Wife's illlness is un diagnoised need help

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by garyshow, May 29, 2003.

  1. garyshow

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    Does any of this look familiar

    1. Face has some twitching and tremors
    2. Tongue is sensitive and top of mouth has periodic tingling
    3. When looking to side the peripheral vision sometimes has double vision
    4. Some sharp pains in teeth
    5. Experiences ringing in ears and has a whirling or air rush sound
    6. Some head aches
    7. Lips tingling and slight spasms
    8. Skin has needles and pin sensations along with stinging, burning and sensitive to the touch.
    9. Chills occur from time to time and slightest breeze can induce
    10. Skin very heat and sun sensitive
    11. The shower will sting skin especially back of legs
    12. Muscles have both aching under the skin and deep in tissue
    13. Feet and legs experience burning sensation and much of body.
    14. Dizziness and near fainting on occasion
    15. Bowel problems – loose and sometimes stomach cramps although has experienced to some degree for a number of years.

    Diagnosis & Testing to date

    1. CAT Scan
    2. EMG
    3. Various blood work
  2. graycee

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    on any statin drugs?
  3. garyshow

    garyshow New Member

    She is not on any I know of
  4. graycee

    graycee New Member

    For high cholesterol, such as lipitor, zocor ect...
  5. garyshow

    garyshow New Member

    No she is not taking satin drugs.

  6. da91

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    Your first 5 symptoms sound like a TMJ syndrome (temporal-mandibular joint) I'm sending you a link relative to that:
    Your other respondent suggested fibromyalgia. I think she's right. The symptoms are migratory and there is no definitive diagnosis or cure. Three years ago I contracted something similar. I think I was exposed to a virus that started the syndrome. It eventually burned itself off but I was very sick in the interim. it took a really long time to go away- at least 2 years. Almost everything you describe is neurological. Can you identify anything in her environment that could be causing this? History of chemical exposure, drinking water contamination, animal bite? Think hard. I wish you luck.
  7. garyshow

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    I never did thank you for your kind message. We are still doing battle and getting no where.

    Thanks again for your help
  8. dolsgirl

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    I have FMS & it sounds as though she possibly does have FMS, which includes TMJ as one of the symptoms. Your wife needs to see a rheumatologist for a definitive diagnosis. Best of luck to you both. Dianosis is the first step. dolsgirl