Why does just staying home make me feel better?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by romanshopper, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. romanshopper

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    I noticed something over the last 3 months - simply staying HOME makes me feel better.

    It is when I leave my house and go out in public that I get so terribly sick!

    Say, I have 4 things to do in town. Some days I might do 2 and then get so sick I have to go home and I might be in the bed for the rest of the day and night and feel bad the next day. I get terrible brain fog and aches and feel like I'm just going to pass OUT.

    However, when I stay home without leaving the house and/or yard for a few days, I start feeling well- really well! The feet neuropathy thing might still be there, but I can handle that as long as I can lay down when they act up.

    SO, my husband and I were talking about it tonight - why IS that? When I was pregnant I had a problem going out and getting sick in traffic - exhaust fumes really would make me terribly sick then. I've had extreme reactions with polyurathene and once some paint thinner make me terribly ill.

    The other thing is bug spray - we simply don't use any of it. My son had an extreme HSP type reaction when he was little after we sprayed for bugs, so all I use is boric acid.

    It just sorta makes me wonder - ya know? I'm very extroverted - I love to GO. I actually THINK staying home sometimes is much more stressful for me because I feel rather isolated. But I dunno.

    I'd love everyone's thoughts on this?
  2. TaniaF

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    thank goodness I like my home and I do stay busy with chores and my editorial work.

    Seems like when I go out, I feel worse. Could that be that the chemicals and sensory overload cause the problems OR is it just my anxiety about going out that makes me anxious.

    Sometimes I wonder--being away from home and feeling ill frightens me. Home is my safe zone. I do go out, but I like to stay close to home. So, what I'm getting at (for me) I think I have a touch of agoraphobia which has been caused by my FM/CFS.

    It's not fun, but I can live with it!

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  3. Marta608

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    I think it's because we have control when we're at home that we don't have when we're out.

    We can lie down if we need to, we can avoid the chemicals that bother us, we don't have to engage in long conversations or any converstation if we're not able, we don't have to stand for long periods of time and because we're more in control, we are less stressed. Less stress means less fatigue and less pain. We feel safer.

    I've gotten very good at staying home, unfortunately. The more I stay home, the more I want to stay home. The more I stay home, the less well I handle situations I can't control.

    Keep going out!

  4. lisabk

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    Anyone ever see the movie *Safe* with Julianne Moore? It came out about 10 years ago - very compelling, especially for those w/chemical sensitivities.

    I used to go see loud bands every night. I haven't been out to a show in two years - part of it is because I can't handle the smoke (I quit 2 years ago), but a lot of it is the noise and the yelling and the constant standing up. And some of it is just getting old and boring ;)
  5. hob

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    I am much of the same in that sense and wondered why that is. I have often considered getting a job that I can do from home because I do so much better being there. I much like yourself however have a love for being with others and being on the go as you put it. I wonder if there is a balance that we can find for this. At least it sure would be nice.