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    iVE USED THE PATCH FOR 9 MO.S Im on the 75 mg. patch. ANd I change it ever 48 hours.

    The directionson the package say change every 72 hours. But Ive read here on some posts that some change it every 24 hours. I wounder what makes it work shorter or longer for people......

    I notice when I change my patch that sometimes it will be almost empty and other times it looks like no medication has been used at all. Im not sure about how it relates with my pain level. I also take Kadian 3 times a day. When I have a painful day I just chalk it up to that.

    I use the sandoz patches I think. The kind that has the jelly in it. Im seriously thinking changing to the other type. Its like a stretchy impregnated material patch. (I dont know anything about it)

    I would love some feed back!. If anyone experiences the uneven amounts of resadue left when removing their patch.

    And if anyone has changed from the jelly filled patch to the other type of patch. And how they compared.


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    I previously used the gel type patches that just have a sticky edge/border but since 2 years ago use Durogesic matrix...this is the typ that is impregnated and the whole patch is sticky.

    My preferences for the new type are

    1) it doesn't come off or unpeel like the other used to do
    2) it doesn't leave sticky stuff on the area where you've used it that you have to scrub and scrub to get off.
    3) it's dull instead of shiny (this is vanity talking) so people don't notice it as much and start asking if you're quiting smoking

    I don't have any downside at all and if I were you I would change it.

    The different absorbtion rate could be do to heat...when your skin is hotter you absorbe the jelly quicker... other than that could it be that some part comes unstuck and the product is reduced by water getting in???? I only noticed the difference with the heat.

    regarding changing your patch more often I think this is dangerous. when I realise that the patch is becomin inaffective on the last day they have increased my dosage (in nearly 5 years i'v gone from 25 to more than 100ug) maybe you should consult your doctor although the increase would be in the first two days also.

    Hope this helps. If you want more info let me know.
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    I'm going to ask my doctor about that on wed. lets see if it's good for me.

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    I have been using the Fentanyl Patch (100 mcg/h) off and on for about 1 year. I get so aggrivated with it.

    I have found that it really does help with my excrusiating pain of Fibro. if I can possible keep it on my skin the the 72 hours - still need to take my pain medications with it because it just won't stay on. Have tried the brand and generic and still it does not stay put. Have tried bandaids - big and small, saran wrap, ect... nothing works.

    People who change their patch more often than the 72 hours are just wasting the medication in the patch, unless like me, the patch just won't stay on.

    It also irritates my skin terriblely.

    Any suggestions please?


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  7. dolfenn43

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    dear MSONLYME,

    The way I keep them on is to use a tegaderm patch over the top. you can buy them at the pharmach. Work wounderful. Its a thin piece of clear material with adhesive on one side. Get it big enough to cover the whole patch. It will keep your patch on.

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    Why don't you ask your doctir if he can pescribe the Durogestic matrix patches tha i take (the inmpregnated ones that are all sticky, not just a thin strip around the edge)

    Before changing to these I uses to put a tubular bandage around my upper arm to keep the patch on but it's hard with the "old" type.

    Insist on the matrix ones....they are great, and don't leave stick stuff on your skin either...it just hurts a bit more when you rip them off LOL!

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