Wierd One Anybody else have this problem?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by missourilady, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. missourilady

    missourilady New Member

    I had a terrible bout with my shoulders and arms. Doctors were absolutely no help so I gave up on that.

    First my shoulders and arms just started to feel tired when I was driving. But then I started having like electrical flashes that started from my shoulders and ran down both of my arms and went clear to my fingers. And all the muscles in my arms just locked up. All I could do was just sit there until my muscles unlocked. And that cramping caused the muscles to hurt worse. And the more they hurt the more I had the electical sensation.

    It was awful. Lasted for months.

    Better now but my arms still get really tired easily. And riding in the car can be awful sometimes.

    This one is so wierd I hate to even ask about it. But it really bothers m e - and really affected my lifestyle for months. Am hoping it never comes back like that again.
  2. painintheeverywhere

    painintheeverywhere New Member

    however a little differently. My arms and hands definately get the waves of electrical shock sensation and go numb after using them anywhere from 2-5 minutes. It is peripheral neuropathy, which I take Lyrica for. The muscle spasms I get don't last too long, but they are normally in my legs like (charlie horses) if you have heard the term, I take Skelaxin a muscle relaxer for those. The meds help some, but they don't make the pain completely subside, they just make it a little easier. I also take Tramadol for pain as needed. The numbness however, never subsides. It has caused me to be disabled, along with all the FM symptoms and pain.

    I hope yours does get better. My has come and gone for years before now...and I would give just about anything to make it go away now.

    My experience does not mean that you will necessarily have the same. I am just sharing what I have personally gone through. I don't know if you have seen a Neurologist yet, but you may need to.

    I know miracles happen...

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  3. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...had your cervical disks checked out? I'm wondering if some herniation or something in your neck disks is causing that...it might be worth mentioning that to your doctor.

    I think that if you told your doctor you had intense, excrutiating pain radiating down your shoulders and arms, he'd be quick to check on it. But I know from experience, when it's these "odd" sensations, and more mild pain, it's often dismissed. An MRI of your neck might tell a lot.

    It could be one of the weird neurological symptoms of FM, and there are many, but you can DO something about neck disk problems---so it would help to at least rule that in or out.

    BTW, where in Missouri? I'm just over the stateline in KS, near KS City....

  4. bcn

    bcn New Member

    Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis: L'Hermittes Sign

    L'Hermittes sign is the name given to an electric shock-like sensation which often presents itself with multiple sclerosis; although Lhermitte's sign is not exclusive to ms and may be the result of some other conditions such as electrolyte imbalance, cervical cord tumour, cervical spondylosis, or even vitamin B12 deficiency.

    Typically, the electric shock-like sensation radiates from the neck downwards and lasts for a very short duration; usually less than a second. The sensations can repeat indefinitely so that it might feel almost continuous.

    The areas affected by Lhermitte's sign are usually the arms and / or the legs, although the sensations can radiate to the trunk.

    Lhermitte's sign gets its name from the person who first characterized it, Jacques Jean Lhermitte, and is sometimes (rarely) known as 'barbers chair phenomenon'.

    This is because of the way that Lhermitte's response is triggered; by flexing the neck forwards. When the head moves in this way, the electric shock like sensations are triggered.

  5. Abbycat

    Abbycat New Member

    When the shocks move through your fingers, which ones are they? Mine were in my pinkie and my ring finger. I never had my muscles lock up but I did have that arm heaviness thing. Also I used to get shocky feelings in my lips and them they would go numb for a second and them disappear.

    Never heard anyone mention that one before. Lyrica has helped me greatly with the electric shock feelings. I've been diagnosed with carpel tunnel, nerve inpingement in my shoulders, sciatica and just plain kooky in the head.

    I did PT and it did help, but the Lyrica helped the most.

  6. missourilady

    missourilady New Member

    Right up by Antioch Shopping center.

    Where are you?
  7. missourilady

    missourilady New Member

    I think I got more help from the Chiro than from the regular doctor. They put that little shock dealy on it does help after a while.

    My arms are better now but they still feel heavy a lot of the time.

    I have scoliosis and I have often wondered if maybe that causes a lot of my back problems.

    It is just hard to tell. I have never felt that these problems are so serious that I would let a doctor do a bunch of tests. I don't trust doctors at all. I just kind of ride it out. Fortunately, I have a very high pain tolerance.
  8. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    I love to crochet so at first I thought maybe it was connected to me sitting in a chair that wasn't quite right for crocheting. Now I have come to realize it will happen for no reason, and if I sleep on my side (with the usual 3 pillow in various spots) to many nights in a row I will get the pain.

    My pain will start in one or both shoulders, it is like if I move my arm on its own it is so so painful that I use one arm to lift the other. Seems silly, but is less painful. I will sit with a pillow for my arm(s) to rest on. That helps sometimes. The worst is when I have them in the wrong position, and it feels like my hands are going numb so I have to shake my arm to get the tingling to go away. And like you when it happens, driving is the worst, trying to keep your arms up and on the steering wheel is like holding up a lead pipe.

    The weird part is it is not consistant so I know it is not a disc. It is not neuro because there is not any consistancy. It may last a day or a month....and then just like that...its gone. But my pain seems to gravitate in worsening to affect different parts of my body on different days.

    I have read others that use certain medications. So far I have had nothing prescribed and am still going through the process of "finding that right doctor". I am in healthcare, so I will find someone. And I hope with all my heart you get some real help with this, you have my sympathy and total understanding.

    Take care & Blessed Be,

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