a variety of sounds, directed at Boo2. He has one short soft mew to call Boo2, and they run off to play. There's a low very plaintive mew...off key, like a grunt, its not a meow we hear from a cat and thats his signal to Boo2, 'get outta here' which is followed by a smack if Boo2 moves closer. He doesnt hiss unless cornered.

    Lately, instead of confronting Boo2, Mr. Boo has been sort of overwhelmed by the kitten because he just cant get away from him. I'm sitting down reading or working, kitten flies thru air, lands on my table, tries walking on computer, looks for something crinkly, lays stretched out upside down and looks up batting his eyes...he has no shame, a born beggar. Mr. Boo was very pleased that one kitchen cabinet was his private hiding spot and only he was able to jump up. He was able to sit and watch everything going on. Yesterday after repeated leaps, clawing on smooth wood and falling straight down, Boo2 finally leaped high enough onto the ledge and the look on his tiny face was 'dag blast it I'm gittin up there too' and hanging by his tiny claws pulled his weight into the cabinet. I didnt help, but watched while washing dishes to see if he had finally gotten access to this last private spot. Mr. Boo was devastated and tried moving back into a corner, away. Boo2 doesnt understand 'why u wunning away..i wanna plae n-roll on yer head mista booooo an jump on yer tale, huh, can i, can i mista booo?
    I grabbed Boo2 who never seems to get angry at being taken away, I pick him up he starts purring. I think he doesnt care who plays with him, he just wants to play. And when I've got him there's a chance it could be play...and, it could be food...ya takes yer chances.
    But even with trying to save Mr. Boo from being intruded upon, he was very upset, jumped down and left the kitchen.

    For the rest of the day if I went to watch TV, cook dinner, open their food can, Mr.Boo appeared and laid down next to me and if Boo2 ran up and tried to join whatever was going on, Mr.Boo got up in a huff and left.
    I honestly am favoring Mr.Boo, he's acting like an unemployed drama queen demanding to be reinstated as King of Catland while Boo2 doesnt care, he's just 'hold me, kiss me, feed me, gotta run, see ya later.'

    So this morning, barely able to wake up at 5am, I calculated if I get up and feed them I can grab another hour and only be a little late. I laid out their food in the correct order and Mr. Boo walked away. By the time I was ready to leave for work, he had found a spot to sit and watch me. He knows from certain cues, like shoes and keys, that I'm going out and he sits watching everything very closely.
    I usually dont get into long goodbyes because it just reinforces their separation/being alone issues. But this morning Mr. Boo looked so sad that I put my bag down and brought him his soft baby toy that stinks from catnip and laid it near him. He looked up, unsure if I was staying or going and then dropped his head back on his front paws and stared up at me...I think Boo2 has been giving him acting lessons. But he's clearly not happy now that he has lost every sanctuary.

    Does anyone have a cat tree?
  14. Granniluvsu

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    I don't know what part of this story was the funniest !! However, I really got into the "flopping" goings on by Mr . B. Have you ever thought of writing about book on these two ??? Now you would have to start thinking about a catchy title. That might be the hardest part of writing the book. I know you could write the book -very easily!!

    Well, it looks like, as I have said before , there seems to be no need for you to have anything in the house for you to amuse yourself with other than these amusing and crazy cats. That Boo 2 sounds like something else, for sure with his antics. Watch out for flying cats landing on your computer table or wherever (-: !! If you had a camera set up someewhere you could just sell the vidow to u tube or better yet a movie contract for those two !! Then they would have to decide who was the STAR !!

    As I said before please keep it up. It is making my day and I do not even have any cats any more ! I did when I was growing up but he was very boring in comparison to your wILD MEN !!

    Bye for now and watach out for flying and flopping vats !


  15. Didoe

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    I came home yesterday and like every day since Boo2 joined the family, I never know what to expect when the front door opens.
    Mr. Boo usually slinks out to greet me because he hears me coming up the stairs and Boo2 bobs and bounces falling over his teeny feet wanting to see what surprises will be coming for his enjoyment as soon as the door opens!! It couldnt be anything else, because Boo2 thinks the world is made for him and his inquisitive little self. That's the difference between both gentlemen...Mr. Boo doesnt waste muscle volume bouncing anywhere because he knows who rules the roost and we are all in his service, something I have to remind Boo2 about at least once a day, usually at meal time.

