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    to get a diagnosis? I am still waiting, although my Dr finally said, "Has anyone ever told you you might have fibromyalgia?"... UM, no, don't you think I would have mentioned that?

    I have been troubled with back pain for as long as I can remember. It will start with headaches, severe ones, daily for a week or two, move into my neck, then upper back, then shoulders and hips. Tired all the time too, but don't sleep well, usually awakened by something hurting.

    I have had tests out the A**. MRIs for brain and neck, CT scan for back, bloodwork, sleep study, thyroid tests. (Probably more that I can't remember) All coming back normal. I have been in a lot of pain steady since Oct. It just isn't receding at all.

    My Dr will send me home with, for example a months supply of Cymbalta, which made me even more sleepy. He doesn't schedule me to come back for 4 - 6 weeks at a time. The latest samples he sent me home with are for Lyrica, which so far doesn't seem to help. Again, not scheduled to come back for 6 weeks...or, he will schedule me for yet another test, bone density test this time, and make me wait several weeks to see him again.

    I am getting sooooo frustrated. I have tried calling different Drs, but they all want referrals.

    Is there some diplomatic way to get him to make a decision as to what is going on with me? It's been 6 months for the love of God. I refuse to see his PA anymore thanks to the condescending remarks he makes. He totally makes me feel like it's all in my head.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

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    Is this doc a rheumy or just a general practitioner? If he is general I would ask for a referal to a rhuemy. This happened to me although they did give the dx after the first month of testing becuase all came back normal.

    The problem was then to get them to put it in writing. It's getting that the docs are like turning into the disabilty ins scum that deni every thing that is subjective.

    I also believe that their afraid of being sued for malpractice for misdiagnosis. So they make you wait and wait hoping that the ADs they give you will take care of the problem so they don't have to put it in writing then they put down that it is depression related and call it somatic conversion.

    Most docs believe that these ADs that they hand out like candy are magic bullets that cure anything their to ignorant to figure out or care to learn about.

    I would assume that because they can not help you that they don't feel good about it and there for just put a label of depression to it to make them selfs feel better about it which of course does absolutly nothing for the patient.

    If you noticed they give ADs for everything including to help you stop smoking if you're trying to.

    Take Care

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