Why doesn't water quench my thirst?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Erinys, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. Erinys

    Erinys New Member

    I'm the queen of "drink lots of water." But no matter how much I drink, I am always thirsty & have dry mouth. I only take 50mg of Nortriptyline(Pamelor) a day, which is one of the tricyclics with the lowest incidence of dry mucous membranes. I've gone thru 2 gallons of water in the past 24 hours. (Don't get between me & the restroom)

    At the same time, I've retained water badly since I was at least 5. Never worn knee socks because of the giant indentations from the elastic. Same thing happens with little crew socks or anklets if they have elastic. And its itchy. I have bright pink feet and mild Raynaud's, but I'm not diabetic, no gout, etc.

    Help, I'm still thirsty & out of water!
  2. nelliza

    nelliza New Member

    Literally. Add salt to water. Amount is highly individual - you should experiment finding your own. I am usually getting 3 tsp a day with drinks alone. I am getting sea salt usually.

    Water alone does not provide the needed volume of liquid in body because it does not "hold" there without salt.

    I am sure others could explain this in more scientific terms.

    BTW - you can add salt not necessarily to the water but to other drinks. I usually add it to tomato juice and herbal tea.

    Asian shepherds have a traditional drink that consists of black tea, milk, salt and butter - and the primary idea of this drink is to keep the liquid in body in warm climate. It does sound weird and it does taste... huh... unusual, but it serves its puprose.

    Myself I modified this recipe and add salt and coffee cream to black tea. Still alive;)
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  3. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    is a good idea as many people with CFIDS have low adrenal function and need more salt. Sometimes I am extremely thirsty because of too much salt, and then it helps me to drink orange juice or other fruit juice high in potassium to balance out the salt. It also helps with the thirst. Also, be sure you have not developed diabetes. Thirst is one of the symptoms. Dry mouth can be Sjongren's.
  4. dobrydy

    dobrydy New Member

    Exessive thirst may be a sign of diabetes. In fact in most people who do not have this condition this is probably the most telling symptom. Your PCP can do a blood sugar level for you to rule out diabetes.
  5. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    This is apparently quite common with low blood volume related to CFIDS. Dr. David Bell says this in one of his reports:

    "If a healthy person were dehydrated they would have a low plasma volume. But most patients with CFS drink lots of fluid; the problem is that they cannot retain it, it is passed in the urine right away. Same thing when you give someone a bag of saline, they pee it out, sometimes before they even leave the office. Interestingly, some patients may recall the acute onset of CFS and state that they remember being very thirsty or urinating a lot.

    "If you look at the mechanisms that control blood volume, they all seem to be turned off. ADH (vasopressin) is shut down. Renin may be shut down. For some reason the body does not want to accept a normal volume. You replace volume and symptoms improve but the body does not want that. It goes back to the symptoms by reducing the volume. I have not found anyone with CFS who can keep their volume up with just about any of the methods to increase volume. So this creates a paradox that I think is central to CFS, low circulating blood volume but absent corrective mechanisms."

    I finally had tests done to check vasopressin levels and they were nonexistent. I have to be very careful about diluting electrolytes too much...that in itself can cause severe fatigue and muscle pain. I either drink water with salt added or skim milk for liquid.


  6. LBV

    LBV New Member

    Do you take the anti diuetic hormone DDVAP? Do you also see Dr. Bell?

    I don't understand about diluting electrolytes too much, do you mean by drinking too much water?[This Message was Edited on 03/02/2004]
  7. Beca

    Beca New Member

    Wow. I had no idea this was a side effect of FMS and CFS. The way I keep it from bothering me is I keep candy with me at all times.Not chocolate. Chocolate only makes it worse. I'm talking hard candy, red hots, pepper mints, chewing gum. Some type of saliva stimulater. Or if the sugar bothers you, try sugar free candy. Candy is my pacifier.
  8. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    I just feel green when told to drink water. I just moved form Canada to Ohio and I HATE the freaking water here! IT IS GROOOOSSSS.

    It is full of nothing but chemicals and BLEECHHHHH. We just bought some bottled water and the last 2 days I have been drinking nothing else. However it doesn nothing for me! It is tasteless and well we have nothing else in the fridge to drink. SO I have to drink it.

    Still I don't want to but we have sea salt here so I shall try adding some to it incase it helps.

    Shame on you Ed was told to get off pop asap! Shame shame lol and pepsi no less eh? ROFLMAO jk Ed lol

    Anyhow going goofy with lack of sleep HAGN all!
  9. Rick

    Rick New Member

    I suffer from dry mouth and have done a lot of research as well as talking to doctors and dentists.

