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  1. gapsych

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    I have been gone most of the weekend and am now just getting caught up with all the brouhaha. This is my take so will take responsibility for it, if it gets deleted.

    1. First we are presented with a story that appears to be somewhat exaggerated.

    2. Cures are suggested by people that some have a lot of respect.

    3. All these posts are very vague, and hints of things to come are scattered about, questions go unanswered.

    4. We all react differently to treatments. Not to say this gives credibility to this cure but only adds to the confusion about this "cure".

    5. Homeopathy which is another divisive issue, is thrown in.

    So when someone comes on and posts they are doing better but then is vague about the cure, then told this "cure" is being investigated and are recruiting patients, but please trust us and be patient, only produces a situation that creates a lot of anxiety for all of us who have heard of cures that do not pan out, are often not believed and will do almost anything to feel well.

    Is it any wonder that strife and polarization has occurred?

    I don't really know what part of the story is true, exaggerated or made up, but something about this does not add up. Maybe this story should not have come out until at least more information is known.

    Have we been intentionally manipulated? Possibly unintentionally misled? I don't know.

    If this is going to be touted as a "cure", it is very bad PR.

    Just my take.


    ETA I do not mean this to cause more arguing but just giving some food for thought and my take on some of the dynamics of why all this came about.

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  2. daylight

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    Beautifully said. I think that you are just saying what others are probably also thinking.
    There is no one "cure all" for any illness because everyone's body chemistry is different in one way or another. No drug is perfect and homeopathic cures aren't always the safest way to go . Some people are allergic to just about every drug around and for them all there is is to try and live a healthy lifestyle ,exercise as much as one can ,pain control.
    Most drugs I've taken I've had some pretty bad reactions to but there are a few that I'm fine using in smaller doses . Am I cured ? I wish but I'm alive.
    I think that its wonderful that there are some who are having good results from these "cures" .
    But for me I don't really like the taste of snake oil and false hope much . But still will continue to eat my fruits and veggies mixed with some exercise.
    Everyone has to be in charge of there own health care . And not bicker about health care treatments.
    Do worry about speaking your mind you didn't say anything wrong at all ,but I maybe did =)

    OPPS I did remember one illness that has 1 cure ....scurvy. =)

    ** I am true sorry if I've offended anyone . Some drugs do work for some and I'm not saying that they are may from snake oil. **
  3. gapsych

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    What I was saying is that because we are all so different in how we react, this may add to the confusion of something being a cure. Otherwise stated, making it for EASIER to claim a cure.

    I am a pure skeptic in that I want scientific proof when it comes to treatments or at least based on feasible information on how the body works.

    Being a skeptic means that I am a wise consumer, reading all sides of an issue before deciding.

    I am not saying any therapy is okay. This is very different than the issue of freedom of choice.BR>

    Take care.
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  4. jasminetee

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    is that it feels like we're being massively played with. Not cool.

  5. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Hey, thanks!! I don't expect people will change their minds but I want to post all sides of an issue.

    I am not worried that your thread will get this deleted.

    While I want scientific evidence in things such as medicine, it does not mean I don't rely on my hunches. I certainly do as far as thinking something is rotten in Denmark!!!

    Take care.


    ETA Unfortunately this debate is taking away from the real purpose of the board, providing support, information that is helpful as well as a sense of a community.
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