    I noticed Mr. Boo does something very odd and I'm concerned now. I think he actually doesnt use the litter box until I get home. I set their food out and then turn to clean their litter boxes. Once I go into the bathroom where the large box is, Boo comes in and seems to empty himself from a huge amount of fluid and has at least one bowel movement. He wont eat until this happens, even if he hasn't eaten during the day. He's obviously entitled to his own personal hygiene habits, I'm just worried why he feels this is necessary and that it may injure him. I clean their boxes before I leave and when I return. My apt is too small to keep dirty boxes. And I've never known a cat happy with a dirty box to dig around in.

    Boo2 has the idea that my entering the bathroom means playtime in the sink. He usually wanders in to see if the sink is available for a dip, empty and with a drip,drip, not running water. Amazing how these 2 have their very specific expectations I'm supposed to jump and fulfill after a long day at work.
    You'd think I'd come home at least once a week to a hot meal, one of them bringing my slippers and a water pipe...

    I make two steps into the bathroom, put up the toilet bowl lid and lean down to scoop up poop when suddenly something small, black and swift dashes in between my feet and jumps up and lands with a wet plop straight into the toilet bowl water. Boo2 expected to jump onto the toilet bowl cover and then hop up onto the sink. Instead he found himself submerged and splashing in deep water. So much for poop, I dropped the scooper and grabbed him fast. Now with both of us dripping with toilet water, albeit clean, I was still freaked from thinking what germs this little thing was exposed to from a full dip in the toilet bowl.
    So he wound up in the sink but for a bath. Since he had just come out of a deep pool getting soaped and rinsed wasn't thrilling for him. He's so small and skinny (everything but that pot belly) he can't really fight much but makes alot of squeaking sounds and flails his paws all around trying to escape.

    One high pitched squeal brings Mr. Boo running to see what pain and torture I'm inflicting on the poor defenseless trouble maker. The same naughty furball who spends his days and nights thinking only of how to annoy and tease Mr. Boo into playing games he invents. Mr. Boo stands guard outside the bathroom waiting for medical reports as I rinse and wrap the little biscuit in a big towel listening to him squeak himself into exhaustion as he snuggles into me and the towel.

    This evening I came home and the apt smelled like one big litter box and as I mentioned, I clean their boxes like a neurotic. I can't sleep sometimes because my nighbors set their stinking garbage on a common roof terrace; we can't put out garbage until the day of collection and people dont want to keep stinking garbage in their apts, so they place the bags outside for a day or two. Have you ever smelled fish or aged meat rotting inside plastic in 90 degree weather? If not, you haven't been to hell and back. There are no vegetarians in my neighorhood, you could row a boat down the streets on the stench its so thick in the summer heat. Bad enough outside, I cant stand this stink at 2am when I'm already fighting to sleep.

    A full day of work, 2 hour subway ride, no dinner ready and sweating from 90 degree heat, its time to clean 2 litter pans. I open the closet where I store the bag (35 lb bag) of grit. I use a recycled corn grit because it odorless, very small grained and fabulous absorption. I didnt notice an old hook inside the wall of the closet and as I pull out the bag it puncture on the hook and I can hear litter pouring out from the bottom of the bag as I pull 35 lbs out. Now I have to get the remaining litter bagged fast before losing all of it and gather up thousands of tiny grains. Both cats strolled in to watch the show and seemed to consider using the various piles around the floor as new poop depositories.
    I spend my days putting out fires dumb bells start, when I make fires myself I really have little patience with my own stupidity and this was really stupid.

    AFter cleaning up this mess, I return to the stinking boxes, dump everything into a garbage bag, wash, dry and put in clean litter. Its funny how they react to clean boxes, as if I gave them a gift. They get in and paw around, Boo2 still has trouble understanding why I 'steal' his poop from the box. He runs in sometimes trying to block me from removing his personal property. The first time I returned a completely clean litter pan he was actually upset, so now I retain a spoon of old used grit to sprinkle in the new pan, so their scent is there for him.

    I laid out my clothes before taking a shower for work this morning. I dont know that I have strong B.O. I wash daily, use deodorant and dont seem to stink. Cat used to do something that Mr. Boo now does. He wraps himself up in my bra. His head goes straight into one cup, or thru a strap so that he wearing it as a scarf and once he is wrapped around with the bra and is wearing it begins rolling around the bed. Dont try removing it unless you want to lose a hand by gettinga swat you wouldnt ordinarily expect from such a mild mannered cat. I dont keep a large or seasonal wardrobes, this is NY, I work in Greenwich Village, its basic black 365/24-7. But I've learned a girl with cats must have spare bras for such emergencies.

