why so little research?

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    I was at my neurologist's office today and read an article about fibromyalgia in one of his medical magazines. The article said that very little research is being done on fibromyalgia, but that what is being done increasingly suggests that the "syndrome" is neurological, not rheumatological. The doctor then told me, "Good news, you don't have Parkinson's. You don't have to come back."

    Yes, it IS good news that I don't have Parkinson's. But why didn't he look for any other possible cause? Could it be that more research on fibro isn't being done because the doctors have so little interest in it?
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    Because men do not identify with this illness.
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    Thought i'd share this with you GinnyB.

    I was just reading a article All Wheels 4 Fibromyalgia. Google and it is interesting,

    A cycling team and crew members will begin June 12 , to bring Awareness of Fibromyalgia.
    They will cycle 13 states, starting Oceanside CA to Annapolis MD in the World's toughest Bicycle race called Race across America.

    Hopefully much more research will be available for doctors to take interest .

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    I saw this article, too, and wondered where they get the strength. Are they using relay's perhaps? Anyway, it's a great idea. We need more publicity like this, maybe just local, but a lot of local publicity across the country would keep the pressure on. By the way, I love your user name. GinnyB
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    The cycling team are Professional cycle riders.

    You may want to check out their schedule as they begin June 12, they may travel through your area. Yes, Publicity for Fibromyalgia.

    Oh so sweet you love my username,,thank you