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    wow i tried to post yesterday but it didnt come out so good .So here i go again . Wii fit works now been on 13 days lost 5 pounds . wiiiiiii but the down side is u must rember to take things easy I tryed a 10 min one the spot jog falit relly good after but a few hours later went in to a flar and now hip is so sore cant move . ITs fun it works
    would like to here from others who have it and how thay are doing .
  2. furby_wannabe

    furby_wannabe New Member

    it is very fun you can do yoga strength training aerobics
    and balance games it is easy but u have to be careful about doeing to much like i did .even after i posted the first one i went back and took my time and did 30 min of balance .
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    they have boxing and she has a 5 year old son and they play that together alot she said it is really fun to play wii and you don't realize how much of a work out you get and laughing so much because you are punching in the air.

    i may have to get one now that you say you get exercise out of it too my sis is a "normal" no fibro but you say fibro's can do it in moderation.

    thank you for trying it out and giving your feed back here.

    have a great day
  4. furby_wannabe

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    you will need a we fit to go with the wii costs about $90
    us but is worth it if u can find one thay are sold out everwere lol