Why does this happen?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mxmom419, Jan 17, 2007.

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    After a month of really working on eating the right foods and taking all these new supplements I finally started feeling better. I had a lymph system massage on Friday and on Saturday felt good. On Sunday even better and was amazed at the way I felt. I chalked it up to a month's worth of hard work and was so happy on Monday when I felt almost human!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't keep myself from saying, "I really feel good today!" "Wow, I really feel good today."

    So, I decided I would go with my co-worker for a walk, at lunch. Not far around a long block. It took us about 20-25 mins. We were just talking and walking, not pushing it at all. I felt a little overheated when we got back but, still so impressed with feeling so good.

    Then..............I woke up Tuesday morning. BARELY!!!

    I couldn't believe how terrible I felt! All day I tried really hard to stay motivated since I felt so good the day before. I tried to ride the wave a little longer, I guess trying to convince myself I still felt ok. By the time I got home from work I couldn't even keep my eyes open. My head was pounding and my whole body felt like rubber.

    Today I'm back to that dragging my feet thru mud feeling and mulling along and am left thinking.....

    Why does this happen?

    I didn't walk very far. I didn't push myself to hard. I'm so angry at myself for being tricked into thinking I might be human again. One walk busted a whole month's worth of work.

    Can anyone give me tips on how to pace myself or look for patterns that don't seem to exist. Or..... How to stop working so hard to take a gizillion giant steps backwards?

    Thanks for listening to me complain.
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    Sounds like you replenished enough reserves to feel good, but not enough to do alot, yet. I used to do that all the time, but now I'm very watchful. I don't go by how I feel, exactly, I take a look at what I've done and decide if it's more than usual and then oftentimes I think "maybe I should quit while I'm ahead."

    Another "test" I use sometimes is to just lie down. When you lie down, then you can tell how "tired" you really are. You won't feel it while you're doing something; you have to stop everything, lie down, and "see" how you feel. If you feel too much like "ahhh, it sure feels good to lie down", then stay your butt down! Sitting doesn't count, you are still "active"; you have to lie flat on your back.

    I've always got into trouble if I just kept going because I felt okay. You can't tell if you're overdoing WHILE you're doing. It's just funny that way. Recovery won't be that fast. If you're amazed at what you're doing, it's probably too much. Lie down and see if your body says "wait, I like this a little too much, please don't get back up again!" But don't ask it while you're walking if it's okay, there's too much going on for you to "feel" the answer.

    It takes a loonngg time to build reserves in the body. The first sign you are doing it is that you're feeling good. That's terrific! That's what we all hope for when we first get sick: to feel better. But if you keep using up your reserves as soon as they're replenished, you'll just perpetuate the cycle. You'll feel bad, time goes by, you'll feel good, you'll do too much, you'll crash and burn, and then you'll feel bad again. You have to build LOTS of reserves and it's slow going.

    So ask yourself throughout the day "have I done more than I know I can get away with?" And if you're still not sure, go lie down for a minute. Avoid crashing at all costs!!

    It's great to hear of someone finally feeling better, keep it up!

  3. mxmom419

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    You both are sooooo right! This book is great! It really gave me some insight.

    I go tomarrow for the IV therapy and will let ya'll know how it goes.

    Thank you both soooo much for your support. I really appreciate it. No one understands like ya'll!!!!

    Here's to my bubble bath and IV therapy tomarrow!!


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