Why I do daily coffee enemas -- Some perspectives

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    Some information that may be helpful

    My family and myself have a history of gastrointestinal (GI) problems (as well as CFS/FM). A major chemical injury at age 32 greatly exacerbated my GI problems as well as my Environmental Illness (EI). It got to the point where even relatively light toxic exposures would make me extremely ill and literally paralyze my peristalsis for weeks on end. So I was dealing with a very difficult and serious situation.

    My underlying genetics, combined with the chemical injury forced me to look for solutions that I knew very few if any doctors would be able to help me with. I tried many things over the ensuing years, but nothing helped on a consistent basis.

    I eventually ran across literature on coffee enemas (CEs) but was very hesitant to pursue them. Eventually I did try one using Folgers coffee. It was horrible! I’ve since learned that non-organic coffee is sprayed with more pesticides than almost any other product. (I now use ONLY ORGANIC caffeinated coffee). But not knowing this at the time, I checked CEs off of my treatment options for several more years.

    I continued to browse the literature on CEs and eventually came across Sherry Rogers’ book “Tired or Toxic”. In it, she laid out coffee enema information in a way I could understand and appreciate. So I went online and did even more research. The more I read, the more my intuition was telling me this was the right thing to pursue for myself.

    I have been using them on a daily basis now for several years (first thing in the morning). I have come to view them as providing up to 25% of the functionality I now enjoy. (Cortef provides me with about 50%, and the rest of the things I’m doing provides the other 25%).

    The biggest benefit of all has been the sense of regaining a much greater semblance of control of my everyday life. Prior to CEs, my CFS was so severe that I would normally wake up in the morning with a terrible headache, and begin to wonder how I was ever going to sit up in bed and then make it all the way to the bathroom. I would sometimes have to crawl and break half way there and rest for a while before continuing on. And I could stay in a stupor for hours.

    After getting started on Cortef and then combining it with CEs, my mornings are dramatically different. I’ve been able to transform them from being the absolute worst time of the day for me into probably the most healing time of the day. During and after doing a CE, my sinuses begin to clear, the pressure and pain in my head (and other generalized pain areas) start to dissipate, my whole nervous system begins to relax and calm down, and more.

    I feel I’m also getting the following benefits: 1) My colon stays clean, which includes the benefit of inhibiting the chances of parasites or candida to take hold; 2) My liver and gall bladder stay clean, which means better detoxification, digestion, avoidance of gall bladder sludge and stones, and much more; Both of these benefits have significantly improved my skin health; 3) Any tendencies toward depression are minimized. I think when so many of us go into our down cycles, there is a natural inclination to become depressed about it. I really believe my regimen has helped me from developing a prolonged clinical depression.

    These days, it seems like most of my posts and reviews of things I do or may try to do for myself eventually orient toward how it all fits in with the Methylation Cycle Block protocol. At this early juncture in studying it, I believe this protocol has the potential to correct the low cardiac output problems and the resulting insufficient circulation and blood pressure in the GI tract. If this were to happen, I feel I could very possibly (and hopefully) eliminate my need for daily enemas. – I also feel that CEs could be very helpful in dealing with some of the herxing reactions that may develop on this protocol.

    There is still much I’ve not written here at this time. I could get into various specifics, but this is already getting quite long. I think I’ll wait and see how much interest there may be and then try to answer any questions you may have.

    To be honest, I’ve been hesitant to share what I’ve just written. I've decided to post because many of you have been indicating a strong interest in this. There may be those who may think I’m advocating that everybody do this. Not at all. I do this because I was literally forced to by my circumstances. My perspective is that for most people, doing daily CEs are unnecessary. Doing them at various select times however could be very beneficial. Sherry Rogers emphasizes their importance when we go through various herxing reactions.

    For those who might think that something so unnatural might possibly do harm, I will just mention that my doctor who is familiar with CFS/FM was highly supportive of my doing this regimen. He was the one who advised I supplement it by taking a couple capsules of charcoal to help absorb released liver and gall bladder toxicity. The good news is that my colon and entire GI tract are doing better now than they have in decades. It’s simply something that works well for me.

    When approaching any new kind of therapy, I always encourage people to do fairly extensive research. Research on CEs will provide you with various instructions on how to do them, as well as precautions that you should be aware of. For me, they have been very safe and effective.

    I would be happy to try to answer any questions you may have.

    Regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 04/20/2007]
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    HI Wayne,
    Goodness...that is exhusting just listening to..I am sure it took a lot for you to get to the point of getting your system down and going smoothly. I am so glad to hear this is working for you. I have never done a coffee anema..but I am going to have to start doing someting as elimination is a huge problem for me. I have Enviromental illness-MI myself and have had it for 20 years. Some things are going to have to start changing soon. I am one of the lucky ones in that I did not have much fibro to deal with until last December when it came back on me after the stress of Christmas and such.
    I want to ask what is Cortef and also, what kind of coffee do you use now. Also you said you use a charcol mask..I have tried several. Have you found one you really like?
    Thanks for the excellent post
    ~ your friend and Hugzzzzz Dee
    PS//Wayne, have you ever done the gallblader and colon flush? what do you think?[This Message was Edited on 04/18/2007]
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    Hi Dee,

    Re: Cortef – I’ll refer you to a recent thread I started entitled “Low Dose Cortef/Hydrocortisone Experience – Jeffries Protocol”. A good number of people contributed and made excellent comments on it. It’s basically a therapy (I feel a very safe and effective one) to address adrenal insufficiency. Many good points also about hypothyroidism. Many of us with CFS/FM have one or both of these conditions.

    Re: Charcoal masks – I generally go with the cheapest I can find at a hardware store. I don’t strap it to my head or anything; I just hold over my nose and mouth for as long as it takes to drive out of a toxic cloud.

    Re: A gall bladder flush – I did one several years ago, without noticing much benefit from it. I might add that I had a slight pain in my gall bladder area for many, many years. I noticed after I started the coffee enemas that it very gradually subsided over a two-three year period. I no longer have this at all. I really feel that these coffee enemas are keeping my colon, liver and gall bladder very clean and trouble-free.

    Re: A colon flush – I tried a couple variations of these, with one of them giving me the only hemorrhoid I ever had. So I’m not too keen on doing these, although I’m sure others can find a formula that works well for them. I just tend to believe that my regular enemas eliminate (no pun intended) the need for these kinds of colon cleanses.

    Hi jam,

    Re: what to hang the enema bag on – I don’t go this route. I have found the very simplest and yet very effective method is to use a combination enema/hot water bottle. I feel the best product is the Walgreen brand that you can buy at Walgreens. If you don’t have one of these nearby, I suspect you could order off their website. This particular brand airs out much more quickly than others, and just has a better sense of quality than the ones I’ve found at the big box stores. Only costs about $11-12.

    Hope this all helps. Will check back later.

    Regards, Wayne
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    That these daily enemas cause such a total dependence that a person becomes absolutely unable to have a bowel movement without them.

    This is a matter of personal choice, and Wayne is obviously very passionate about the good these have done for him, but I , for myself, would liken these to voluntarily becoming hooked on cigarettes or cocaine. No desire to go there!

    I think it's very valid to present all points of view on this subject, though----to each his own. We all need to find our own path.

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    My next door neighbor started using ememas a few years ago. She never bothered to solve the underlying problem. Now she buys the home enemas by the case. She cannot have a bowel movement without one. I think I will pass on the enemas.

    God Bless,
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    I don't know if you can help or direct me to a reference source to read more on this subject, but here goes. First, I really admire how you've got the fortitude to do this daily.

    I've always been interested in detoxing this way because I've inherited some major gastro issues which are becoming progressively worse and I'm only early 50s. All I hear is eat fiber, take these pills. I EAT fiber, cant touch red meat (slow motility)and despite trying to stay off Levbid/Carafate, have had to get back on.

    Consumption of coffee makes me extremely depressed. Its isn't caffeine because I drink 6-8 cups of black tea daily and its never an issue.

    Question: Should I assume using coffee internally this way will have the same effect (depression) as when taken orally?

    If you're not comfortable answering or there's any legal issue in answering, just send me somewhere to read? Thank a bunch.

    I've just read thru some commments about Wayne's 'control' issues etc describing his gurgling gut etc. Let me tell you folks when your body makes noises (and you're in so much discomfort and pain) so loud that colleagues have to strain over your body noises to hear themselves in a meeting, Hearing your own gurgling as your body cleans itself is NOT as much a control issue as a serious health matter. I'm not particularly thrilled about doing daily purges but until now I haven't found a detox solution other than fasting and that has its drawbacks too.
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    except to say that the person, or people, who had the indepth psychological analysis to do are quite bold! I cannot believe that our minds are that uniform and transparent that we can be diagnosed with complex mental conditions (to be neutral) over the internet by strangers!

