Why wait until Nov 1st?

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    >>>"As of 1st November 2010, blood donors who report that they have had ME/CFS will be permanently excluded from giving blood in the UK. This change is being made on the grounds of donor safety, as ME/CFS is a relapsing condition. It brings practice for ME/CFS into line with other relapsing conditions or neurological conditions of unknown origin."<<<

    I'm curious as to why the UK would wait until November 1st to stop taking blood donations from CFS patients. If there is the possible risk of infection you would think that the health authority would stop all donations immediately. Is it that they still believe that CFS is psychological so they aren't taking this very seriously?
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    They are not the most logical of thinkers.

    Have had some fam. members live there. Strange happenings.

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    however is it not the UK's official stand/belief that ME is NOT a biological disease--it is the UK that believes and promotes the belief that ME is a PSYCHIATRIC disorder? If this is correct then, WHY EXCLUEDE the ME population from giving blood now or on NOVEMBER 1, 2010???

    It seems to me that if ME sufferes cannot give blood because of govenment mandates (based on ??) then this places the UK "EXPERTS" on ME in a most dubious position. These "EXPERTS" cannot have it both ways.

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