Why am I so tired in the morning and then get energy at night?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shadygap, Apr 12, 2004.

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    I am re-posting something I wrote earlier, in a discussion re night owls and adrenals. I also have the problem of having more energy at night. I got an Adrenal Stress Index Test and my cortisol levels were higher at night than in the day, which should make me a vampire.

    "What I have learned recently is that after adrenal fatigue sets in, the adrenals start to produce too little cortisol during the day. However, they may still produce normal amounts in the evening. This means you have more energy at night.

    This condition is not normal and should be corrected if possible. You first test for it by a saliva test. Great Smokies Lab does it I think and maybe other labs. You can read more about this on the Great Smokies Lab website and on Dr. Michael Lam's website. (On Dr. Lam's site, type in Adrenal Fatigue after you get to his site.)"

    Some people take glandulars in the morning. I did and they made me gain weight, but that is not the usual response. Now I take herbs instead. You can also take Seriphos at bedtime, which should help.

    By the way, James Wilson is the author of "Adrenal Fatigue". He has extensive experience treating it and 5 advanced degrees.
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    I used to be a complete morning person. Now it is reversed. I suppose the insomnia has somewhat to do with it. But I also have another theory:

    It is HARD to get those bones and muscles moving in the morning! Just getting up and showering makes me go back to bed sometimes, if not just sitting for a long time. I think once my body is up and moving, after lots of rest periods------I can function better.

    Just a thought-----
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    I have been wondering about this same problem. I too, was always a morning person. My pattern now is I begin to "wake up" about 5-6 pm. Mornings are horrible, I am so stiff that I just shuffle around. But my job requires me to be alert in the mornings - what a laugh! After I started taking flexeril at night, I found that I have to take it by 7 PM. Any later, and I am groggy the next morning on top of being stiff. But the "evening alert" came before the meds. So I stay late at the office to get things done. Which means that I am not home with my husband...sigh. My solution has been to go home early several times a week, then tell my hubby what nights I will be working late so he can work on his projects, etc. It doesn't always work, but most of the time we do ok. I am so glad to know that this pm alertness is fairly common, I could not figure it out.
    Thanks to all,
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    my rhumy said my adrinaline levels go up later in the day.
    which means their up at night-don't sleep well-wake up tired from not sleeping well!it's a nasty cycle.mirapex helped with breaking it for me.i still have my days-but not nearly as many!

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    I'm just curious how your fatigue issues are since adressing your othostatic hypotension?

    I find it virtually impossible to stand in the one spot for any even a few minutes. Walking is easier. My feet ache and are very sore, I'm chronically lightheaded and my vision is often blury. Did you have any of these other symptoms?

    Lastly I happened upon information on a new medication for OH called pyridostigmine that the Mayo clinic are involved with testing. Have you heard of it? It sounds very promising.


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    I find myself in the same category. I struggle through the entire day and then suddenly around 9pm, like everyone else I'm awake and for once ALERT! I feel HUMAN again!

    My cycle has been like this for many years. And silly me I accepted a job position 2 years ago where I begin the day shift @ 5am...meaning I'm suppose to get up around 3 to get there ontime, only I've managed to become a super primper so I don't need more than 15 minutes before I roll out of bed and out the door.

    So I struggle trying to go to bed at night when I feel my best. Argh, the irony!
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    although as far as i know, my cortisol levels are normal and adrenal functions are normal as far as testing goes. had a tilt table test and passed, sleep study was normal. but i have the same thing. i always feel my best as the day goes on and esp at night, but since i been on clonopin i have no problem sleeping. my cfs specialist in boston says he hears the same thing from all his patients with cfs or fibro, and although there are many theories, none have been really confirmed.

    with regards to tilt table test, i have no idea how i passed, im always light headed and dizzy but my blood pressure has always been right on, and before the tilt table test, i had been checked sitting, then standing then lying, standing,,,all sorts of routines and there always in the normal range, with all my other tests. its a wierd disease isnt it.
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    Dear Shady,
    I tried to work my sleep pattern out by going to bed and waking up at the same times every day. I was kidding myself. Because of the FM&CFS I am unable to work. I am single mom who has to get to active boys to school every morning. That is very hard for me and I admit causing the boys of being tardy at times.Anyways,I am on an oppsite schdule than most.I am soooo tired in the a.m hours. At night when the kids are asleep,I catch up on the housework and plan dinner. I don't want my energy to go to waste.
    I wish you well.