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    I have had a wierd rash? (don't know what to call it) on my skin, on my left side between my chest and stomach. About a week ago, I was experiencing some tenderness on the skin my left fib area. then that progressed to a soreness, sort of like what your musseles feel like after you have worked out. Then the skin started inching, and eventually I noticed wierd red bumps popping up in the area. The soreness has died down, but now the area is very itchy. Here is a picture of the area: members.aol.com/phatphsh98/pics/DSC00412.JPG
    I have absolutely no idea what caused this and what I should do. Any help is appriciated. Thanks.
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    Shingles are very painful, usually has a rash around the waist area. Has to be treated with meds to go away.
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    I agree it could possibly be shingles. I have had shingles before, on the skin right under my breast. The same syptoms as you. I believe I caught the shingles because my immune system is in a weakened state and I visited my toddler grandson who was just getting over the chickenpox. Being exposed to him gave me shingles, even though I had been vaccinated against chickenpox. I had to get medication and it cleared up.

    ALSO, look into the possibllity of it being a discoid rash, which could be the first signs of Discoid Lupus. That's what happened to me. But the rash started on my face, just next to my mouth. At first it looked like a pimple. Then it grew and grew, turning in an almost perfect circle. It ended up about the size of a diime. It was sore, inflamed, itched like crazy and then the skin started to flake. I thought I had a melonoma, some kind of skin cancer. Went to a dermatologist who to a biopsy (cut some skin from the rash area) and diagnosed it as Discoid Lupus.

    Well, the discoid has progressed to Systemic Lupus. I now have SLE and Rheumoatoid Arthritis. I still break out in red rashes from time to time (it's called a "flare"), and the rashes always leave scars.

    Either way, GO TO THE DOCTOR and get checked! Sometimes the worst diseases can start out as "just a minor rash" then turn into something hideous. DO NOT IGNORE IT.
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