Why Methylation is important in FM (Simplified-Basic-Testing)

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    Methylation support is a long term strategy needed to support detoxification that may help silence viruses.

    I will try to give you a good analogy why Methylation is important in FM. (as you may know) The older we get the more susceptible we are to developing the dreaded shingles virus (if) we had an exposure to chicken pox as a kid. The reactivation of the virus can be associated with methylation insufficiencies very common in our elderly population.

    The key point I am trying to make is RNA/DNA (need Methyaltion) to help silences viruses and rebuild the body.

    You can now see how import this can be as viruses have been implicated as a possible trigger in FM. I want to add, Methylation is also needed for Myelination as vitamin B12 and Iodine are important co-factors.

    How do we test for Methylation insufficiencies?

    The Homocysteine and Methylmalonic Acid are common test that any doctor can run. I want to stress that these two test are important establishing possible Methylation insufficiencies.

    There will always be complexes to any solution and variations to all healing strategies. The key to healing the body is understanding the contributing factors and putting the pieces back together in the right order.

    Start here: Methylation Made Easy | ProHealth ME/ CFS

    Note* We also need Methylation for detoxification as well -aka- Glutathione

    Symptoms of Vitamin B 12 Deficiency

    Diagnosing and Treating Vitamin B12 Deficiency

    MTHFR Defect | Dr. Paul's a MUTANT & You Might Be Too + Why It's Important To Know

    Methylation and MTHFR Defects presented by Benjamin
    Lynch, ND

    See more here: MTHFR Mutation | MTHFR Gene Mutation | What is MTHFR?
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    Getting on methyl donors is one of the things that truly saved me. I still have problems, but am so much better with proper methyl support.

    Years ago when I first saw my nutritionist, he suspected a methyl deficiency just based on my symptoms and family history. The first 2 methyl donors he recommended were a DMG sublingual and a sublingual methyl B12/B6/folate. I take additional methyl donors now.

    I took the DMG sublingual as soon as I got to the parking lot after leaving his office. I had suffered 3 years of horrid insomnia, and for the 1st time since it started, I yawned. In spite of being so tired that I just wanted to die, I hadn't yawned in all that time.

    So I agree it's crucial to address methylation problems if you have them. I have 1 copy of the MTHMR mutation and a COMT mutation. I don't remember if COMT is related to methylation or not.
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    Hey- thank you for sharing your experience with utilizing methylation supplementation. I have the methionine synthase SNP and will need high dose B12 (Methylcobalamin) support for the rest of my life.

    The COMT SNP can be a real problem as people with this polymorphism can have bad reactions to supplementation.

    See more about COMT Below:

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    Thread Review:

    The Homocysteine and Methylmalonic Acid are very common test that any doctor can run. The homocysteine test can help identify MTHFR mutation and every doctor is taught about this SNP in medical school. It can affect approximately 30%-40% of the population.

    MTHFR is a big deal as it can possibly lead to a stroke or heart attack if not identified. So its imperative that every man, woman and child have the awareness about this life saving testing.

    I also want to add, have this SNP is a very treatable condition.

    See more here: Treatment for MTHFR Mutation: What is it & How to Treat...
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    Podcast #157 - Dr. Ben Lynch: MTHFR Gene, Overcoming Disease, & the Dangers of Folic Acid
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    Methylation Made Easy (Please Review)

    We need to bring awareness to key issues and important topics that may help others find answers to the health challenges of today.


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