WHY would a rheumatologist do this?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nightngale, Mar 9, 2007.

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    I just had a second visit with a new rheumy, someone actually mentioned on this board and drove 40 miles to see him. First visit he ordered a bunch of bloodwork, which I appreciated. Second visit seemed very aggitated, couldn't find my blood work results, was rushing to eat lunch. I even offered to let him eat as I had heard him saying how hungry he was. He said no no lets get going. So anyway all tests were fine and he recommended taking tramadol more often and getting an mri for my new thigh pain. He then said he would call this over to have my Primary Care Doctor handle it all! I was a little confused, but you know how it is when you are nervous and being rushed thru the visit....anyway after numerous calls to my PCP SHE finally called me herself at 8:00 pm at night still working in her office and seemed mad at him , she said she was a family doctor and he should have rx the meds and done the mri referall. We decided to have me go back to my old rheumy who I should have just stuck with, he was always good with meds and even called me one night and called in a sleeep med for me! I have made an appt. with him. I hope he is not offended that I went to another doc, should I say anything about it, or just say, seeking second opinion? I haven't seen the old one in a year as another doc was keeping me on the tramadol. and I just found a great new psych doc who finally got my anxiety and sleep under control and will try just about anything. Sounds like this guy wanted to dump me from the get go.
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    I would tell your doctor the truth - tell him your family doctor wanted you to see this doctor and you did but it was a mistake, because you "like him better". Tell him you are really sorry. He will actually be complimented.

    I am always very open with my doctors and it works.

    Bring him copies of the medical records/ notes from this "consult".

    Everything will be okay..

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    for the suggestions. It always hurts after getting all the energy and stuff together to go to a new doc and they are a bust. I requested that my records be mailed to me on a phone message. I will check back Monday.

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