    If you have a dry mouth, drinking water will not necessarily help it. Taking Gatorade or other sport drink will help replenish body liquids because it does have an amount of salt in it. Try a little salt in your water or a sports drink daily. It should help your thirst.

    If that does not do it, there is a new prescription on the market called Salagen which is made by the people who make liquid tears. It is supposed to help dry mouth but could make your problem worse because a possible side effect is not getting enough to drink.

    Another option is chew sugrless gum.

    Good Luck, Rick
  10. tansy

    tansy New Member

    but it's not quite so bad now.

    I used sea salt and increased it during our heatwave (UK) in the summer months but it made no difference. I put it down to my heat intolerance and how ill the high temps were making me.

    The weather cooled down but the problem remained.

    I have been addressing hypercoagualtion, had a disasterous time when I reached the point where it had clearly started to work, and am still trying to adress that now. One good thing that has come out of all this is I feel more hydrated now.

    I still use sea salt for the trace minerals it provides and just in case it still is making a difference.

    I drink water most of the time, Evian when I can afford it and flitered the rest of the time. Water from the tap just seems to leave me feeling thirsty.

  11. rockyjs

    rockyjs Member

    I have tried using DDAVP, both the spray and the tablets, and neither seem to work for me. Dr. Bell says the same thing about his patients. I've never seen him but have read many of his articles and it helped me make sense out of all the strange symptoms.

  12. WoodstocksMusic

    WoodstocksMusic New Member

    I stay thirsty all the time too.... never associated it with this DD... and yes....stay out from between me and the bathroom....

    I love gatorade so I will try that and see if it helps...

    I was out of orange juice this morning and ate 2 oranges trying to get enough juice in me!!

    the orange juice does seem to quinch my thirst better then anything else.
  13. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    I am always thirsty too. I drink so much my stomach hurts and I can feel it sloshing around in my stomach, but still thirsty. I think I may be on the verge of being diabetic. I have had high blood sugar on my regular blood tests I get every six months or so because I have thyroid problems. But the DR doesn't seem to think I have diabeties. He did some kind of test that supposedly tells if your sugar has gone up over a period of time.
  14. Peace7

    Peace7 New Member

    Add a little (about an ounce) of apple juice to your water.

    It helps the water get absorbed into your body (adds a little flavor too).

    If you don't have apple juice, you can try most any kind of juice - noni, grape, cranberry, etc.

  15. Sandyz

    Sandyz New Member

    I am always thirsty two and then I have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I`ve been recently checked for diabetes and that was not my problem.

    I`m going to try adding salt or a little juice to the water and see if that works for me. It certainly can`t hurt.

  16. jjohnsonstl

    jjohnsonstl New Member

    This is what I do. (sorry this is long)

    Waterless Hydration(TM)

    Healthy Tips to successfully follow the Water-Less Diet

    1. Never drink water in any form (unless you are literally dying of thirst) that includes coffee, tea, water, diluted beverages, etc. You must consume six to eight 8 oz glasses of 100% fruit or vegatable juice per day. (this means "not from concentrate", contains no sugar or water).

    2. Drink differenty types of juices every day. Each type of juice has differenty hydrating effects on different parts of the body. Cherry juice hydrates the heart and small intestines. Orange juice hydrates the stomach, spleen, pancreas, liver and gallbladder. Prune/Plum juice hydrates the large intestines.

    3. Vegetable juices are fine to drink, but are not as hydrating as fruit juices.

    4. Electrolytes are the key to hydration. You could drink 10 gallons of the purest water, but if your electrolytes are depleted, only a small amount of water would actually be retained by the body.

    5. Avoid adding salt to food or eating high sodium bood. Salt dehydrates the intracellular fluid levels by pulling water osmotically into the plasma. (I use just a little sea salt on some food).

    6. Avoid prolonged showers, baths, or extended pool immersion or fresh water lake exposure, no longer than 45 minutes. More water enters the body via a shower or other total external body water experience than actually drinking a cup of water internally. In addition, extended water exposure can also expose the body to toxins that are water soluble. Sea water is fine to bath in and salt water pools are ok for extended periods of time since the levels of electrolytes are similar to the levels found in the blood. Because of this, no significant osmotic diffusion of water occurs.

    7. (This part only has to do with my doc's special diet) If juices are taken with food then they count as a carbohydrate portion. If taken away from food by 30 minutes, then one does not have to count them as part of their total carb intake for the day. When following the Waterless diet, the body rapidly pulls the juice sugar inside the cell where it is used to produce ATP or cellular energy.

