Why is no one keeping count of how many of us

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    with CFS have chronic outbreaks of shingles? I have outbreaks on a monthly basis, and have seen posts on here with many others who get them as well.

    My sister was at a get together with a friend for a Christmas function and one of the woman there was telling my sister she has chronic outbreaks of shingles. I told my sister the only time I have heard of that is if the person either has AIDS, or CFS. My sister told me this person had CFS.

    My question is why is this not being researched more? I am sick of living with these outbreaks contantly, I don't know day to day what the heck is going to happen. At one point I thought I had blood clots in my left leg, made an appointment for the next day when I described symptoms and vola the leg pain was due to outbreak of shingles I had the following morning. My leg from waist to foot is so painful now before and during an outbreak I can't stand it.

    Okay thanks for letting me post this and venting!!

    Happy holidays and Hope everyone's new year is a happy turning point in our lives!!
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    follow the money. That's what I say. If that's not proof, check out other "high profile Disorders/ Diseases."
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    Shingles is often a virus that was dormant and flares up as active. Our bodies store a copy of every virus you've ever been exposed to in our spleen and in the vertebrae. This is part of our immune system "remembering" how to fight it.

    If the immune system can't keep up, a blood clotting factor called fibrin blocks it off until it can be dealt with. Dr. William Wong N.D. says that systemic enzymes (protease) will dissolve those fibrin blockages. Enzymes also reduce inflammation, dissove scar tissue and the isoprin bond that viruses use to bond to our DNA.

    Vitalzym, Virastop and Walmart "Rexall" enzymes seem to work well. Dr. Wong says to take them on an empty stomach and increase the dose by +1 each week. You will notice the results. My mom's FM is clearing up with 6/day.

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