Why don't they get it?? (VENT)

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  1. ForeverFlaring

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    I need to vent.

    I went to my new doc for a second visit today. It was a followup visit for results of labwork and to see how my meds are doing.

    I am curently taking Xanax and Flexeril at night, Suldindac every 6 hours for pain, Zomig for migraines, and Wellbutrin for depression. The Wellbutrin and Xanax are new to me. On my first visit, this doc admitted he doesn't know alot about fibro. He told me I was the most "fibro savvy" patient he had ever seen. I think I am his first.

    So on the first visit I asked if we could try out provigil, klonipin, anti-virals and a few other meds I had seen recommended on this site. He told me that he isn't into using medications as experiments. He also didn't buy into the virus factor but I talked him into checking my EBV and CMV titers.

    To make a long story short, he asked me how the pain was. I told him I had slept two hours last night because I was hurting so badly. He then asked how the Xanax and Flexeril were helping with my RLS. I said it was better. I asked him if I could possibly have something stronger than an anti inflammatory for pain. I stressed I would only use it on really really bad days. He then stated he didn't prescribe narcotics for people with chronic pain as it leads to addiction. The combination of meds I was taking should suffice for pain control and if it didn't I could take a couple of TYLENOL on top of my other meds. He also said that people with fibro do extremely well with a daily workout and I should build myself up to the level of daily exercise and I would see a dramatic decrease in pain.

    So in short, he did his research on fibro after the last time I saw him. I think he read the standard protocol treatments, and decided it was enough. I left the office in tears just like I have left the last 10 doctors. I wanted to grab him by the throat and tell him to live in my body for one hour so I could tell him to deal with it. He totally ignored my cognitive problems....I told him I almost started yet another fire in my kitchen because I left the stove on. He just nodded.

    Why dont they get it?? When will this crap ever end? They don't give a rats furry arse about us and it makes me so mad and so hurt that I just want to quit!

    Sorry for the vent but I am at my wits end again.

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  2. nktigger99

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    I am so sorry that you feel the way you do!!!

    *****BIG HUG*****

    I understand your frustration. Back in Oklahoma I had a dr tell me straight out he thought I was lieing just to get attention. Like I would go through everything I have because I wanted attention...I think not.

    Just remember to not give up because you are the only one fighting for you!!!


    Feel free to E-mail me at nktigger99@yahoo.com to vent anytime.
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  3. AnnG

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    because he doesn't HAVE it! Why should he care? I am sorry you were treated that way. Isn't it lonely to be out there all alone fighting for yourself? We should go to the doctor in groups and demand to be heard. Wouldn't that piss them off?! I asked my rheumy last visit about exercise and he said, "Its going to be very hard for you but it is something we all need to do." We don't do "extremely well with a daily workout". My doctor also said that people with alchoholism in their family are the ones more apt to become addicted to pain meds. I do have alchoholism in my family (I don't drink) but he gave me a RX for Ultram. I haven't tried it yet.

    Anyway, we're with you! You're not alone here!
  4. tannat

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    My PT just started me on Ultram a couple of weeks ago....after I practically had to beg him for something. Anyways, It works pretty good on the pain but I have to be really careful about video/computer games, tv, car rides, since it seems to make me VERY prone to motion sickness. I took one yesterday after work, played about 10 minutes of video games with my son and had to quit because I was so nausious.

  5. AnnG

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    Thanks for the warning! I have problems with motion sickness anyway (once read on a porch swing and almost threw up!). Does it make you sleepy?
  6. tannat

    tannat New Member

    (like Vicodin did). I get a little spacy, but nothing real bad.

    I have been prone to being car(motion)-sick all my life, but have never gotten sick from the TV or computer/video games before. And since it has happened every time I combine the two, I am pretty sure that(the Ultram)is what is causing it.

  7. tulip922s

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    to hear your story. I have read the same information from so many other people on this site. Many of them are recommending going to a "pain specialist". I happen to be one of the lucky ones,,,both my primary doc and rheumy believe in treating pain with pain meds,,,,duh,,,makes sense to me. I am way past worrying about addiction,,,if it happens and I reach a point where I no longer need pain meds,,,then I'll deal with it then. You may also want to check this site for the "good doctor" information or make another post with your city and state asking if anyone here knows of a GOOD doc. Best of luck to you and keep searching,,,,it is ridiculous that in this day and age people must lie alone in their beds in sweaty balls of pain, when adequate pain medication is available. I am hoping that reform in our medical community will help those that treat us understand that when there is pain,,,,,there is NOTHING else. Tulip
  8. ForeverFlaring

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    First of all, thanks for all the replies :)

    I met a woman on Sunday at a community festival. She had a booth selling "pack-its" for pain. What a wonderful product! They are similar to the rics socks but they dont have the smell rice does and they keep the heat for hours unlike the rice socks. I told her I would pass the info along. She has a store on ebay. They are pretty inexpensive too.

    Anyhow, she told me I should see her doc in Pittsburgh. She had back surgery and then fell a few days later. She had to have the back surgery again and a few days after that was in a car accident. Needless to say, she is in pain. She told me her doc used to be a pharmacist so knows the meds inside and out and what other uses they can have.

    Its about 45 minutes from me but I am on the state medical program so they will provide the transportation. He believes in chronic pain and has treated her with morphine and oxycontin. I dont want anything that heavy but there is light at the end of the tunnel for me.

    So..after I post this I am going to call and make an appointment. Thanks as always for the support!

    Sandy (FF)