why is there a porch and who opens and closes it completely confused

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Tuxie08, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Tuxie08

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    Sorry I am new here and have no idea what you do or why there is a porch so to speak . Hope you all have a great day
  2. rockgor

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    Hi Tuxie

    Welcome to the Board. If you look near the top of the page you will find a category titled Forums.
    Most of the different threads and topics are about a specific medical problem. Such as Lyme
    Disease or Fibromyalgia. And some threads focus on the use of a certain medication or the
    need to find a doctor in the area where a member lives.

    But one of the things the various disease do here is cut us off from a normal social life. So
    the Chat Board with its Porch is a place to discuss whatever you like. How you are feeling today; a movie you watched. A book you're reading. The Olympics. Pets. Pet peeves.

    The first porch thread was posted in 2005 and it's been going on ever since. When we get to
    somewhere between 30 and 35 posts, somebody starts are new thread. Any of the group who
    has the time and energy. (It only takes a couple minutes.) Come and read the porch messages
    and see if you want to join the party. Some of us have been here for years. Some for a few
    months. Always room for more.

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  3. Mikie

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    Hi, Tuxie,

    Welcome aboard. The Porch is our virtual porch where we gather to chat. Between 30 and 35 posts, someone starts a new Porch so they don't get too long. I hope you will stop in and introduce yourself. It's a good gang who shows up on our Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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  4. sunflowergirl

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    Hi Tuxie::::::come back and read and join us. Love your name!
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  5. Starlight74

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    Hi Tuxie.
    The Porch has been a God send to me.
    As you may know, these often debilitating ailments are different, in the sense that there is no blood or actual visible symptoms , or evidence, for the world to see.
    trying to explain to someone that even though you Look ok, your body feels as though its run a marathon & your not really as stupid as you sound, its just brain-fog- can get you down.
    the constant feeling of exhaustion makes daily chores a mission and trying to convince the rest of the world that your not lazy, just tired, can sound unbelievable, even ringing in your own ears. After all how much energy does one require to sweep the floor and do the dishes?
    Getting to know these beautiful people here on the Porch, was and is exactly what the dr ordered, so to speak.
    Porchie friends get it.
    They know how it feels and what its like.
    They are funny and encouraging, straight up folks and if you are feeling down and a little misunderstood,
    This is a great place to hang.
    Sometimes I dont hv tbe energy or time to type, but I love sharing in their lives.
    As Rock mentioned, this is socialising.
    Apart from Jesus
    (did you notice theres also a special spot for religion/prayer requests etc on a dif thread),
    Family & a couple of old friends,
    The Porch and those who visit there are my life
    .(not including all the drs and circus that goes with it).

    Hopefully, you can now see ' the Why'.
    Tame care.
    Hope to see you on the Porch, Tuxie.
    You are most welcome
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