Why don't I get colds/flu or fevers anymore????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suz9601, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. suz9601

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    I have had CFS for over 8 years now. All along I had the usual CFS infections such as HHV6, EBV, bowel infections..etc. Plus I always got a cold a year and the flu once or twice a year..Well last year something changed and I feel even worse all the time and in the past 1 1/2 years I have not had a cold/flu or anything that "normal" people get. Just these odd type infections. I haven't had a fever in years. Why is this? Why don't I get colds anymore? Has there been some shift w/my immunity? Could that be why I feel so awful all the time.??

    I felt better when my immune system was able to get colds/flu. NOw I feel like I am dying. I was doing a form of energy work last year (Network Spinal Analysis) and from my first visit I started feeling worse and worse...now I can't get back on my feet..I often wonder if it shifted something in my immune system..Any ideas? Thanks
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  2. PatAnnC

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    I've often wondered the same thing. I haven't had a cold or fever in so long I can't remember. Probably over 20 yrs. On the surface this may seem wonderful, but I've always thought it was very unusual. I've also thought it has something to do with the immune system. Is it in some kind of overdrive? And if it's in overdrive for warding off flus and colds, what else might it be doing in overdrive?
  3. desertfog

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    Maybe it is as simple as the fact you have had most of the colds/flu going around and built up antibodies. I don't know, just a thought.

    I know what you mean about the odd type infections. That is how I spent the end of 2003 and all of 2004. Not a cold or flu but all kinds of other weird infections. I did not know what they were but I suspect they may have been bacterial. I found it very odd, too! I could not explain what the heck they were. And like you, prior to that I would get everything going around. I suspected it was because I was so sick from my mystery infection I was not out in public as much and just was not exposed to any cold/flus.

    I guess this is not very helpful! I'm not familiar with Network Spinal Analysis so I can't comment on that.

  4. teller7

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    Same here. I used to get everything that came along. Although I have chronic sinus problems, I have NOT had the flu, or cold in over 2 years. But, I feel sick constantly. I feel like our immune system is stuck in overdrive. My hubby always tells me that my temperature gauge is broken. My temp never goes above 97.7. Once it was 98,0. But ususally it's 96 something. I can wake up some days and in an hour be on the couch wrapped in blankets with a heat pad on my feet and it's 80 degrees in here. Then when I start to feel a little better it partly goes away. It's like we always have the virus and it won't leave our bodies.
  5. suz9601

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    I would think if we always have a virus (which it seems most of us do, such as HHV6, CMV etc) that we would get sick more often becasue our bodies were wore out from fighting something else. Maybe it has to do with the TH1/TH2 thing? I wonder what we can do to help balance our bodies out? I don't know why for 8 years w/CFS I got sick like a normal person and now all of a sudden it stops.

    I am at doctors offices so often I know I should have gotten something by now..Plus my hubby has been sick and I was in the car w/ him for 4 hours straight one day w/him coughing/sneezing all around me and I didn't get it..strange. I am so cold too, I feel like if I could get a fever I might be able to fight some of this off...
  6. Summerbreeze

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    No colds or flu for the last 10 years, at least. I have also found this rather odd as I worked (up until the last 3 years) with the public. My hubbie catches the usual 2 to 3 colds a year and I still don't get them.

    I am thankful for the reprieve but I do know something is not working right in my body. Occasionally I will get sick with additional fatigue and achiness (way over and above the usual). It puts me in a horizontal position for several days before I begin to feel better. I am wondering if I really have caught "the bug" and my body just doesn't react properly to the infection?

    This is something I have mentioned to doctors and most look at me strangely. There is definitely something going on with us. I know it's not all of us, kind of a sub-group with this problem. I sometimes wonder how it affects our ability to fend off things like cancers.


    PS: I am always cold too, (even here in Florida). I plan to ask my holistic doc later this week if she can recommend anything to help. I am going through menopause with all the usual quirks and my body temperature regulation is in chaos. I'm a mess!!!
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  7. cindy41

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    I have always felt the same thing. Since I know all my antibodies to the viruses I carry are off the chart, I think is from having a hyper immune system, which I think is why we are always so tired. I also noticed that if I am around someone who is sick I get more tired than normal without actually getting the cold or flu they have.
  8. darude

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    me too I have elevated ANA. means body attacking itself so makes sense it would attack bugs first!
  9. jole

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    I'm not up on all the tests, etc., but I do know my husband also has the upper respiratory, or flu right now, as did the other three in my small office, and I didn't get it. I have felt miserable, however, and keep waitint on the bomb to go off, but it just doesn't. Wish we knew if this is a small blessing or just another DD curse!

    Also, as to the being cold all the time, why don't the doctors understand this?? I too am freezing, even in the summer, and the docs just ignore this. It is soo miserable. But now I have severe night sweats, which I never before had, and it scares me because I know it is a sign of some types of cancer, etc. Anyone going through this? No it is NOT menopausal, been there, done that, and haven't had hot flashes in several years until the past few months.

