Why are there waves of pain while on the patches, help please

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shelby319, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. shelby319

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    The Dr. had put me on the fentanyl patch 50 mcg's after I had been on oxycontin 20 mgs a twice a day, and oxy IR's 5 mgs three times a day after my surgery on my neck. Since we increased the medication to the patch, I've still got alot of pain from wearing the patch.

    How is it possible to have so much pain in between while you are on a steady release of medication from the patch? I just can't understand how this patch works I guess, and I'm in so much pain today after moving something heavy, that the pain in my left shoulder and left side of my neck are killing me!! Why is it that there isn't a steady release of the medication to take away the pain and therefore everyone I know needs breakthrough meds while they are also on the patch?

    Sometime I believe the manufacture misleads us some, but don't get me wrong, this medication is a miracle drug, I find I still need something else to help me through the day! Can anyone explain then how this medication works?

    I don't mean to sound ungrateful or anything...I guess I'm just a little annoyed and upset that I still have this pain and now feeling very sick to my stomach isn't helping me get through the day. I'm sorry for my venting...its just me folks and nothing else!!

    Gentle hugs to all ,
    If anyone can answer these questions I would be so grateful!!
  2. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    I'm bumping myself~~Hehehehe~
  3. I'm on 50mcg too, and have told my husband many times, "I don't think there's even medication IN THESE THINGS!" I swear there isn't. I too was on Norco 7.5's 4 a day for breakthrough pain, but, having been on higher doses of lortab or Norco (the 10's) many times in the past, short term, 7.5's did nothing, and I didn't need the stomach upset. So, I quit them, my pain's no different on or off of them. I'd quit the patches too, but, they are ALL I have, for now, and, my pain clinic accused my sister of trying to pick them up too early friday (was out on sunday) and said they couldn't be picked up until monday...well....monday I had nausea & diarrhea all day, tuesday vomiting terribly, freezing, couldn't GET WARM, ended up with IV for dehydration, 2 injections of zofran for the vomiting, and tons of tests....they said it was withdrawl...

    I explained what the pain clinic had done to us Friday, and then I SHOWED THEM my box, *proving* that I need my patch SUNDAY, here it was Tuesday...they said the vomiting, diarrhea, chills, were withdrawl.. I'm so furious. this was the first, with patches....but THIRD time they've not filled a med on time...

    I went without clonazepam twice...the 2nd time, I heard NOTHING from them for 9 days, went without ANY for 6 days, then called another doctor since it was friday, and I was having terrible twitching & jerking (why I'm on it in the FIRST place) and horrible foot & leg spasms.


    My mother-in-law's elderly friend had problems with them too, I found out today.

    I'm at a loss as to what to do now. I need a higher dose of the patch, or something different....I'm going to buy a tens unit, and talk to my primary next week about options.

    The pain clinic doctor, AND the nurse practitioner are sooo nice to me...yet the nurses or SOMEBODY seems to have a BIG problem.

    Sorry you're sick to your stomach--I spent 3 days with that. I don't have it due to the patch though---mine was due to the lack of-
  4. Tigger57

    Tigger57 New Member

    I'm on 100mcg of fentanyl and I ask the same question... if this is suppose to be the great pain reliever, it is lacking. I know that on my third day I'm much worse off. I haven't really gotten anything to work for the "breakthrough".

    I did find before that a muscle relaxer works better with the patch than an added pain reliever. Just for me anyway. I had been taking Soma, but it's pretty much not working any more.
  5. shelby319

    shelby319 New Member

    You really made me laugh this morning while reading your post~ I thought it was so funny and cheered me up alot to know there are others in the same boat as I am in!!!

    I'm going to agree with you about these patches though, maybe I also need a higher dosage or something, which I will ask my Dr. about today!!

    I also take alot of vitamins, exercise, yoga, stretching, but I'm still limited with what I can do because of the surgery only being 6 weeks ago. But I will talk with the Dr. about maybe going back on the oxycontin and something for breakthrough as I seem to feel it worked alot better than these patches do!!

