why is it so secretive

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    when ever i ask for LLMD names im directed to lymenet and even there i dont get straight answers getting info seems so hard.its exhaustingx love gailth
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    LLMD's like to stay under the radar because people who do not believe in chronic lyme and long term antibiotic therapy like to turn them into medical boards and try to take their medical license away.

    It is so sad since many, many people have gotten better with long term antibiotic therapy.

    If you post on the "Seeking a Doctor" board on lymenet.org asking for a LLMD in your state, you will get a private message with names.

    It can take a day or so to receive the private message due to the high number of requests everyday and only a few people send out the lists.


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    thx nannie that makes sense. never could figure why it was hush hush. love gail
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    There are a few websites that are now listing the doctors who treat this illness. So many are infected so the demand for doctors is increasing. am confused about the rules all of the time. If a doc has a website then their name is already "out there" as a person who specializes in the treatment of tick borne illness.
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    and some LLMDs like Dr. Jemsek and many others have been 'outed' by the press because of the actions taken against them by medical boards of their states. You never know. The real problem is in smaller population areas... many doctors do not have the resources to fight the medical boards, much less relocate.

    Even in the yahoo lyme forums, no one will openly discuss a name; it is done privately thru emails.