Wife needs a good DR. in Pa. WV. or OH.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ragdad, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    Hi, My wife has had Fibro for about 15 years. Do any of you folks know of any web sites that have listings of specialist who treat fibro? Also, has anyone had good success with a fibro specialist in WV. PA. OR OHIO. Any advice you can give us would be appreciated.

  2. badluck

    badluck New Member

    is supposed to be really good. I'm trying to get an appointment myself. Do a title search here on Dr Starz and you should find the post with his contact info!! Good luck.
  3. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    Hi, We live in WV. but we are right across the river from Ohio. Traveling within Ohio is no problem.

  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    How close to Ashland, KY are you?

    Ashland is close to Huntington, WV.

    My rheumy is in Ashland.
  5. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    It's too far, we are in the northern panhandle of WV. Just guessing I wouls say about 5 hours. Thank's for responding

  6. SusEQ

    SusEQ New Member


    I live in Central PA. I travel to the Fibro and Fatigue Center outside of Cleveland. It is only a few miles from the Ohio Turnpike.

    There is also a Fibro and Fatigue Center in Pittsburgh.

    You can do a search on the web for FibroandFatigue.

    To check out messages on this board from others who have gone to the Cleveland FFC, check out posts by Sarasmom, Wishingonastar, and myself SusEQ. Also, we have a monthly post. You can find it by searching for "Cleveland FFC" on this message board.

    Good luck to you!
  7. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    Hi Churchmom, I know all about Cedar Point. I made a lot of trips up there when I was younger. From here to there is about a 3 hour ride but all good road. I would definetly be interested in any extra info you can give me.

    Thank's again,

  8. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    Hi Susie, Does insurance help with the cost or is it all out of pocket?
  9. If you don't mind my asking , since the dr. also has fibro, what kind of treatment does he recommend?
  10. Marikate

    Marikate New Member

    I had an appointment with Dr. Pellegrino last week and I was very impressed by him. I had ordered his books from Amazon. com before I saw him---his newest one is "Up Close and Personal". He's very thorough in his exam and also a personable man with a sense of humor about fibromyalgia. His practice is "Ohio Rehab". in North Canton, Ohio.
  11. TXFMmom

    TXFMmom New Member

    Ragdad, a WV girl here, but originally from Charleston.

    I have lived in Houston for 20 years, but I flew all the way to Wheeling, to see Dr. Thomas Romano for my FM for years, until it became too much.

    He was one of the original rheumatologists who served on the committee for the Academy of Rheumatologists when they came up with the diagnostic guidelines for fibromyalgia.

    He is superb. A little hyper, a NY Italian who speaks a mile a minute and I don't know how he understands some West Virginians or how they understand him, but HE IS GREAT.

    Does the best trigger injections I have ever had.
  12. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi rick, i'm sure you are familiar with the pittsburgh area, i have had good results with a new technique called PRRT (for google's sake--primal reflex release technique) and found a physical therapist in clairton that is skilled in it. it is billed as a physical therapy treatment, and needs a dr. script for "physical therapy, eval and treat" and is a series of 4 very educational non invasive treatments where he teaches you how to heal yourself by doing very simple exercises to down regulate the severely upregulated muscles, reflexes, nerves. sounds bizarre, but i had good results although i am not 100%, but i still think i have other issues. he can tell right away if you are a candidate for it or not, and if not will not waste your time or money, but the theory behind it is fascinating and the results amazing.
    another doc to try is the "allegheny medical pc",(moon township, by the robinson mall) they have a website so google it and read about it. run by a dr. neal fanelli, combines physical therapy, homeopathic medicine, pain management, support group,muscle therapy (massage), and chiropractics all under one roof, and does a very thorough study for other causes. i haven't been there in over a year to see if they are learning the new prrt technique, but plan to stop by. they also do extensive testing that satisfies most insurance companies claims and are great with any insurance forms (disability, etc.) that need done.
    good luck, hope it helps. i went to a rheumatologist from upmc in Pgh. and it was an insulting waste of time, but others on here seem satisfied by another doc in the group. Email me with any questions, and good luck to you--laurie
  13. ragdad

    ragdad New Member

    Hi, Thank you for responding to my post. Do you have the phone number for Dr. Pellegrinos office. There were a couple of different ones that I found but none were right.

    I know were North Canton is. My daughter lived there for about 3 years. From my town to there is about 70 miles.

    Thank's so much for the info, we appreciate it.

  14. Marikate

    Marikate New Member

    It's Dr. Mark J. Pellegrino 6651-Frank Ave. N.W. North Canton, Ohio 44720 (330) 498-9865 His office is located in a one-story building with a sign--- Ohio Rehab. It's in a business district just down the road from the Stark County campus of Kent State University. Hope this helps. His books were very helpful---I got them from Amazon.com

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