Why Christians Get Sick/Dr. Crandall

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    Thought of you folks when I received this today and thought I'd pass it on, maybe some of you received this Newsmax info also....but at any rate, thought of you guys. I'm NOT sick and NOT a christian, but deal with my joint issue mess of pain. But don't consider myself sick. Stay well all and maybe this info will give some insights. jam (HOPE it opens, if not, google the header and you'll find it.)


    Apr 24, 2014 ... Dr. Crandall Reveals Why Christians Get Sick. ... Does God's plan for our lives
    really include sickness — or is it God's will that we be healthy?
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    Thinking about this, I certainly would NOT take this as gospel, I have not looked further as I don't worry about this for me, but I have known believers who are very healthy and I know non believers who are very healthy and vice versa...so this is just what Dr. Crandall wants to say.

    I know that grapes are in the bible as my neighbor finally said, extract was good for her and her kitty as it says so in the bible......

    I know the extract works for my health and I've never read the bible. jam