Why does weather like a hurricane make us hurt worse

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hensue, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. hensue

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    If we dont have arthritis? no inflammation, i can tell you it is a bunch of crap. What is the deal? We all the pressure goes way down. When there are such bad storms. So why does our bodies hurt and we are so fatigued so much worse during hurricaines. I wasnt this bad with fay and i wasnt in the path of gustav. Got the affects though.
    not being funny here any intelligent answers would be desired.
    I will take all ideas i really dont understand?
  2. Belinha

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    First of all hensue, I feel that if you are a human being and, own a TV or a radio a newspaper or any other means of information, being in the situation you are, be it sick, tired, tired and sick, achey and fatigued and not in very great physical shape to begin with, you are as I am feeling the pain of not being able to jump on the next plane and go and save some of those people.
    Invent something that will stop mother nature from messing us all up, as if we didn't destroy so much of her beauty.
    To me who right know am getting very tired of this CFS crap I was diagnosed with and also of typing. Your pain is brought on from fear and as much as it is informative to me sometimes the media is like a terrorist they just instill so much fear in you pounding over the same s..t over and over again. Go through some of your channels if you can and find something silly that'll make you hurt from wanting to laugh. Read a book. Meditate or watch an oldie as if it was the 1st time. Casablanca, The Sun Also Rises, I love Lucy. As far as hurricanes: I always think of Mother Nature as a very well dressed and sophisticated woman who just realized her man (maybe Father Time) hasn't paid really close attention to how beautiful she looked and she just did what a woman does and threw a fit! LOL
    Be well, trying to understand sometimes can kill us!
    Your new friend,
  3. hensue

    hensue New Member

    You dont even have to know this is going on. Your body tells you. Dont must of you have this expierence. For instance we have thundershowers which is a norm in south ga. All of the sudden i get a headache legs aching out of nowhere. Then about 15 minutes it starts raining. Guess what the sun is shining now and i dont have a headache. Im telling you it is crazy if this isnt some kind of arthritis what is?
    I supposedly thank god do not have arthritis. been tested
    It is always like that. really huge though when you have a hurricane there is nothing emotional about it. I do not watch the news unless it is something i need to my husband will tell me about afghanistan. The weather your body tells you

    Doesnt everyone feel like this. I do get what you are saying though but in what i am talking about it is not the case.
  4. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Better not say that to tornado or hurricane victims there liable to slap you. i did think it was quite funny! HeHe
    We do have to throw our fits sometime dont we.
  5. Belinha

    Belinha New Member


    There's no way I would ever make fun of any victims, tornado, hurricane, blizzard, heat wave or ilness of any kind or any other issue that would cause someone to be victimized by a stronger force. I do understand what you feel about the rain and our bodies. God gave some of us stronger instincts than others in very different things and that's what makes this life so mysteriously painful and wonderful at the alternate times.

    But see I am glad I brought a smile into your face today!
  6. gongee

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    I don't ever have to watch the weather. My body is my weather reporter.

    We had not had rain here since June, but last week I started in a big flare and ask my husband if he thought it was going to rain. No joke, within 30 minutes, I heard the raining coming down. It rained for days and since it has finally stopped, I am now coming out of the pain.

  7. znewby

    znewby Member

    Seems to me I read that inflammation in a certain part of the brains of cfsers as a result of air pressure changes causes the extra pain.
  8. hensue

    hensue New Member

    I know our brains are different as far as what lights up and what doesnt. I did not realize we have actual inflammation in our brains.
  9. minkanyrose

    minkanyrose New Member

    that it has to do with berametric pressures in weather changes i am a weather man i know a few days before it is going to rain or storm and don't watch much news. i feel it in every part of my body also.

    yes it is another part of thei DD. i read alot of dr. mark p(?)... he has fibro and is a doctor and says our bodies react over sensitively to weather changes why don't know.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Our bodies have a lot of fluid in them, especially around the joints. When the pressure in the ambient atmosphere drops significantly, the fluid in our bodies expands slightly, but enough that we feel the pressure which, in turn, causes pain. Those of us with these illnesses have more of a pain response to begin with, so we do notice it when the pressure drops. I was in horrible pain when Hurricane Fay stalled over FL and it wasn't a strong storm with the really low pressure that larger storms bring. In fact, I'm sure Fay ever got to hurricane status; it may have just been a tropical storm.

    Barometric pressure chambers are used in medicine to address a lot of conditions. People often feel better just after having been in one. High pressure delivers more oxygen to the body. That may be another reason we feel lousy in low pressure conditions.

    Hope this helps. I'm no scientist nor am I a medical professional but I've read a bit about this.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Chermione

    Chermione New Member

    It's the pressure changes. I am convinced of it. I get headaches and my body aches. My body hurts when someone physically touches me, even softly it is uncomfortable. The barometric pressure affects your whole body, in and out. I heard that pregnant women can miscarry during a hurricane. That's proof right there that it affects us all. Some people like us are just more sensitive.
  12. lyzzy

    lyzzy New Member

    I believe the weather changes makes us worse. I'm in Iowa and have been worse since the hurricanes started hitting, and then night before last we had a huge cold front come in and the temp dropped from 86 to the 60's in a matter of hours, and lower humidity. I prefer the hotter weather actually, cause now my legs are burning and headaches.