    Interestingly, there is a long and distinguished history of morning "rituals" (and I don't mean that in some weird pseudo-psych way)from many cultures around the world and throughout history that involve cleansing.

    Today,for instance, the use of a neti bowl to flush out the sinuses is routinely recommended by Ayeurvedic disciplines. I use this as an example of this sort of flushing cleaning. Further, the gentleman who wrote the post also refers to brushing his skin off (recommended by no less a mainstream and no more respected doctor than Dr. Andrew Weill. He also refers to many other healthful practices as part of his morning routine. Everything he mention, other than the enemas, is widely respected as being healthy and healing.

    Maybe he is not doing his colon any good. I wouldn't care to comment on that. The rest of it looked very reasonable to me. I am reasonably well educated on non-esoteric medical customs from the east and far east. Most of this, FYI, is based on ChiQong.

    At any rate, really you people must be very brilliant and perhaps clairvoyant to judge this man's psychological profile like this. To my small mind you are making several very large leaps of imagination to fill in the blanks.

    Further, if you want to post "this might not actually be helpful or good for people" that seems very reasonable as some people may be swayed. Not as though people are not offering up stuff here day and night that might not be good for us. A list would go from here to China, honestly.

    I just felt like sticking up for the idea of "let's not judge in a way that makes us look ignorant and embarrass people like that about their personalities." Not healthful for sender or receiver.

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    Wayne, you will find that there is no shortage of people here who not only do not understand alternative treatments outside of mainstream medicine but will even try to discourage others from even exploring them or trying to understand how they work.

    I certainly wouldn't want the responsibility of telling people not to try something unless I had a pretty good idea of what the physical harm could be and I don't think it's wise to try and pick people apart psychologically, either. Also unacceptable is making bad jokes at a poster's expense.

    Many people just aren't comfortable with new ideas, even if they are obviously working for some. Please don't let it discourage you from posting. For every "doubting Thomas", there are lots more who will learn from it and explore it on their own, even if they don't post about it. I have done coffee enemas myself and got the good results I expected.

    Remember, a common symptom of cfs is cognitive dysfunction due to shortages of neurotransmitters.

    keep it up!

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  9. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Karen,

    Thanks so much for your words of kindness, encouragement and support. I’m just getting ready to head off for a slow drive in the rural mountains here in southern Oregon. I will use your words to help me get my bearings after this pretty traumatic experience.

    Hi Louise,

    Thank you also for chiming in. It was certainly music to my ears to hear how many of the things I do are based on Qi Gong. I had no idea. I’ve always felt I should explore Qi Gong further, and your note is an encouragement for me to do so. Thanks you.

    Kind regards, Wayne[This Message was Edited on 04/21/2007]
  10. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I will see what I can find on Google re: Gerson's ideas etc. but I hope you continue to post your progress and any info you feel might be helpful, particularly regarding the question I asked about coffee/depression.

    Until now the medical profession isn't even clear on the etiology of FM/CFS etc. so each one of us and the protocols we put to good use and develop from personal experience should be shared.

    Thanks again:)
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    The original poster is totally free to write what he wants but I really think Learner was trying to let others know the dangers of his protocol. Maybe trying to help some new comer that is looking for answers here to not ruin their ability to deficate on their own? I cannot see that as a bad thing. A for your CFS comment Barrow, I don't have it... Sorry, I have FM.
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    I ran across the following excerpted information that I thought might be interesting and helpful. The reference to glutathione made me wonder whether coffee enemas might be giving temporary relief from the Methylation cycle block that is being discussed on this board.

    Although the coffee enema has been heaped with scorn, there has been some independent scientific work that gives credence to this concept. In 1981, for instance, Dr. Lee Wattenberg and his colleagues were able to show that substances found in coffee—kahweol and cafestol palmitate—promote the activity of a key enzyme system, glutathione S-transferase, above the norm. This system detoxifies a vast array of electrophiles from the bloodstream and, according to Gar Hildenbrand of the Gerson Institute, "must be regarded as an important mechanism for carcinogen detoxification." This enzyme group is responsible for neutralizing free radicals, harmful chemicals now commonly implicated in the initiation of cancer.

    Gerson believed it axiomatic that cancer could not exist in normal metabolism. He pointed to the fact that scientists often had to damage an animal's thyroid and adrenals just to get a transplanted tumor to "take." He directed his efforts toward creating normal metabolism in the tissue surrounding a tumor.

