Why I Jumped By Tina Zahn

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    Hey everyone,
    I wanted to share something with all of you who struggle with depression they way I do. I read this amazing book a couple of months ago. It's called "Why I Jumped: My true story of Postpartum depression, Dramatic Rescue and Return to Hope. By Tina Zahn.

    The book is the true story of one woman's struggle with depression. She was sexually abused for many years by a family member. She also experienced severe postpartum depression. Her mother also rejected her. It all came to a head when Tina decided to end her life. She decides and actually does decide to jump off a bridge in Green Bay Wisconsin.

    Tina was able to find hope again through electro convulsive therapy, therapy and an anti-depressant. I could relate to so much of what Tina shared regarding her struggles with depression. In fact, I cried several times as I read this book. It really hit home for me. It made me feel less alone and made me consider the possability of getting help for my own depression.

    This book also has some excellent resources in the back. It has resources on post-partum depression, warning signs of depression, a question and answer session with a doctor
    information about electroshock convulsive therapy. It also lists some websites for information on depression.

    Tina is incredibly vulnerable about her struggles with depression. I have read several books on depression/emotional healing and I think this is one of the best there is.

    This book is written from a Christian perspective, but it doesn't offer pat or quick fixes, like so many other Christian books on topics like this. But I also think this book would be beneficial to non-Christians.