Why are docs so quick to dx depression & not ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kerrymygirl, May 6, 2003.

  1. kerrymygirl

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    Has anyone been curious why doc`s rush to handing out antidepressants. There is no blood test for depression,same for fm/cfids,numerous other autoimminue or any neurotransmitter disorders. I can not take anitdepressants they make me worse. Yet, this is the 1st drug given. Now I know some say it helps pain or sleep. My point is there is no blood work for it yet they believe in depression. When I have a good day, I emphasize good day since I have been quite ill. Anywho, when my pain & fatigue,host of other prob. are on the low end I am not depressed. One can not just snap out of depresssion,as once thought. I only feel quilty that I am not out earning money if I get a day that is not too bad. My galfriend was put on all kinds of antidepressants for yrs. She, felt it made her feel worse,so she stopped,got through withdraw, then felt better less depressed was not over her fm. Atleast off of those meds that doc`s insisted on, which she did not need. So if they beieve in depression, with no poss. blood work, then why not us???????? Hugsss to All
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    Some antidepressants seem (according to studies) to have pain relieving qualities when taken long term. Someone, somewhere must have designated written protocol for all doctors to follow with fibro/cfs patients.

    1) Antidepressants
    2) muscle relaxants
    3) anti inflammatories

    Every doctor I have seen (and I have seen many) has always suggested this protocol because it "works". If it worked for me, I would be happily sleeping away right now waiting for my alarm clock to wake me up so I could go to work and have some self esteem.
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    easier diagnosis for them to deal with vs. fms/cfs. dolsgirl
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    My antidepressant doesn't really make me feel happy or uplifted like I thought it was supposed to. I just feel flat or empty, rather emotionless now. Nothing gets me excited or enthused and I still worry and have anxiety over things. It was also supposed to make me feel more rational in my thinking, but I don't really see that either.

    I dunno, but they do love the antidepressants, as you say.

    Wishing us all well,
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    I just mean that there is no bloodwork for depression,suppossedly that Is why they do not believe in fm/or cfids etc. I had a pain management doc tell me he would not treat me because there is no such thing as lyme/fm/cfids. He would not even walk in the room.( I was there for cervical injections.) I bet if I would have asked him if he believed in depression he would have said, yes. He would not even look at me, after he saw that on chart.

    Guess, after working with doc`s I saw too many who made mistakes, just would not admit it. So to me I feel like they are contradicting themselves in a sense.
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    My endocrinologist told me that doctors hand out pills like candy to get you out of their hair. They can't find anything wrong with you and don't want to appear stupid, so figure you'll shut up if they just tell you you're depressed and "take these pills everyday"!

    Marilyn :)
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    People who have been around this board for awhile know that this is one of my biggest complaints with docs. Too many of them are too anxious to hand out Rx's for antidepressants, especially SSRI's, which may actually exacderbate our problems. Most of these docs are not qualified, in my opinion, to be writing these Rx's.

    Love, Mikie
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    I posted on this same subject not long ago. Look at my bio to see answers. Good luck!
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    My friend and I also get into a tizzy about this due to the fact no blood work proves depression. Anyone with half a brain would know that a person who loses their place in society, job,friends,family etc. would have some form of underlying depression from time to time. Half of or more society has depression at some time due to life changes,illness,deaths,just getting through teen yrs. with our kids etc. In fl. I had alot of old folks as pts. I was disgusted to see how doc`s just handed them a rx & sent them home. Not even listening to them, takes them as long as us to get to pt. by that time visit was over. I almost lost it on one antidepressant, my brain did not need those chemicals and it was a very scary event,lowest dose 1 pill. Took almost a wk. to get my head cleared. Usually my pts. would end up back at doc`s no better. Another $100.00 plus dollars out of their pockets. I would get so upset & ask doc to atleast give them an exam etc. before throwing a rx there way. Yet my very dear friend they left her dying without pain meds which nurse and I had to call doc in midddle of night to give her something. She had only a few days and her last memory then was calling me telling me doc would not give her something for pain. He would dole out the expensive rx that was doing nothing. She just needed peace. So finally got hospice to treat her like a civil human being. Even going for disability they told me to file under depression, not lyme,fm spinal etc. They told me when you are in their BALLPARK YOU PLAY THEIR BALL. It made my doc furious because he said I was 1 of the sickest pts. he had. That it was not depression. So he was forced to lie to help me, my N.P. too. Disability will take depression but not other diagnosis I will check your post.(Must have been when I was too depressed to read)lol. HuGGGSSS
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    Here's an analogy:

    If I have an old, seasoned horse on the ranch, and I take him out to check the distant fence lines, upon returning if I give him the reins, letting him pick the course, he will invariably pick the old, rough, rock strewn road, full of potholes, and gullies, overgrown in cactus, to return to the barn (he's traveled that way all his life)---INSTEAD of the new and improved, nicely graded, smooth road, just built.