    I'm so sorry you had to endure such treatment of a shortage of your meds and going through withdrawals...it can be awful, I know only too well!! Also, the clonazepam you missed out on for 6 days is terrible and I'm so glad you didn't have anything more serious happen, as this type of medication isn't something you can just skip for even a day without some serious side effects!! You were lucky that didn't happen to you!!!

    Maybe someday with the help of our Dr's we can find a happy medium with our medications, and get the relief we so need!!!

    Thank you for your post and making me smile!!!
    Thank you to the rest of you and your responses and suggestions, I appreciate any help I can get!!!!

    Gentle hugs to all~
  6. Tigger57

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    First, love your name!

    What do we do if we can't afford the name brand? Right now I can't afford any and I need to get a refil in about a week. I'm very scared.

    What do you do, if you want to work in the pool? Guess i have a lot of questions for my rheumy.

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I never would have thought about it.

  7. really work--now, to only convince DOCTORs. It's odd, that they can know SO little, and prescribe so much--even with the best of intentions, sometimes..I just quit 4 meds, because, they also came from pain clinic (reflux med, provigil, Norco, & Lunesta) as, they were ineffective, and 2, too exspensive to be taking with little-no results.

    The generic vs. brand name--a lot of people's insurance companies, do not give the choice of receiving brand name drugs, if a generic is available, the companies insist that be used---I love when insurance co.'s play MY DR!

    Unless a DR actually realized that in come meds there IS a HUGE difference between the two, and so specifies in writing TO the company....most ppl are stuck.

    When I was receiving my patches, 8 mths or so ago, they said "Sandoz, fentanyl patches" my immediate thought was, the *brand* name *25mcg* didn't even work yrs ago, and I doubt this 50mcg generic will...about the 2nd sentence out of the NP's mouth was, "they are the same drug, and just as effective as the name brand, just a different name, same drug"

    I do think they are useless to me. Maybe because I run low grade temps off and on, quite frequently, and definitely worthless after my first shower----guess you shouldn't bathe on them, ever...eh?

    Since I'm bedridden part* of every year, and housebound nearly year-round (right now. I KNOW we'll get the right balance, someday) water aerobics is out of the question, as well, Due to major balance problems, (MS, FMS, inner ear damage on one side and slight hearing loss) I fall over like a leaf in the wind, water tosses me like a ragdoll. Even a couple inches of water. I definitely do not want to continually fall in deeper water, as happened to me a couple of summers ago...

    As I said before, I'm looking for as many alternatives, as I can, I'm tired of depending on professionals, that can't be* depended on, for meds that don't even work, but put you through he** with side effects, or if they* mess up, and let you run out.

    I'm tired of being tied to *that* ball & chain.

    Going to try other suggestions to my primary doc, and tens unit discussion, other equipment, etc..

    If we could just get me on my feet for a *while* so I could juice everyday & eventually *cook* gluten free meals, that would improve my health, a lot, I know, and then I could get to my garage, to the treadmill, with whatever slight energy I had. If that was all I accomplished the whole day, I'd be fine with it, for now. I'd LOVE to clean house...but, one tiny thing at a time...

    Good luck all.

  8. Tigger57

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    I can't even afford the generic anymore. I've no money come into this house in about 2 months. I had some money put aside, but just when you think things will be o.k.... life gets in the way. Someone poisoned my dog and it cost me $2000 to save him.

    Part of me wants to know who it was, and the part of me that wants to kill him doesn't.

    I'm getting so confused with everything.

  9. shelby319

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    I just saw your post about your poor dog and someone poisoning him/her!! I wan't to tell you how sorry I was to hear how someone so careless could do this to an animal!! These beautiful animals give us nothing but pure compassion and unconditional love, I just can't imagine how anyone in their right mind could think to do this to any beauty like that in this world!!!

    I'm so sorry this happened to you!! I'm glad though that he/she made it through alright and is fine now!! There isn't any price of money we could put on what we would pay to protect and sacrifice for our "babies" either!!! No money in the world would stop me from protecting and helping my kitties either, as they are my world and my babies also!! I feel your pain and once again I'm so sorry this had to happen to you!!

    I'll keep you and your dogs in my prayers that this never, ever, happens again and they remain safe from vicious people who can't comprehend what our animals mean to us!!

    Gentle hugs to you and your dogs,

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