    I came home today after leaving Mr. Boo with my bra and he seemed unsually calm and has spent most of this evening with his belly up and feet wavving middair. Four feet or two, the male gender has a universal fixation on t*ts.

  16. Didoe

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    Mr. Boo requested I write a revision of Johnny Mathis' popular 'Chances Are...'

    He likes the sound of accapella singing

    Miiiis-ter Boooo
    we alll luuuv you liddle fatty Mr. Boo,
    you'ooor our fav'rit
    fluffy muffin
    you'rr soft and funny too,
    yes we love you
    (repeat refrain...) Missss-ter Booooo

    by the second refrain he's rolled over onto his back and closed his eyes. i've been depressed verging on suicidal and crying when realizing i have to hire a lawyer because the hospital is calling asking for $50k since insurance company denied payment for 6 days in room--everything else they paid for.

    mr boo had to return to vet yesterday. i found a blood stain on the bathroom rug. the night before he was delightful, relaxed, no snapping at me or Boo2, rolled around most of the evening, used Boo2 as a pillow at least once and then it was silent all night, not a peep. i actually woke up because it was dead silent...i usually get spooked awake by something or someone.

    in the morning i found a dried whitish spot on kitchen floor, chalky white substance dried on Boo's haunches and the blood stain. He didnt want to eat much and kept hissing and snapping at me and boo2. i weighed and pondered whether to call vet or wait until monday. since it was friday morning and the weekend is always booked solid with our vet, i decided better call than wait. they had to give me a lunchtime (their lunchtime) appointment during surgery hours. i sat and waited for 2 hours to see the doctor. so it seems mr. boo's anal glands are of the type that fill up and need to be evacuated--the first time the vet had to do it, the second time vet guessed he had a bowel movement that cleaned the glands out, which is sorta normal...but he's very moody now, its like living with a female roommate who gets PMS or ovulates every month and gets b8tchy.

    once again he's doing night time guard duty, whether i'm trying to sleep in living room or bed room..I can hear him hissing and snapping trying to chase Boo2 off the bed.

    These two will anticipate where the other wants to sit and run and plop themselves in the exact spot just to annoy the other. ever have kids vying for a spot next to you at bedtime when you're going to read a bedtime story and you only have a left and right side and more kids than sides? sorta like that.

    boo2 now tries shadowing me. he seems to feel the big tall thing will defend him or pick him up if things get too rough at his level. he doesnt understand why his games and pouncing isnt fun for Boo now. he offers his tummy up for a lick, tries jumping on Boo's tail, nothing works.

    i'm getting scared and very depressed... everything just seems to be getting uglier and meaner, everywhere but in irrational ways. now its an attitude of 'whaddya gonna do about it?' as if anyone, anywhere can invade a country, threaten to bomb, obliterate, close down, lock up, put to death. maybe the freakin wellbutrin isnt working anymore. i remember the cheating-fee-shrink telling me no pill can take away the pain if your life continues to be this painful...well, he's obviously never used vicoden.
  17. Granniluvsu

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    Sorry you are feeling a bit blue with all that is going on with you. Glad you have those wild kitties. They should keep you upp and atem.

    Now, just keep on singing that song to Chances Are - with those words to Mr. BOOO like you did before. That was to cute. I can just imagine him with all his antic, as you continue to sing. Now that would be a funny vidoe !!!

    Bye for now and try andkeep on laughing !

    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Marta608

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    Sophie is keeping Honey in line by something she's saying that I can't hear. It's pitiful! Honey starts out for someplace - maybe the potty - and Sophie sends her a look. Miss Honey stops dead in her tracks, turns around on her heels and slinks away.

    No, we have no cat tree but the shelter has a shelf that runs around the room and can be accessed by tilted boards with "footholds" on them. The cats love them. I do have some friends - OK, I know of them - who have rooms just for their cats' pleasure. They have trees, real trees (dead) in them for sharpening claws as well as all sorts of hidey holes and climbing features. They're neat!

  19. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    ahhh, to have space...enuf space to endow a room for the cats. where i work we're trying to get grads to endow rooms in the new college building...In Memory Of...In Honor Of...they pay and we install a plaque.

    Mr. Boo inquired about having a plaque installed with his name on it but I draw the line at renaming the toilet
    'Potty Le Chat Boo'...

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