    Wishing you the best -

    Friends - Jole

  10. joy4Him

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    I rarely get sick. I work at a school and the flu is going around like mad and kids are out for days. Well one day last week I came home felt dizzy ran a fever for about 4 hours and then was fine. My immune must be in overdrive. Both my kids were sick with the flu for over a week.

    So for me I am exposed to everything working with kids.
  11. ll1816

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    That's really interesting, and come to think of it, I haven't had a cold or fever in a long time either. Sometimes I feel like I have a temperature, but when I take it, I'm well below normal, usually 97-98 degrees.

  12. hoosiermama

    hoosiermama New Member

    But when I am really sick my pain is way less. I also don't feel as "hyper" or anxious as usual. I get sick alot because I am around people at a nursing home and they are ALWAYS getting sick and giving it to me.

    I have to say though the pain is WAY less when I am sick, and thats a bit of a relief.
  13. judyfocus53

    judyfocus53 New Member

    I got the flu from my Hubby, and I thout I hurt before. I did not know some one could hurt this much.
    I did not get out of bed for two day.But to go to the bath room.
    Hubby got me drinks so I did not have to go down stairs.HE ask me if I wounted to eat something I said no.
    He got me Daytime and Nighttime.
    Cold/Flu DayQuil.&NightQuil
    I guess it is startting to work or I would not be here right now,I would be still be in bed.
    I am so glad you guys are not getting the Flu.Or is it just a lucky thing for some of us.Is there any one out there with the flu.
    The only good thing I see in all this is that I lost 8 llb.
    Good luck to all of you.Love Judy
  14. rdthewave

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    I wish I had the smarts to explain why this happens..............there is a physiogical reason behind this..........it has to do with the th1/th2 systems.

    My immunologist explained to me one time why I no longer get colds or the flu. It is too complicated for me to explain it though. He told me when I started to get colds again that this would be a good sign.

    The very few times I got a cold since having CFS...........I did notice that I was feeling better over-all. It was like my immune system was finally working better.........I know that sounds weird.......get a cold and feeling better at the same time.

  15. ouchiered

    ouchiered New Member

    I've only had one cold in four years since this FM reared it's ugly head in 2000. It had gone into remission since 97 for heaven only knows why. Now that I have said this I'll probably come down with a cold/flu bug!! Everyone around me can be sick & I just don't come down with it. Very weird!

    Maybe it's my attitude of oh, well whatever happens.

  16. matthewson

    matthewson New Member

    I have noticed this also. I haven't had a cold or 'flu since I developed FMS. I work in a lab and I actually did some lab work on myself and at the time, my husband had a bad cold.

    I had what we call viral lymphs in my CBC differential but I was not sick at all! We see viral lymphs in patients who have a virus infection. So, I think I had been exposed to the same virus as my husband, but my immune system took care of it before I even developed any symptoms.

    I find this all quite fascinating! I have a personal theory that FMS is an evolutionary thing like sickle-cell disease is an evolutionary respose to malaria. Sickleing cells help to ward off malarial infection as malarial parasites can not survive in sickled cells.

    Just my personal take on this DD. Take care, Sally
  17. davebhoy

    davebhoy New Member

    i'm the same. there's a school of thought that says this happens because our immune system is constantly agitated and activated as it sees our bodies as being under attack - either by a "hit and run" virus that has come and gone but left some sort of trace behind that the immune system recognises as a threat, or because our HPA axis has been compromised and the immune system is acticated to deal with an ever-present external threat to out well-being. Like the fight or flight response is permanently activated.

    i know that, often, as soon as my cfs symptoms start to recede i pick up a cold or flu.
  18. Karen27

    Karen27 New Member

    Me too. I haven't gotten a standard cold in oh so long, nor a flu since forever. Is anyone else in this 'subcategory' also allergic to vitamin C? I am, and was told once that my body does not throw it off, like it is supposed to. So if I overdose on Vit C, I get a toxic reaction. Might be, I thought, why I don't get colds. Just a thought.
  19. kalley167

    kalley167 New Member

    I too have noticed that I haven't gotten the sinus infections and flu like I usually did. My ANA is positive 1:64. I wondered if the plaquenil had anthing to do with that. Also since all this began my nails which were always weak and peeled have grown stronger and I now have pretty nails. Of course my moons are almost gone on most of them. But I also come down with extreme fatigue and I ache and just feel sick. This can come on suddenly and vaires in duration. Also the IBS has been less frequent. This is all so odd now that I really think about it. My hubby and son have had a cold for the past two weeks and I usually got it really fast if they did and so far I haven't . Knock on wood. I have the usual sinus draining but nothing like a cold.
    Wish a doctor would comment on this.
  20. suz9601

    suz9601 Member

    I feel so much worse since I have not been able to get a cold/flu. Must be that my immune system is always fighting something. I still don't understand why I never have a fever if I am fighting something all the time. Thanks for all the replies..seems to be a lot of us like this.