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    I have battled deppression all of my 32 years and can not remember a day since I was 12 that I did not think about suicide.
    I have no family and few friends who understand deppression and most push me further down by telling me constantly to "get over it". Even after years of treatments and therapy they continue to get mad at me for this invisable illness.
    The only reason I don't kill myself is beacuse of other people. Like most everything I do it is for other people, not to upset them, or to treat them better than I have been. I guess I thought I would get better or "grow out of it", but I still don't see the point of a life spent in agony trying not to kill myself because it hurts others, when being alive hurts me.
    I have lots of friends and admirerers, family who are good people and truely love me(even in their missunderstandings) I have a great pet and even fans of my career. It's not about not having resources, I just havent found anyone with a really good answer for why I shouldn't kill myself. Excepting, that it would make other people upset, but they can and will "get over it", I don't have that luxury. -
    The big question
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    You're getting feedback to your question and not doing it so I'll be blunt. The problem with suicide is the person shifts their pain onto other people and that's not right at all. You certainly don't like that you have depression and suffering, so to "pass that" to others isn't a good plan.

    Those who bug out early ask all the friends and loved ones to "find you dead", to carry out your burial, cremation or whatever disposal of your body, to take care of your pet, to completely clean out your apartment or home, to dispose of all your things however you want them, and carry out whatever wishes you may have. Hey that's too much to ask of friends and family to do because you wanted to skip out early on life. What if all those people were to find out now and tell you NO, I WON'T ASSIST IN ANY WAY--and your pet isn't taken care of, your body isn't taken care of, your requests aren't done. I think it would take some of attraction out of it. On the Depression Board a man's friend died all alone and his family refuses to be involved in anything so his best friend is handling it all and just being torn apart doing it--and the best friend found him dead. His best friend feels guilt so bad--I don't think anyone intends on those left behind to deal with such intense guilt.

    It takes more courage to live than to die. It takes courage to not give up and instead go to another doctor for help, and another doctor until you find the one that can help you. Sometimes it means going into the hospital for help because you need it and it might take a while in there. It amazes me that people would leave beloved pets. I have two service animal cats that help me out so much and take turns riding in my electric scooter basket (I'm disabled). For the service they have given me, I would never bug out on them as they are family to me.

    I tried suicide many years ago and it went wrong and I learned never to do it again. I came out lucky and unharmed, but others are not so lucky. Right now Stephen Adler the rock star that used to play with Slash, is in that TV program Celebrity Rehab and all at one time took so many pills, booze and was shooting up that he went into seizures and I'm not sure if they said he had a stroke. Watch and listen to him talk and his speech is now impacted as a result--a side effect--was there some brain damage too? Well I don't remember if they stated that and it seems like it, but it's hard to tell because he is over 11 days off drugs. So that's another reason why it's not a good idea.
    And see that tomorrow is always a new day for you and a fresh start. Depression takes over our minds and brings out negative thoughts. If you have been having suicidal thoughts every day for 20 years, maybe you also have a form of OCD combined with depression that has not been explored. But you need treatment and to stay in treatment potentially for a few years for them to truly work to figure out your situation --and you have to truthfully tell the doctor and not fudge at all about how you feel. But you don't give up, and instead you keep searching for that new doctor and you keep fighting off the negative thoughts. Many hugs.

    • Hope Line Network: (800) SUICIDE
    • Crisis Counseling: (800) 999-9999
    • National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH): (toll free) (866) 615-6464
    • National Foundation for Depressive Illness: (800) 239-1265
    • National Mental Health Association: (800) 969-6642
    • Suicide Prevention (800) SUICIDE
    • Covenant House Hotline: (800) 999-9999
    • Boys Town Suicide and Crisis Line: (800) 448-3000 or (800) 448-1833 (TDD)
    • In the UK:The Samaritans 08457 90 90 90
    • In Ireland:The Samaritans 1850 60 90 90

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    God created you because noone else can relate to Him and the people in your life like you can.
    You have a very important purpose that noone else can fulfill. Through every experience of your life, it is not meant for harm but to shape you into a person of rich character that will shine like a gem forever.

    It is unfortunately very common that the general public does not understand depression.
    You would like for them to understand and be supportive of you, but their preferred ignorance won't let it happen. They think they are helping you. They are doing all they know. But you are teaching them by your efforts to keep learning and trying treatments, that your life is precious and there is more truth to seek after!! One day, you will find your answers and hopefully they will realize what a hero you are. But you are a hero whether anyone throws you a party or not!!

    Anyway, if you have been depressed most of your life, was there an early life trauma that caused this? If so, can you gain a new perspective of it that is healing? Were your childhood caregivers or any of the relationships in your life a hinderance to the development of your self esteem? Or were you abused? Can you forgive those ignorant or wounded people and embrace the valuable person you really are and find people to call friends who can celebrate you?

    There are different personality types too. One of them is "melancholy". These people are highly creative and the world is a better place because of them. I know Florence Littaur in her Personality books discusses this, and you will see your strengths.

    Regardless of the cause of your depression, you do have to treat the physical side of it.
    Depression can be a sign of an undiagnosed illness. Have you had a thorough checkup, both by medical and alternative (natural) healthcare professionals? Here are a few recommendations:
    (1) The SpectraCell lab will find nutritional deficiencies and you can take supplements and change your diet to enhance your health. Deficiencies in the B vitamins, Vit. D, minerals, amino acids/protein and an imbalance in the Omega 3, 6, 9's can cause brain problems. Get the book called Depression Free Naturally by Joan Mathews Larson, PH.D.
    (2) Another cause of depression can be if your upper cervicals (neck) are off balance and putting pressure on your brainstem. My daughter and I see a specialized chiropractor, who uses the N.U.C.C.A. technique to treat that -- it is a painless technique and really helps!
    (3) You should also find a natural or integrative doctor who uses the ZRT lab saliva testing to check hormone levels and the NeuroScience Inc neurotransmitter testing. You can take supplements to bring your levels to normal. Since some of our neurotransmitters are in the gut, if you have intestinal problems, you should certainly treat that and it could relieve depression. Have you tried colon cleansing under the guidance of a naturopath? It could help to get rid of any toxic buildup.

    (4) Another important thing to check is thyroid function. If you have hypothyroidism and are not treating it, you can have serious depression and a number of other problems. Make sure it is checked carefully, because many doctors miss it. I took a product called TerrainZyme Thyro-Zyme by Apex Energetics.

    (5) I have had good results from EDS testing (electrodermal screening). You can find a technician at some chiropractor's offices (call to find one). It will find the natural supplements you need to balance your energy system.
    For example, 5HTP, L-Tyrosine, and Omega 3 help relieve depression. The EDS can find the proper dosage for you.

    (6) I think NutraMedix has 2 herbals that treat depression. One is Ezov and the other is Avea. You'd have to ask a professional which one is for you.

    Take care! You are worth it!! And your life is worth living to the fullest! God is the giver of life and noone but Him should take it away. Let Him live through you and He will give you what you need: strength, wisdom, love, etc.

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