    It is the liver and small bowel which neutralize the most common tissue toxins: polyamines, ammonia, toxic-bound nitrogen, and electrophiles. These detoxification systems are probably enhanced by the coffee enema. Physiological Chemistry and Physics has stated that "caffeine enemas cause dilation of bile ducts, which facilitates excretion of toxic cancer breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products across the colonic wall."

    In addition, theophylline and theobromine (two other chemicals in coffee) dilate blood vessels and counter inflammation of the gut; the palmitates enhance the enzyme system responsible for the removal of toxic free radicals from the serum; and the fluid of the enema then stimulates the visceral nervous system to promote peristalsis.[This Message was Edited on 04/21/2007]
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    On the advice of a CFIDS specialist, Dr. Jesse Stoff, I once tried a CE during a series of IV treatments. He recommended them to help my liver detox. That time, I felt very shaky afterward. I don't think I absorbed any caffeine, as it wasn't a wired shaky. Wayne, what does this sound like to you?

    *****Hi Kelly,

    Three different possibilities come to mind: 1) it may not have been organic coffee. Non-organic coffee is very heavily sprayed. 2) The coffee solution may have been too strong. Different protocols call for the coffee equivalent of 1-4 cups. If you were given a strong solution, it may have been too much your system. 3) It very possibility could have caused a large release of toxicity from the liver and gall bladder, perhaps too much at one time. Again, I would guess a weaker solution to start out with would probably be best. My doctor recommends I take 2 charcoal capsules before doing a CE to help absorb toxicity.

    I wish you well as you address your liver cancer. I think it is notable that every alternative cancer clinic that I’m aware of uses CEs as a primary therapeutic tool. A good google search for you might be Dr. Kelley and coffee enemas. I once met a woman who helped people monitor their at home progress using Dr. Kelley’s protocol. I asked her, “did it work?” She sort of looked at me a little funny, and finally said, “Yes, of course it worked.” “I’ve helped several hundred people just here in Minneapolis.”

    Best, Wayne

    P.S. I appreciate your awareness that "This is a very personal thing to put out there."
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    hi wayne. i am a newbie and not smart at all on the natural things available in the last several years.i have traveled too long and too far in my work, i guess. anyway, i dont know if most of you on this thread have cfs or fm/ i have fm. so i dont know what is for me and what is not. also, i dont know what herxing is . could you clarify? and i may not even have spelled it right. another word that confuses me is "gerd" . maybe you can help my ignorance in some of these areas. the reason that i was following this thread was becausei have some extreme bowell obstructions. and i do know that sme of the things that you talk about on here do help a great deal, as i used to go to a reflexologist and he also studied the oriential forms of healing as wel as others. his dad used to say that he was a professional student. lol he helped me a great deal before he moved to branson . i would go into him for headaches or other things, and he would manually empty my gall bladder with his hand. or other organs. i would feel instantly better and would for a couple of weeks! so i know this stuff works. i just dont know what is going to work for me as i am on so much medication that i think it will probably cause my death before i get any lessons learned from all of this info! really. its kind of late for me to start another course that i am not sure i understand. keep the info coming. and dont forget to tell me if you have cfs or what it is that you are treating. you are helping many people , i feel. that do understand you so please do not stop. we dont always understand what others do , believe me , being in the ministry, i know this. but we still have to try to try until just maybe, we reach one. and that one reaches another one and so on. good luck , my new friend. keep perservereing. ...ski
  15. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Hi Ski,

    Thank you kindly for your encouragement to keep sharing. As long as I feel people such as yourself are interested in this information, and I don’t get feedback that I’m somehow overstepping my bounds, I will continue to do so.

    Re: What I am treating for myself – I feel I am primarily treating CFS, and some of the gastrointestinal (GI) aspects of it. Some believe this is caused at least in part by low cardiac output restricting circulation and blood pressure in the GI tract.

    Re: What is herxing – Herxing is a word to describe the symptoms experienced when the body is detoxifying and unable to keep up with filtering toxins from the bloodstream. This can cause people to feel pretty miserable. It is widely believed that the longer people have had CFS/FM, the higher their load of viruses and other toxicity in the body. Various protocols such as anti-viral therapy, chelation, juice fasting, even improvements in diet, can cause minor to major detoxification and result in herxing reactions. [This is the best definition for herxing I can come up with at the moment; would welcome additional or clarifying comments from anybody who may have a better understanding of this.]

    I have been concerned about some of the detoxification protocols that are discussed on this board. My perspective and experience is that as soon as our bodies are unable to keep up with the detoxification, the body starts redepositing these wastes in other parts of the body to keep them out of the bloodstream. I believe harm can be done in this process. I personally feel it would be advisable to do some of these protocols with supplemental detoxification assistance.

