wii fit good way to get exercise

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    I was able to splurge on self a bit this winter and invested in couple things to help health and the wii fit plus is one for when I dont want to walk in the cold. YOu can start at a very basic level and its sort of fun to have the little animated characters and encouraging voices and feedback on weight and bmi etc 'Doing just a little bit even a few times a week is better than nothing. If you can't go on long walks but can do a little movement you could try the yoga or balance exercises, but be careful even with yoga as I almost messed self up with the arms raised above the head tri exercise, something about arms above head too much ignites my neck and cfs problems it was a close call but thankfully don't seem to have subluxated from it.
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    I just read that a study funded by Nintendo was released as to how much calorie burning they created. Not much for the cost, for 'normals'.

    But it's a good thing for most of us I think, especially if unable to get out much in winter with the added difficulties of bad weather.

    "A study funded by Nintendo, the game's maker, found that just 14 of the 46 games and exercises in Wii Fit and Wii Sports managed to equal walking, the barest minimum of all exercises. Another study funded by the American Council on Exercise found that 30 minutes of play on the Wii Fit burns between 99 and 165 calories.

    'I guess anything is better than nothing, but we were a little bit underwhelmed with the exercise intensity of some of the exercises," said John Porcari, who led the study. "The Wii Fit is a very, very mild workout.'"

    For some reason I find I can take a walk much easier at night than during the day (happily as it fits in with my protocol (MP), but I've always liked to work out in the evening - never impeded my sleep as I've always been a night person anyway LOL.

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    I am not surprised about the calorie burning being low
    back in the day it would have been a joke exercise to me, but tht was before my life changed....
    I do walk a lot and thats good exercise considering but I just wanted something a little different and since I get PEM plus have a hypermobile neck that hurts if do anything too rambuncitous am limited in what I can do, so working on the balance stuff with wii a good diversion
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    We have four disks, I think. I don't even care about calorie burning for some of them...but for the Fit disk, I have had a good time, along with my son, and another friend of mine (in fact, she and her husband just got one this past weekend in anticipation of Christmas).

    I haven't done any of the strength building exercises, but I find the yoga fairly challenging -- not for the poses, although I cannot do much with my arms over my head for a long period of time -- but because it tracks balance. Apparently I'm not so good at that! So I expend a lot of attention on keeping myself balanced.

    The endurance exercises are also fun -- my son just laughed and laughed at me when I was doing the step exercising and hula hoop stuff, but I had the last laugh when I made him try!

    Some of the hardest exercises for me are in the balance category. Just do a few of those ski jumps in a row, and I promise that the next day you'll probably feel it. And I still haven't managed to get downhill on the ski slope without missing a gate or two unless I go reeeeeeally slow.

    My mother-in-law was in town last week and we all played a round of bowling (not on the Fit disk), and my husband and son have done solo and as opponents in boxing.

    We all end up sweating on this thing.

    No, it's not high impact stuff, but it is fun and keeps me moving -- and keeps my mind off the fact that I am exercising. Even tracks my weight.
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    I have been thinking about asking for one for my b-day (in Jan), but I am not sure if Wii fit or Wii sport would be better.....can't tell if I would be able to do some of the balance related ones bc of foot and ankle problems (had pretty serious surgery and had a sky diving accident after the surgery that further messed things up....used to run a lot even after all that, but aside from the CFS making that impossible, the foot and ankle problems have been worse lately and at this point if I mess them up any more it would be extremely difficult to fix)

    anyway, as to the Wii, I have also had problems doing yoga in the past (when I was in really great shape, but also had very tight muscles, some of the poses wound up hurting me pretty badly)....even so i would love to be able to do something like that

    I'd also like the sports like tennis and bowling and probably most of the others, though I am not sure what all is available....and I don't know if they can all be played by one person, or if you have to have more than one person

    any more info and/or advice would be appreciated.....I too would never have considered this at all in my pre CFS days, but at this point any activities that I could do on my average to bad days would be wonderful (on really good days I can usually still manage to swim, walk, or bike a little - on so many days, though I can't, and this would be nice)
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    I have seen the commericals and want to try one , I would perfeer Bowling, because I used to bowl in leagues, and I miss it, plus the hubby could play also.

