Widows(ers): choose between SSA benefits of you or husband

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    Ask the Experts: Whose Benefits Are Best?

    Source: From the AARP Bulletin print edition | April 1, 2009

    Q: I’m a recent widow. Can I choose between my Social Security benefits and the benefits of my deceased husband? And if I choose his, do I get his full benefit or a percentage of it, and what might that be?

    A: You can apply for a widow’s benefit as early as age 60 (50 if you’re disabled). Starting at age 62, you can choose between the widow’s benefit or the benefit based on your work record. If you start receiving your widow’s benefit before you reach full retirement age (66 for widows born from 1945 to 1956), you can expect to receive between 71.5 percent and 99 percent of your deceased spouse’s benefit amount. If you’re already full retirement age, you receive 100 percent. To view a chart showing survivor benefits, go to the Social Security Administration.

    Source: Stan Hinden

    FROM: http://bulletin.aarp.org/yourmoney/socialsecurity/articles/aa04_experts.html
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    What if wife age 50 , husband age 60 both disabled.
    Husband dies, can the disabled wife then draw his SSD at 100 % ?
    Thank you

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    I would call Social Security and find out if you can go on your husband's disability after he is deceased. Or if you would have to go on Survivor's Benefits or if that would depend on how much SSI/SSDI you receive. If you have any children, find out if they can go on survivor's benefits too. Good luck.
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    at the ssa.gov, just needed to search more of the topics there and i found it.

    It's good you are posting so much good information for all.
    Your time doing all this is much appreciated.
    Thank you

    Be Well
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    And that time helping each other is so worth it. Let us know how things work out as it may help someone else in that position. Take care and hugs.
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