    I believe CEs can be a valuable therapeutic tool for this assistance. I also believe far infrared saunas, clay foot baths, and various other measures can help the body release a lot of this toxic burden without having to go through the normal elimination channels of the kidneys, liver, bowel, etc.

    So much information on this board can get very technical, and as you alluded to, can be difficult to discern whether certain things pertain to our own personal health situation. I feel that whatever we are treating ourselves for, adequate attention should be given to detoxification assistance. I think this has significant value on its own, but could optimize many other therapies as well.

    Re: What is gerd? – I don’t know the answer to this one. Anyone else?

    Regards, Wayne
    The following is excerpted from the following website. This website includes a good description of using pancreatic enzymes.... for treating cancer.


    KH: What is the role of coffee enemas in this particular treatment and what is the history of coffee enemas in traditional medicine?

    Nicholas J. Gonzalez (NJG): When I first began my research efforts, I was very surprised to find that the coffee enemas, often portrayed as one of the most bizarre aspects of alternative medicine, came right out of the Merck Manual, a revered compendium of orthodox treatments. When I was completing my immunology fellowship, I had an interesting correspondence with the then editor of the Merck Manual, who confirmed that the coffee enemas had been advocated in the Merck Manual from about 1890 right up until 1977, when they were removed more for space considerations than anything else. Most nursing texts for the better part of the century recommend coffee enemas. Particularly during the 1920s and 1930s coffee enemas were used in the US and abroad to treat a variety of conditions, and I have put together a library of articles from that time discussing the wide ranging effects on patients. Coffee enemas were frequently recommended because patients, whatever their underlying problem, tended to feel better after a coffee enema. I have followed thousands of patients over the years who have done coffee enemas in some cases for decades: virtually all patients report an increase sense of well being. I have done them myself daily since first learning about them in 1981.

    There is research going back to the earlier part of the century that indicated that coffee enemas stimulate more efficient liver function and gallbladder emptying, and we believe that is the primary therapeutic benefit. Particularly with cancer patients, who often have a very large tumor burden, as the body repairs and rebuilds and as tumors break down, enormous amounts of toxic debris can be produced, much of which must be processed in the liver. The coffee enemas seem to enhance this processing of toxic metabolic waste. Interestingly enough, in Hospital Practice (August 15, 1999 page 128), a very orthodox journal of internal medicine, I read a summary of an article showing coffee seems to enhance gallbladder and liver function.

    KH: Is it possible that the positive effects from the coffee enemas are a result of a "caffeine high" versus a metabolic benefit?

    NJG: The issue of a caffeine high is often raised. I don’t believe this is the case at all. First, patients almost universally report a relaxing effect, not the stimulation you find with coffee taken orally. Many patients, in fact, fall asleep while doing the enemas. I, myself, have never been able to tolerate drinking coffee because coffee, when drunk, causes in me an amphetamine like response. However, I always feel relaxed when I do a coffee enema and often fall asleep. Something completely different is going on with the enemas.[This Message was Edited on 04/21/2007]
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    Hi Wayne,

    Just wanted to tell you I really appreciated you posting your perspective. I found it very interesting.

    I really enjoy my coffee enema ritual and will probably partake in them forever. However I understand they are not for everybody and I totally respect others thoughts & choices.

    I did want to clarify something. I don't use them to stimulate bowel movements. I have regular BM's independent of coffee enemas. I've been doing coffee enemas for four years and have not lost my ability to eliminate independently. My digestion and elimination systems actually all work a lot better since focusing on detoxing.

    The coffee stimulates the hepatic veinous system encouraging a release of toxins from the liver through the bile and out of our body. It's really about toxin removal and not defecation.

    Regards to all,
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  17. springrose22

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    This stands for Gastroesoephageal Reflux Disease. Marie
  18. BobinGermany

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    Hi Learner,

    Thanks for taking time to research this and post it with the source from where it came. I hope that this will help others to not take everything that someone does or says as "gospel". From what I read not only on here but other sites as well some people look at one article and believe it and if they just look farther they may find out that the first article was not the complete truth. I know that I would not let myself purposely become dependent on enemas but someone coming here for answers and who doesn't know better may. I am glad that people here post opposing opinions. If not, what kind of place would this be. Alot of things are good in moderation. It is said that one glass of wine each day may help circulation, etc but it does not say a bottle a day. Sometimes more is not better.

    Keep up the good work!
    God Bless,

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