Why do my veins collapse

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  1. Dolphin82

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    Hi to all,

    Everytime i have blood taken off me at the docs,do my veins collapse why do they do that i used to give blood and they were fine but not now.

    Strange isnt it?

    Dolphin 82
  2. victoria

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    maybe someone will see this who knows or has an idea. . .

  3. MsE

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    A lab technician said that it helps to drink a lot of water before having blood drawn. Plumps 'em up, I guess. Don't know if this is true or not.
  4. matthewson

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    I work in a lab and drew blood many years ago. The tubes that they use to collect the blood have a vacuum in them so the blood will go into them.

    If the vein they use is kind of small, sometimes the vacuum in the tube is too much for the vein and it collapses. It is not anything to worry about and it happens all the time.

    The suggestion to drink water is good. It helps to be hydrated, it makes the veins easier to find and easier to get blood out of.

    Take care, sally
  5. mariee

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    Don't know if this is true, but a lab tech told me to do light weights for arms every other day to keep veins healthy. I was having a hard time w/ blood being drawn.
    Did seem to help. Haven't used any weights, but maybe someone knows of easy arm exercises???
    Good luck.
  6. tansy

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    that's why we are advised to take enough sea salt and drink plenty of water. There is often a problem with the anti diuretic hormone so we end up becoming dehydrated. MERGE's research indicates a form of vasculitis in ME/CFS, it also occurs in borreliosis/lyme.

    I know you are too weak to use weights but keep everything moving including your arms. I have blended my own "exercises" with a bit of yoga and the stretches etc the physios (PTs) gave me. Despite having very severe muscle involvement which means I have been losing strength and bulk in the muscles I use most, I still find the right movements/gentle exercises do help.

    love, Tansy
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