    8. Detoxification can occur for up to 3 months after starting the Waterless diet because hydration of chronically dehydrated tissues will always release toxins into the blood stream.

    9. A period of metabolic transition occurs during the first three months on the diet during which time some people may experience weight gain. (I didn't though) This occurs because the metabolism has not reached sufficient levels of energy consumption to properly handle the increase in caloric intake, but it is exactly this increase in caloric intake that allows the metabolism to regenerate itself to higher levels of metabolic efficiency. It's the long run that counts, so try to remember the "no pain, no gain" theory during this time. At some point, the metabolism will eventually reach "critical mass levels of function" and the additional fat will burn off rapidly and stay off permanently.

    10. Don't worry about the sugar in the juice as long as it is from whole food sources. The body needs the sugar to fuel the Kreb cycle (produces ATP or cell fuel for the body) which is the source for most body energy production (ATP) and the main engine behind almost all metabolic processes. It is the drinking water that perverts the body's ability to properly handle glucose. Glucose is good if the system utilizes it in the right fashion, i.e., takes it into the cell as fuel. It is safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics. (by the way, a few months on no white flour or white sugar and I wasn't hypoglycemic anymore). Candida is eradicated at the most root of all levels with hydration and oxygenation, so don't worry about feeding the candida because superhydrating the tissues overides the feeding issue. (takes about 6 months if included with diet).

    I know this sounds nuts but I've been doing it for 4 months now. Zero water. It's hard to find "not from concentrate" juice that isn't real expensive and I don't switch types of juice. Many that I tried produces some pretty major gas. :(
    Pineapple is pretty universal. I drink it every day, about 64 oz. I found a Dole brand in my grocery story in cans. All the rest was at health food stores, pretty expensive. Unless you live in CA with a Trader Joes.

    Anyway, sorry this was so long. Just thought I'd share.

    Best Wishes,
  17. Erinys

    Erinys New Member

    Do you feel "detoxified"? Are you less thirsty, do you feel better, do you think its working?

    I may be stupid, but I don't understand the whole not from concentrate thing. I know you don't want concentrate +corn syrup and all that garbage, but if its just concentrate & then you mix with water, how is that chemically different from whole juice? Wouldn't the concentrate carry the same electrolytes?

    Some juices do seem to quench my thirst, but I've been worried about the sugar/candida/weight thing. I could go through A LOT of juice in a day, much less 3 months. I've got to believe somewhere in my body some of my cells are like Death Valley, and thats why I'm always thirsty & the cells that have water hold on to it. And it does fit my theory that we should eat as close to our hunter-gatherer ancestors as possible. I've been tested recently, not diabetic, hypoglycemic at hour 4 but resolves itself by hour 5.

    There's a Trader Joes in Newark or Wilmington DE, so I think there are some more spread out.
  18. matn

    matn New Member

    Before I knew about all the hidden sources of MSG (see internet for the 50 + names it can be called), I experienced thirst that couldn't be relieved no matter how much water I drank. Remove the MSG and drink mineral water and try to stay away from formulated products as they can contain "natural flavoring" which is most likely MSG. Also, watch our for turkey, beef and all processed meats as they can be basted with MSG and there is no way to know (even the store employees have no clue). I no longer experience this thirst unless I eat out (which is rare these days). Hope this helps!
  19. jjohnsonstl

    jjohnsonstl New Member

    I am less thirsty unless I don't drink enough juice a day then I feel a little thirsty before bed. I did experience detox for a month or so. I definately think its working. Although I have to admit on a pretty serious protocol from my homeopath that includes diet and supplements out the yang so my feeling better I have to attribute to all of it.

    The water thing is no water in any form, even juice with water. Water flushes out our electrolytes. I don't worry about the sugar, candida, weight thing because of the section in my post about it. I trust my doc completely and am happy to juice rather than take a million caprylic acid a day for my Candida.

    The coolest thing he told me is that when we drink water and flush out our electrolytes, our body spends 70% of its energy trying to replenish them. That's 70% of my energy I need to work elsewhere.

    Wish you lots of luck! :)
  20. Erinys

    Erinys New Member

    I just pulled up the "MSG Can Cause Serious Problems 11/07/03 11:08 AM" post where it lists things that containe MSG.

    I'm so embarassed by my addiction but CIGARETTES CAN HAVE MSG?!?!?!? I mean carbon monoxide, cyanide, sure fine whatever, but MSG?

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