Why is magnesium supplement giving me a headache?

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    Hi, Anymom,

    My urologist recommended magnesium citrate to prevent reformation of kidney stones. I had headaches, ringing in my ears and I felt very jumpy and unsettled. I have read that magnesium at high doses can affect the central nervous system. My doc said the dose I was taking could not have caused that but I tried it three times before deciding I can no longer tolerate supplementing with magnesium. It's not unusual for us to be more sensitive than 'normals' to all kinds of meds and OTC supps. I'm not taking potassium citrate and am tolerating it well.

    Love, Mikie
  2. I got a migraine today too after taking magnesium powder in water. Last year I tried having a little everyday, and at first I also got migraines. Finally it seems to balance out a little and then my normal monthly migraine either skipped or was less intense. I take enough Vit D. I dont get enough potassium, as banannas also trigger migraines in me. Im thinking I may have to just not take the powder. And look for a plant based source for it. I came across this forum by accident. Because you mainly hear that the powder cures migraines. Not causes them