why try oxytocin? -- to Amy

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    Had heard it was used for that. Would guess it might provoke uterine cramping (but I don't have a uterus to cramp :)

    Some doctors think it is helpful for FMS.

    Also supposed to have some anxiety reduction qualities. An anti-anxiety drug that works by increasing oxytocin levels in the brain is now in development(learned that from The End of Stress As We Know It).

    I'm really curious about it because of all the psychosocial research on it (Shelley Taylor has written a book about how oxytocin levels influence desire for social contact).

    I wasn't nutured a lot of a child (have no memory whatsoever of receiving any sort of affection as a kid). And so I tend to wonder if I have particularly low levels of oxytocin -- as people who didn't receive much nurturing as children have been found to have -- and also if that somehow is contributing to my pain problems.

    Anyhow, it seems worth trying an injection or two just to see what the effect might be.