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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by brightraven, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. brightraven

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    I was just looking at the Wikipedia website and saw something about CFS may be in part caused by psychological factors, though patients will deny this (or something like that). There was also something about how CBT/GET are the only proven therapies that benefit CFS. I tried to take it out, but within moments someone entered it back in. :) Since Wikipedia allows anyone to make changes on their site, are there not studies someone could post on there that show the downsides of GET, and also cite other therapies that have been shown in studies to have some benefit? I'm bedridden and unable to spend more than a few moments online, and therefore can't make the changes or search for the citations needed. Would be great if someone could accurately update the info on there.
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  2. Rafiki

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    When you can, you might want to check out the thread:

    Wikipedia and CFS...this is ridicul...

    Where there is an ongoing conversation there on this very issue. As well, you will find some background about the Wiki ME entry.

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  3. simonedb

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    how could it be that within moments the negative info was re-entered? is that sciencewatcher neurotic sitting there on constant vigil or has the cdc created a program to be alerted to any changes or what?
  4. Rafiki

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    What moves these people? It's not just some sort of financial gain, there's something else at work, here.

    This fascinates me...

    which feels a lot better than being infuriated which I would be if I let myself be.


  5. charming

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    But no matter what people say there are always going to be some negative statements about fibromyalgia; because you have physician who believe in fibromyalgia most spine institutes does , and then you will find physicians who just think doctors just give a person a name for their symptoms because they cant find anything wrong with the patient. When I was diagnose I didnt believe it until I notice and how my mornings and afternoons changed and I kept notes times and dates of where my pain were and how long it lasted and the time I took medication how long it begin working until it wore off . I had seen a Rheumatologist I was tested for trigger points I had 11 out of 18 .I understand fibromyalgia more than I understand osteoarthrits.

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