Wierd Heart?

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    I have a new symptom to add to my lengthy list of them. This one is troubling to be because I am uncertain whether is is FMS related and had to do with my heart. I get palipatations. I also get this flip-floppy sensation in my heart and I have a heart murmer that comes and goes. these I have learned can be FMS related. I get chest pains, but that is due to muscles rather than the heart- or so I am told. Every doctor I go to says I am too young to have problems with my heart (i'm 26 now). Anyway this new thing is frightening. It happens at anytime, sometimes while i am sitting and doing nothing at all let alone something stressful. I suddenly feel like I cannot breath, I guess sort of like I am suddenly short of breath but I am still getting enough air. I then get a wave of dizziness and my heart kind of flutters weakly- a light beat, a bit of tight pain, more dizziness, anouther light beat... And then in a few minutes I feel fine, or I get a shaky irregular beat as a result. I do find it scary. Heartatacks have occured in my dad's side of the family and my health cannot be helping my heart health (my heart rate is always remarkably high and any activity causes chest pains and palipaltations). On the other hand I do not have high colestoral nor a high blood pressure. Any ideas?
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    Darkearth sounded like the only Dr i've listened to!I was concerned as I'm not REALLY heart problem age(my family-begins 50's). I feared worse,mentioned it on visit,DR laughed and asked when I was gonna question it!?! I hope for you too it is simple.Good Luck!! Peace,ez

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