Why do people act as they do?

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    Hubby and I have a group of friends that began over 25 yrs ago having lunch together - we all worked and it was easier. Then we added morning coffee and forgot lunch. We have been very close friends.

    Several yrs. ago I copied 2 "Letters to Normals' and 2 pages of an explaination of just what FMS really is. I gave this to a man and woman who I thought were my best friends. Well, the lady has just treated me like 'dirt' ever since that time. I got such sarcastic remarks, and dirty looks.

    Finally afgter all these yrs., I decided to ask her just what i had done. She got very angry and said she didn't want to discuss it now. I said I did! We were in a shop. She got down and looked me straight in the eyes and said "Other people have stories that want to tell". I was at a loss except I guess that she says I talk to much.

    I asked than is it because we are old? She said that she didn't want to get into that now. I left the shop, trying to hold back tears.

    I got home and on the puter and the tears fell and fell. I don't uinderstand it all so I have ignored her. What else can I do? The man is just so-so./ They have become the new-rich and are above us.

    I was sick for about 5 days last week because ofr this. I didn't know where to turn. Our daughter, who lives 345 mi. away, is furious. She knows both quite well.

    oh well,. I guess that is people. We still talk. i am very caareful what I say. Try not to say too much.

    I need a little cheering up - I know folks are like that but you don't expect it from so-called friends.

    Gentle Hugs,

    You are all friends who understand FMS

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    I also live in Indiana.

    Sorry to hear someone you thought was a good friend is not acting like it.
    Sometimes I feel others think we (people who are sick) will take their lime light if we tell our story.
    Maybe she is also having some health issues that she has not been able to discuss and it's difficult for her to see someone who wants to educate those around them about their illness. Just an idea.
    I have trouble putting my words and thoughts down verses just talking.
    It could be alot of things. Maybe after some time you can talk to her or maybe write her a letter.
    If that doesn't work than she might be someone you need to distance yourself from.
    This has been a difficult thing for me with my siblings. I had to distance myself from them three years ago after a car accident. This is something on my mind and in my prayers alot.
    I also keep my "friends" to a minimum because sometimes it's just too much to keep up with everything. I hope I have helped in some way. Take care and you and your friend will be in my prayers.