    I also want to get some of the Musical ones, my voice isn't as good as it used to be, but with the Wii, who cares, maybe my neighbors,lol.

    I won't be going to the Dancing With The Stars TOur, this year, because for the fist time in 3 years, they aren't doing one.
    So I can take that money, and buy this niffty unit, instead.

    I was so crushed, at not going, it's my only big outting, and I save for good seats, sooooooooooooo,

    thanks for the suggestion. No Yoga, tho , ;o}

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    I am far from an authority on wii fit and havent nearly tried everything it has to offer. YOu can play with more than one person. If yo go to best buy or target on an off day a knowledgeable sales person could probably answer most of yr questions, a young techie guy.

    My neck is still a little sensitive and I feel a bit cfs flared from doing the dumb yoga arms over head so I learned a lesson to be very careful with wii. Sometimes it takes a couple days for me to realise I really tweaked something bad. But I really should have known better on that one, dont know what I was thinking. I like the balance ones like there is one where you are swimming down a crick and have to navigate the turns and it took me a lot of tries to get to a better level with it, but it is cool that you can see the improvement and go at your own pace.
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    thanks for the response.....actually, what I wanted to know, though, re # of players is if you can play all the games with only one person - if you have to have more than one person, then they will be pretty much useless for me since I am alone 98% of the time
  9. hi all,
    i agree,the wii fit is a good way to get excersize.

    my daughter lets me play on her wii fit.

    i wake up very stiff in the morning,which still baffles me, as i work part time in the afternoon.

    i didnt expect that my arms would go back to trying to prevent me from wiping my bottom, when ive been to the toilet,(this was one of the problems i had when i first got ill with fibro).before getting a job.

    anyway it still happens even though im active.

    but i began using the wii machine 4 month ago. i play a game called wii sports.

    i will get on the wii machine at 10.30 am (i wake up at 7 am),

    i will play two matches of each game.tennis,baseball, bowling and golf.

    i cant do the boxing as it makes me too out of breath,
    and then my heart starts to flutter alot.which gets a bit scary.

    anyway,i find that the baseball game is very good for freeing up my spine and ribcage,this is good as regards me being able to see to my own toilet needs.

    i get a feeling that my spine is wanting to always bend to the left,so i try to straighten it,and this baseball game helps with that.

    i do get pain when playing,but nothing too bad.if it gets too bad,then have a break from the game for a few days.

    tennis helps the brain to concentrate,and as you play the game you will find that your food will move through your intestines alot better.

    this means passing wind from both ends of you lol,which is a good thing,and gets those bowels working.

    bowling helps with the spine and neck too.

    i sometimes get really into these games, and do find that i grit my teeth while playing.i have to make a big effort NOT to do this,else it can trigger off head pain.

    but all in all,i would say that wii sports is a good friend of mine.

    dont be put off by any aches and pains,they are keeping you mobile and we all want that.

    plus im winning the games too.lol.

    love fran
  10. RENA0808

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    It is ok.............you can play on your own or with others!!!!!
    I am on my own a lot so I like it.
    I dont go on every day ....I would like to but I cant lol.
    I am glad I got a WII tho......It does help.

    I got the WII games and then bought the WII fit the next day.
    I really think that it helps me to stay a bit fitter than I would otherwise be.You can go at your own pace because you are not in a competition.

    It tells you what to do and is soooo easy to use.It helps you to exercise and NO-ONE can see you lol.You can even do it naked lol!

    I will use mine more now the cold weather is here in UK so it will help me stay mobile and a little bit fitter than before I got it I hope.

    Take care


  11. AuntTammie

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    thanks for replying - good to know I could play it alone.....hmmm, even as uncomfortable as clothes can be, I don't think I want to see me naked, though! : )