Why anti depressants for FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lmn, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. lmn

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    Quick question.......

    Why do dr.'s prescribe antidepressants and anxiety meds even after it has been determined that one is not depressed/anxious?
    I really don't like that being in my health history.

    Just wondering. lmn
  2. JP

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    I wish I could give you the right answer and I can only say why I take both.

    I have a chronic persistant pain condition, separate from FM. The antidepressants help lower my pain and so does the anxiety medication. If my anxiety elevates slightly, my pain increases. There is also a condition called pain-related depression. This is very common. The type of antidepressant that I used is prescribed to many FM and chronic pain patients. If you are in constant pain with sleep problems, it is somewhat assumed that these medications would be helpful.

    I was someone who would never take the medications I am now taking. I am still me and the medicines are helping to manage symptoms. I didn't even know I had anxiety until I started having panic attacks. That was some wake up call for me.

    Hope this is useful...take care, Jan
  3. Annette2

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    Hi. Most people with FMS also have low levels of seratonin. Docs will prescribe antidepressants to raise the levels of seratonin. Even though depression doesn't CAUSE fibromyalgia and you aren't depressed, the anti-d's will raise those levels. I don't know if I described this correctly - maybe someone else can give a more "scientific" answer. Hope this helps!



    Can you please tell me if Wellbutrin is prescribed for pain control, then why is it also prescribed for people who want to quit smoking?

    I for one have tried to quit smoking for a long time and my doctor prescribd Wellbutrin. I have been smoke free today, for 1 week, but it has really been difficult. What I have noticed is that I don't have that cranky withdrawl that I've heard people have. I do however, continue to have the "urge" to smoke.

    As far as Pain Control, I have not noticed a change at all in my Fibro condition good or bad while taking Wellbutrin for a week now, 2 times a day at 150mgs.

    In what way, if any, does Wellbutrin help to stop smoking? Or is this just a mind over matter prescription?
  5. idiotsinc

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    simple version...
    Nicotine (and alcohol) affects, actually hijacks, the same receptors in the brain that serotonin etc usually occupies. This is why you feel a calming affect soon after inhaling. Then you have the urge to have another cigarette because as the nicotine (or alcohol) is eliminated your brain wants more, causing anxiety.

  6. Mikie

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    This is an antiseizure/antianxiety medication. Many of us do suffer from anxiety, insomnia, muscle spasms, and sensory overload and this med help with that. It also helps with pain because it appears to interfere with pain signals in the brain. It also helps with the other problems mentioned here. Same for Neurontin.

    Love, Mikie


    That is so weird! The only thing that I have noticed while taking Wellbutrin is that my.....sorry people...I'm going to get a little graffic...for those with weak stomaches please stop reading right now!

    The only thing that I have noticed is my increase to have...here's the word....SEX! There, I've said it. Can you explain that?

    Blushing and embarrassed,
  8. nellie1953

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    My doctor says it is to relax the muscles
  9. lmn

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    It's got to be for the pain and sleeplessness, because my dr. has determined I don't suffer from anxiety or depression. Funny how a drug for one thing helps with another.
    Take care everyone,
  10. Chelz

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    Hi, I just had to respond to your post about Wellbutrin and sex. Don't feel embarrassed about this. When my doctor wanted to put me on Wellbutrin after my awful Paxil experience, I had the same reaction, SEX, LOL. Not only did it raise my sex drive, but I swear it made me so stimulated that I felt like I could drive all the way across the US without stopping, LOL. So glad I'm off all these drugs, they made me......strange. Hugs, Chelz.
  11. Sunshyne1027

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    I was given a script for anti-depressants also when first diagnosed with FM. The doc said that its to raise Seratonin levels. I was depressed at the time too. At the time the depression meds helped. They helped for a couple years.

    Now though, I feel I no longer need them. Also read on how eventually the long term use of them can have some serious side effects. When going off them, I felt no difference.

    Never tried the ones though that Mikie mentioned.. Klonopin and Neurotonin. sp.. May ask the doc next time I go. I have seen many posts through here about them.

    I take xanax also. Not on a daily basis. I take them as needed for anxiety. Not sure why docs prescribe the anxiety meds though? Would like to know too?

  12. Mikie

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    Are antispasmodic drugs from two different families of meds. Dr. Cheney has two very good articles in our library, one on Klonopin and the other on SSRI's and stimulants. I highly recommend them. Read the one on Klonopin first to get an idea of why we have some of the symptoms we have.

    I have refused to take any antidepressants. Back when I was first getting really sick about three and a half years ago, following an accident, the doc gave me Elavil to sleep. It made me sleepy but didn't give me quality sleep and it put 20 pounds on me very rapidly. Some do get relief with Elavil, which is a tricyclic antidepressant.

    Love, Mikie
  13. pam_d

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    ...when I was first experiencing FM symptoms, & later diagnosed, I believe I WAS clinically depressed. Definitely went through a grieving process with this diagnosis & the uncertainty of what lay ahead for me. Rather than take anti-depressants for either pain or actual depression, I chose instead to see a therapist who specialized in helping people deal with chronic illness. She was a godsend; I saw her for about a year, during which she taught me some excellent coping skills, & was my staunchest advocate regarding my search to understand & learn more about FM. Stopped seeing her when I felt I no longer was depressed & needed her.

    I realize Imn's post was about the prescribing of anti-depressants & anxiety meds when NOT anxious or depressed.....but I feel that there are some of us FMers who definitely go through a depressed period, particularly in the beginning. Doctors who prescribe anti-depressants may be trying to attack FM in several ways, by helping both pain & sleep, and also helping depression at the same time. I have some awful drug reactions, so I use them as little as possible, but I did have depression & did treat it in an alternative way.

    I know what Imn means about the health history thing....at that point, I was more worried about learning to come to terms with FM than I was about having "mental health counseling" in my health history. Looking back, I feel I made the right call, but I do appreciate Imn's point.

  14. Sunshyne1027

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    Thanks for the info on looking up Klonopin and Neurtonin. Going to research it more here on immune support. Print what I need out.

    I go to a seperate doc for depression meds. Got a apointment coming. She works with me on what I want to try. New at treating people with FM, but willing to learn, and go with the flow.

  15. sheelanagigs

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    yes, wellbutrin, unlike many of the antidpressants, tends to up libido. i take a totally unsafe dosage 450 to 600 mgm per day, but it tends to help more than anything thus far except for effexor was great for pain control but it flattened my libido, raised my blood pressure to dangerous levels. (there is research or WAS early research that wellbutrin in larger dosages coulc cause seizure activity. i figure with my wild dose, klonopin helps to keep me from seizing. and this is a quality of life issue and whatever works!

    gosh the endorphin release in sex is great for pain control...keep on sexing!!