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    I am sure I have lyme as a child I had Bells Balsy twice
    I have been uwell for 4 years with fibromyalgia I can't take any medication I have terrible MCS

    I have had an Elsia test which cam back negative I have also had 2 mri scans which came back normal I have a stiff neck a lot of the time and face pain
    I have floaters in my eyes that look bacteria shapes long
    and sometimes curved also I have dot shapes to

    I have had blood tests taken and they are always normal
    I feel like my nervous system is being eaten away I feel like I vibrate a lot

    no one believes me that I am uwell can anyoe advise me !!!


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  2. clerty

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    I stay in Scotland how does this test work ?

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    Lots of posts are now gone due to people being removed from the board.

    It sounds like lyme could be your problem. Elisa tests are pretty worthless when it comes to lyme. The symptoms you describe could be lyme.

    The best test for lyme is Igenex Western blot. You can google to get their website and get good information.

    I would also recommend googling any lyme associations that may be in Scotland. Then you could contact them for help. If there are not any, then you can order an igenex test and have a doctor draw blood for you and send it in.