Why does my mom keeps her eyes closed a lot?

Discussion in 'Alzheimers' started by escondido123, Jan 5, 2004.

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    Hi all,

    My mom has dementia and Parkinson's and has been going down hill lately, talking less, more confusion etc. But the thing that really has me baffled is that she keeps her eyes closed often, even when she is sitting up talking to me, or while I feed her a meal. When I ask her why, I get no straight answer. She does have macular degenration and is nearsighted but wears glasses that do help. On top of it she seems to have lost her depth perception, which I have read is not unusual. But has anyone else experienced or heard of this closed eyes thing--and it is not that she is dozing off at all, she just chooses to keep them shut. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I could find nothing online or in books. Thanks.
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    Thanks Lynne,

    My mother has had Parkinsons for more than 15 years. The dementia/Alz/LBD started a couple of years ago. At this point, I guess it doesn't really matter which one it is, as long as she has the care and meds that help her--she takes high dose of Zyprexa to keep away terrifying delusions/hallucinations and we also had to reduce her Sinemet for the same reason. So if this eye thing is common with dementia of some sort then at least I don't have to worry about it being a brand new problem. Again, thanks.
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    My Mother does the same thing.. My Mother also hangs her head very low and it is now next to impossible for her to lift her head very high at all without causing her pain - she also has macular, and someone once told me that it is not unusual for a macular patient to lean to one side or hang their head, or keep their eyes shut..
    She also has a lot of physical problems along with her dementia.. I often will ask her, when visiting at the Nh if she is awake, she will answer me right away, unless of course she is actually sleeping..It is even hard for me to hear what she is saying at times, because she is really speaking down into her chest area, and does not talk loud to begin with..
    I also have asked Mom why she does this, but have never gotten an answer..
    Sorry I wasn't of more help....
    Take Care......Love, Donna
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    Sorry about mom and all the problems she is having. I agree with Lynne & Donna, the eye closing is not unusual at all, just another "symptom". I don't think it is something "new" for you to deal with. Wish I could help you more, just wanted to say welcome. Keep us posted. Love & Prayers, Collette
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    Thank you all for your kind welcome and good information. My mother rolled out of bed last night and hit her face. A few scrapes and a black eye but she says it doesn't really hurt. She was more confused than ever and said she kept her eyes closed because the light hurt her eyes--not because of the black eye, but just in general. Tried to feed her lunch--nice fried fish and boiled potatoes--while she was feeding herself a "pork chop" that she imagined was on her lap. I really think she didn't know who I was part of the time, but that's just the way it goes. Thank God for Effexor--for me that is. Take care all.
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    My mother also closes her eyes alot. At first I thought that she was so depressed with her situation that she prefered not to see it. However, later I have figured that she just closes them because she gets fixated on them being shut. Just as she gets stuck on watching anything, I believe that she stuck with them shut unless I ask her to open them. All of my mother's movements are very robotic;ie:she will raise her hand to itch her nose and it will remain there until I put it down.
    Maybe this will help you but honestly, every alzheimer's patient is so different that it's difficult to get a grip on the all the behaviors.
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    Thanks for your post. It's all over for my mother now.
    She died on February 13th with all her kids right there. Have since had a memorial service and two days ago full military honors for her--she was in the Navy WW II--along with presentation of flag to my father who sobbed. Her ashes will be interred there--Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery--on a point of land with water on 3 sides. She finally got the ocean "view" she always wanted. I'm doing fine. Take care all, Pat
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    Was only going to add....
    8 years into the journey and husband now bedfast 8 months (already)
    Eyes open,
    Eyes closed,
    Head down, head up.......it doesn't matter how, when or why our loved ones do A N Y T H I N G..
    including hallucinations, anxiety, etc.
    All that matters is their comfort, safety and feeling cared for 1,000%....more than even they could imagine (more less us).
    Bless us one and all and our loved ones...it's a very different "medical AND psychological" journey...
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    My wife had major back surgery on June 12, with a number of complications including blood infection(s).
    She has been in and out of what appear to be delusional states. She is still receiving antibiotics through an IV, even in the sub-acute care facility that she was just moved to. The main symptom that she has, when she is in this state, she keeps her eyes closed almost all the time, even when eating. She was out this state for about 4 days before they moved her out of the hospital, but is going in and out of it again. She is immobile in a bed. This is hampering her re habilitation. Several doctors and nurses keep saying it is the meds. She is taking several pain meds, as well as a number of others.

    Thanks for listening
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    Just another view.
    I close my eyes a lot too.

    I do not have dementia [ I don,t think so any way].

    I keep my eyes closed when: there is too much light, if it is too noisy, or if I have a headache.

    Also, my husband who does have dementia repeats and repeats his stories over and over again.

    Somehow I find it easier to listen with my eyes closed.

    It seems to be too difficult to listen and look at the same time. Denamay
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