Why do I get sick so easily, and why does it take forever to get

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by Cat Mom, May 10, 2003.

  1. Cat Mom

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    I've had Fibromyalgia for several years. I seem to gst sick so easy. It seems like every time I turn around, I'm sick again. Does a compromised immune system go along with Fibromyalgia, or am I just lucky?
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    Hi Cat mom, I do the same thing .I catch everything that comes along and it takes forever to recover. Danisue
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    I've had fibromyalgia for 25 years, and during that time, I have become progressively sensitive to things that end up making me sick. For instance, getting behind vehicle exhaust, around cigarette smoke, or around burning wood in a fireplace would cause me to have respiratory infections. Now, I can't handle the smell of perfumes, aftershave, hairspray, air fresheners, cleaning chemicals, anything burning outside, gas (from my oven and burners), gasoline (at the gas pump), etc.--and if I breathe in one of these, not only do I get sick, but it takes longer to get rid of the infection. Last November, my neighbors started burning wood in their fireplaces, and all it took was to breathe it in once--and I was sick for 5 months! It took five rounds of antibiotics, a shot, steriods, inhalers and antihistamines to get well! It's better for me to wear a face mask and feel awkward than to risk getting that sick again!
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    Hi Cat Mom -
    Fibromyalgia most often involves an immune dysfunction. My doc described it as an up regulated immune system (ie, it is always active). Have you had a formal diagnosis of fibromyalgia? If so, you may want to ask your doctor about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, too. These two illnesses usually go hand-in-hand. If you are getting sick a lot and things last forever, it sounds like CFS might be a possibility. The Cfids Association of America - website, www.cfids.org - has lots of very helpful information and might have more answers to your questions.
  5. JHG

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    i'm just learning about fibromyalgia, but my doctor says it comes from a immune system disorder.
  6. victoria

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    after experiencing extreme stress, and then diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, I started getting the flu every 4 weeks (literally!).

    What made the difference for me besides good basic multi vitamins was the addition of Enzymatic therapy's Thymulus supplement. Literally within 3 days I could feel a difference, and it stopped the constant cycle of flu.

    Altho I ended up with CFS anyway, I still don't get the flu but 1-2X a year. When I do I always dose myself extra (along with C to bowel tolerance and echinacia).

    here's what the thymus gland does:

    "Lymphocytes originate from haemocytoblasts (stem cells) in red bone marrow. Those that enter the thymus gland mature and develop into activated T-lymphocytes i.e. able to respond to antigens encountered elsewhere in the body. They then divide into two groups :
    those that enter the blood, some of which remain in circulation and some lodge in other lymphoid tissue, and those that remain in the thymus gland and are the source of future generations of T-lymphocytes.

    "The maturation of the thymus and other lymphoid tissue is stimulated by thymosin, a hormone secreted by the epithelial cells that form the framework of the thymus gland. Involution of the gland begins in adolescence and, with increasing age the effectiveness of T- lymphocyte response to antigens declines. "

    I hope this is of help, I know what it's like...
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    Some guy...I need to find his message wrote about Lycopene, Rosemary and Boswellia extract (especially the last two items...do your own research too...lots of stuff out there) helping to cure Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I order some and have been on it one day and already notice a big difference! Get some. I've also written before in here to avoid artificial sweeteners, avoid anything in aluminum...sodas & foods, and avoid partially hydrogenated and hydrogenated fats and oils. Taking flax oil...capsules are okay, Evening Primrose Oil or Omega 3 oils...1000 mg 3 x a day also helps as well as Magnesium Malate...start out with 1 3x a day for six weeks and then cut back. Even the lady that's had it for 25 years can get better...I had it 17 years, went two years symptom free and then kinda didn't pay attention to my diet for awhile...big mistake. Back on the wagon now and will stay on it this time.
  8. alliekat

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    That's why you are always sick...you have no defenses left. Time to do something about it. PLEASE see my response to Victoria below. AllieKat
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    I went to a homeopath practicioner and he said the same. My body is full of toxins. He gave me garlic, bowel detox and cell detox and omega-3. I do feel a little better.

    I'm going to a chiropractor now. to get my hormonal system back in alignment.

    The procedure is hard to explain it's called BRT Therapy stands for (Body Restore Therapy). After 10 visits I will be able to know if it helps.

    The therapy involves riding the body of the hormone disrupters that interfere with the bodies cells receiving hormonal stimultion from the thyroid, adrenal and our sex gland. The tricky thing is that any thyroid test you take may come back good, this is because your thyroid is not the problem its the toxins and false hormones, ie. hormones shot into the meat we eat....so you see...your cells are so overwhelmed with the toxins that they can't receive the very important hormone stimulation that they need for their very life!!! By the time you thyroid test show a problem, it is just from overwork. The medical doctors are NOT telling this to anyone!!!!!

    Well to make a long story short, It seems that the invading toxins have overwhelmed our bodies cells and the cells are unable to get the necessary stimulation from the hormones that cruise through our bloodstream and give the necessary message to the cells for good health. It seems the invaders have attached themselves to our cells and mimic the hormones, but with unhealthy side effects.

    If this makes sense, someone let me know.

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    I used to get sick all of the time! If you're having issues with health - any issues - I highly recommend you order the basics from www.completeself.com - they are very concentrated whole food nourishment like no other.

    They have a food specifically for the immune system: Alpha 20C! Like I said, I USED to get sick (ALL OF THE TIME). It's changed my life.