    Moral of the story--Just like you can't teach an old dog new tricks--ya can't teach new tricks (or methods) to an old work horse :)

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    Every generation had/has its panacea. In the 1800's drs gave out Morphine and later Heroin! Chloral Hydrate came next. Soon Barbituates and "pep" pills came out, ie: amphetamine, dexedrine, etc... When a pt went to the Dr he said I have cure you and then gave them some bualbital (sp) or phenobarbital and sent them on thier marry way. The patient never asked if they were addictive and the dr didnt know they were either! Then the 50, 60 and 70's came around a new drug came, the "wonder of wonder drugs", Librium and Valium. No mom went without it and "hysterical melancholia" was easily vanished from every nagging patient. It was easy and well accepted and new! Little was know that pts would soon be addicted to these drugs.

    Soon the 80's rolled around and with it a new "wonder drug" Prozac. Safer than tricyclics and "more" effective. It soon became the No 1 best selling drug of all time, topping Valium. Soon Zoloft and Paxil came along all, supposedly better, safer and more effective. Med Reps gave out millions upon millions of samples and coupons to doctors. Now they could quell every complaint a patient had without worrying about the DEA tracking them down and citing them for writing scripts for the now seemingly addicitive Opiods. As patents expired on drugs such as Prozac, 10 new ones were there to replace it. And when Ritalin lost patent, they would make exteded release versions to help keep the sales. New innovative designs, such as colorful capsules and altering isomers of old drugs to make Celexa into Lexapro...and an SSRI into an SNRI like Strattera.

    No one ever listened to the media hype about drug law suits and withdrawl reactions reports made in the multitudes. Freedom of information act and court ordered release of records showing hidden agendas behind the sale of meds and incentives to prescribe them, like free trips and computers, pre-made Rx pads, incribed with the med name on it. The doc just needed to sign it and hand it to the patient. No informed consent to the patient of possible side effects. Just more, new and better advertisement. Same old propaganda.
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    Isnt it true that antidepressants have been connected with neuro-muscular side effects like tics, tremors, spasms, movement disorders, etc?? And they are using them on people with muscular problems like FM as almost a first response?? If FM people have a "chemical imbalance" could it be the kind likely to be made worse by antidepressants ?
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    Also if you look at other side affects causes depression or anxiety. That is exactly what they do for me either flat-line or anxiety. I am not saying antidepressants don`t work for some who need it. I have suggested them many times myself for patients who need them. Only after researching their entire profile. This is my point, alot of the answers are like mine alot of times,analytical. I was making apoint that the drs. do not give thought to is there is no blood test for depression or any other neuro disorder. Yet, they run the full blood work, but do not listen closely to pt.I always went home and researched when I was puzzled. Plus if you TRULY listen your patient normally can tell you what is wrong. Every yr. there is a new disorder. Sars,Aides,Lyme,but I remember reading yrs. ago about the so called Yuppie disease. I think it long enough now for the docs to wake up. 20plus yrs. and growing is way to long to keep your head buried. I could not live with myself to toss a patient aside in so much pain. I used to walk in,when I had a good doc,he had cfids, they said 1 look in my eyes could tell them how I was suffering. Yet, most my docs now just do not get it. Like I said 2 yrs. at 1 doc and he did not even know I had Lyme,in the chart he always stares at. I used to for yrs. make excuses for them. No more it is toooo long now. This is not new just growing out of control. As I have stated sometimes I am ashamed,when I read & saw so many at clinic, to say I am part of the med field. Madwolf is the kind we need,wish I lived closer,sorry but 3,000 mi. is a smidge far. Hugggsss to all
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    I agree w/ u! I posted a message as to that fact yesterday. AD's don't work for me either and when I don't hurt etc, I'm not depressed! If you're interested, I think the title is something like that...anti-depressants don't work 4 me.